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Starfire is the outsider among a group of outsiders. From a far-away planet, she has come to Earth with little knowledge of Earthly ways and culture. For her, everything is a brand-new experience: from eating cotton candy to going to a party. She is the most sensitive member of the group – even trying to understand the motivations of the aliens and villains the Teen Titans must foil. Starfire can fly and disable her opponents with powerful energy blasts.

Starfire was prisoner to an evil race of lizard-like aliens known as Gordanians. Once free of her alien captors, Starfire made her way to earth. Able to absorb the English language through a kiss with Robin, Starfire soon made earth her home and joined the Teen Titans.

Since arriving on earth, Star has gone through some changes. She learned to stand up against her bully of a big sister, Blackfire. And when she underwent the Tamaranean ritual of transformation, she gained the ability to shoot lasers through her eyes. Star has deep affection for all her teammates – but Robin holds a special place in her heart.

  • When Galfore greets Starfire in BETROTHED, he speaks Tamaranean and utters the word, “Koriand’r.” Koriand’r is Starfire’s real Tamaranean name in the comic book.
  • The creative team behind the animated series often think of Starfire as “the foreign exchange student”. She has her own set of customs and doesn’t quite understand ours.

Producer Sam Register on Starfire: “But Starfire – she’s sort of like the Little Mermaid from the Disney movie. And the Little Mermaid didn’t understand the surface world. Our Little Mermaid doesn’t quite understand earth. And that allows for a lot of comedy. It makes her very sweet and very funny. So she’s worked out pretty good.”

Koriand’r hails from the proud warrior planet of Tamaran. where all of her race can convert solar energy into flight. But when she was kidnapped by the evil Psions, their experiments granted her the ability to store untold amounts of energy and unleash devastating blasts. Starfire was rescued by the Titans and settled on earth – where she was often confused by customs she did not understand. Starfire first appeared and joined the New Teen Titans in NEW TEEN TITANS #1 [1980].

Starfire was passionate and emotional. When she was happy, she was positively ecstatic. When she was angry… watch out!

How Long Is Forever?
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Can I Keep Him?

Hynden Walch (the voice of Starfire) 
Starfire is the sensitive Teen Titan, a newcomer to Earth who desperately wants to fit in just like any other teenager. Although she is caring, with a curiosity that is innocent and endearing, she won’t hesitate to hurl an energy ball at anyone who tries to mess with her or her friends. Hynden Walch, who has had guest starring roles on NYPD Blue, The Drew Carey Show, and The Practice, brings warm-hearted kindness to Starfire. (Source: Cartoon Network official press kit)

The animated Starfire and her comic book counterpart

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