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Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

Robin & Cyborg in “Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians”

“Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians” Overview

With Hanna-Barbera stylistic master Alex Toth, the designer of the vast majority of Hanna-Barbera’s other superheroes in the 1960’s, now gone, a total stylistic change marked the returned of the Superfriends’ 13th season, marked by a name change for the group itself… now call the Super Powers Team.

All of the characters were redesigned, using Jose Luis Garcia Lopez’s designs from the D.C. Comics Style Guide as character guides. The Hall of Justice was enlarged, new teen menber Cyborg was added, and the stories took on a tougher, more no-nonsence tone, particulary episodes “The Death of Superman”, one of the few times “death” has been used in the title of a Saturday morning story, and “The Fear”, the first time in almost the entire 50 year history of Batman that his origin had been produced outdside of comics.

With the eight new 1/2 hours last airing in August 1986, the Super Friends / Superfriends / Super Powers Team ended a glorious 13 year run. Total network run: 1973 -1986 on ABC.

[above information courtesy of TOON Magazine vol. 1 number 6, 1994]


Cyborg in “Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

The first episode, “The Seeds of Doom” introduces Cyborg to the Super-Powers Team and recounts his origin. Unlike “Superfriends,” this episode glimpses into the secret identities of both Cyborg and Firestorm. Cyborg is seen at Sarah Simm’s school and relates to Ronnie Raymond his doubts about joining the team.

Offered membership to the Superpowers Team, the cybernetic youth is at first reluctant, but joins Wonder Woman and Firestorm on a journey to the planet of Apoklips to foil Darkseid’s plan to take over the Earth with his diabolical Seeds of Doom – seeds which grow to monstrous, life-endangering size.

A redesigned Batman & Robin

Robin in “Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

ABC, 1985-1986 As the Super Friends were overhauled to match the Kenner toys, Cyborg joined the team, and stories became slightly more adult. In fact, the episode, “The Fear.” found the Scarecrow causing Batman horrifying flashbacks of his parents’ murder.

In “The Fear,” The Scarecrow returns with a new device which exposes a person’s greatest fear. We learn that Batman’s greatest fear is a place called “Crime Alley” – where his parents were murdered. This episode features Robin and shows both Batman and Robin in their civilian identities.

“Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians” Episode Guide 
1. The Seeds of Doom
2. Ghost Ship (short)/The Bizarro Super Powers Team (short)
3. The Darkseid Deception
4. The Fear
5. The Wild Cards
6. Brainchild (short)/The Case of the Stolen Super Powers (short)
7. The Death of Superman
8. Escape From Space City

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