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He’s the agile archer with an unstoppable arsenal of energy arrows! Speedy met the Titans when the evil Master of Games held his own Tournament of Heroes super-competition. The contest was actually a ruse – the Master of Games was out to steal their super-abilities to use for his own evil purposes. Speedy went toe-to-toe with Robin is a final battle – teaching Robin that winning sometimes isn’t everything. The boy heroes joined together to defeat the Master of Games.

After this adventure, Speedy was given a Titans communicator and made an honorary member of the team. When Brother Blood was spotted heading toward the East Coast, Bumblebee formed Titans East with Aqualad, Speedy and Mas Y Menos. Following Blood’s defeat at the hands of Cyborg, Titans East decided to remain a team and fight crime in Steel City.

Titans East volunteered to look after Titans Tower while the Titans chased the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe. At first greeted as Titans wannabes, the East Coast team eventually earned the trust of Jump City after publicly defeating Control Freak.

  • In the comics, Speedy is the ‘bad-boy’ of the original Titans. His brash behavior and womanizing often got him into trouble.
  • Speedy later becomes the adult hero known as Arsenal.

Producer David Slack on Speedy: “With Speedy, we were looking for someone to mirror Robin. For the purpose of that episode, we wanted someone to go up against Robin. And Speedy ends up having some of the same problems Robin has. He’s got kind of a dippy name, he shoots… arrows. [laughs] So there’s stuff about him that’s not all that cool. I think we managed to make him pretty cool. And we did that the same way we did with Robin. We searched for some more contemporary ways for him to express himself. ”

“[…] Speedy seemed to come out really cool so it would be fun to bring him back. But we knew if we brought him back, we didn’t want to bring him back as a ‘Robin clone’ like we first saw him [in WINNER TAKE ALL]. So we decided to dig into the character that had been developed over the years in the comics, and push him into a   bit of a darker place. We thought he would be a bit like our teenage Wolverine. ”

Speedy – sidekick to Green Arrow – was a founding member of the Teen Titans as detailed in TEEN TITANS #53 [a flashback origin story] in 1978. Speedy later became the hero known as Arsenal. Speedy/Arsenal has been a member of just about every incarnation of the Titans.

The comment about Speedy being a ‘Robin clone’ is more than amusing. In the 1960s, Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy had much in common with Batman & Robin. Green Arrow had an Arrowcave, and Arrowmobile and an array of gadget arrows. Green Arrow was a millionaire in his alter ego, and adopted a young orphan, Roy Harper [Speedy]. In the 1970’s, Green Arrow and Speedy were developed to stand on their own – with unique personalities. And the Batman/Robin similarities have become something of a running joke.

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Mike Erwin (the voice of Speedy)
Mike Erwin provides the voice for the ace archer, Speedy. Mike played the Teenage Bruce Banner in the 2003 movie, “HULK,” based on the comic book character. He also had a recurring role as Colin Hart in WB’s TV series, “Everwood.”

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