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Alias: Kiran Dalal

Titans Member
Teen Titans (third series) #97 [2011]

Solstice Quick Bio: East-Indian teenager Kiran Dalal is a bright spirit – influenced by the various cultures she’s encountered during her travels throughout the world. Using her brilliant light powers as Solstice, she lends a positive energy to the Teen Titans.

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A Bright Kid

Kiran Dalal is the daughter of Vijay and Rani Dalal, both archeologists of some renown. Kiran is a bright child in more ways than one, as the intelligent and optimistic teenager exhibited the mutant ability to emit brilliant light.

Although born in New Delhi, Kiran and her family have made the entire world their home – traveling the globe in search of artifacts and archaeological finds. Influenced by the various cultures she’s encountered during her travels, Kiran learned to embrace life and all the adventure and experiences it had to offer.

ABOVE: The team meets Kiran in TEEN TITANS (third series) #93 [2011].
BELOW:  Solstice vanquishes Rankor in TEEN TITANS (third series) #97 [2011].

Time To Shine

During an Archaeology Conference in London, Kiran met a like-minded friend in Cassie Sandsmark, whose mother was also a noted archeologist. The two fast friends soon clashed with the thieving Lady Zand, who was attempting to steal valuable artifacts on display at the conference. While Cassie slipped into her heroic identity of Wonder Girl, she was surprised that her newfound friend had powers of her own. Calling herself Solstice, Kiran made her super-heroic debut, as the two teenagers prevented the theft.

Cassie’s mother, Helena, later joined the Dalals for an archeological dig in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan. When Vijay and Rani both mysteriously disappeared, Helena called the Teen Titans for help. Upon arriving, the Titans joined Solstice in the search for her parents. But the team soon found itself trapped in a lost kingdom as they were attacked by the Hindu god King Rankor and his demonic minions. In the most brilliant display of her powers to date, Solstice unleashed a blinding pulse that drove the demons away, liberating Helena and the Dalals from King Rankor’s grasp.

The Teen Titans were so impressed by Solstice’s powers and resourcefulness that they invited her to join the team. Solstice enthusiastically agreed and accompanied the Titans back to the United States. There, Solstice quickly established herself as a force of good in a very real sense – igniting a positive energy in those around her.


ABOVE: Solstice joins the team in TEEN TITANS (third series) #97 [2011].
BELOW: What it means to be a Titan, as recounted in TEEN TITANS (third series) #100 [2011]. 

Powers & Abilities

Solstice can expel powerful bursts of light and also possesses the ability of flight.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans (third series) #88 [2010]:  Solstice made her first appearance in a preview splash page. The character was not named, but is shown alongside the new Aqualad as part of a montage showing future events that would affect the team in the coming issues.
Teen Titans (third series) #89 [2010]:  First appearance of Kiran Dalal (Solstice), who joins her parents in an archeological dig in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan.
Wonder Girl #1 [2011]:  During an Archaeology Conference in London, Solstice meets a like-minded friend in Cassie Sandsmark, whose mother was also a noted archeologist. The two fast friends soon clashed with the thieving Lady Zand, who is attempting to steal valuable artifacts on display at the conference. Cassie and Helena sort through their mother-daughter issues. First official appearance of Kiran Dalal as Solstice.
Teen Titans (third series) #93-97 [2011]: A brand-new day brings a brand-new hero to the world of the Teen Titans! Strange disappearances on an archeological dig prompt Wonder Girl’s mother to ask the team for help. Upon arriving, the Titans join Solstice in the search for her parents. But the team soon finds itself trapped in a lost kingdom as they are attacked by the Hindu god King Rankor and his demonic minions. In the most brilliant display of her powers to date, Solstice unleashes a blinding pulse that drives the demons away, liberating Helena and the Dalals from King Rankor’s grasp.The Teen Titans are so impressed by Solstice’s powers and resourcefulness that they invite her to join the team. Solstice joins the team in issue #97.
Teen Titans (third series) #98-100 [2011]: It’s all-out war as Titans old and new come together to face the greatest threat to their existence. Superboy-Prime gathers his own “Legion of Doom,” comprised of various Titans villains. He then creates an army of Superboy clones to besiege the Titans. Together, Titans past and present defeat the villains and trap Superboy-Prime within the impenetrable Source Wall at the edge of the universe.


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Who is Solstice?

Solstice Revealed
Mon, 12/20/2010 – 12:30pm – From DC Source Blog
Author:  David Hyde

Solstice will make her first appearance in TEEN TITANS # 90. You’ll want to bag and board that one, folks, because this is a character that folks at the DC offices are already buzzing about in the hallways. Solstice plays a pivotal role in the WONDER GIRL one shot in January and from there will become a regular character in the pages of TEEN TITANS.

Let’s turn it over to TEEN TITANS writer, JT. Krul.


“We’ve seen glimpses of her before, but starting in March Solstice will take center stage in the pages of Teen Titans. Losing loved ones, haunted by death, or dealing with crazy or downright demonic fathers, the Titans seem to always have a dark cloud looming over them. But Solstice will be bringing some much needed light to the team – and that’s not just referring to her powers. She’s a positive spirit – influenced by the various cultures she’s encountered during her travels throughout the world. She embraces life and all the adventure and experiences it offers. The future of the Teen Titans is bright indeed and Solstice will play a big part of that. Don’t miss it!”


Expect to read and see more about Solstice on THE SOURCE in 2011.

DC Teases Solstice in TEEN TITANS #88 [2010].

J.T. Krul talks about the newest Teen Titan, Solstice – will she shine as a hero?
March 11, 2011

During NYCC, The “DC Women Kicking Ass” Blog spent a few minutes speaking to J.T. Krul who had recently arrived as the writer of Teen Titans. At the time he was very excited about the newest character, Solstice. After meeting Cassie Sandsmark in the Wonder Girl one-shot, Solstice is about to enter the world of the Teen Titans in issue #93 out later this month. I chatted with J.T. this week to find out more about this newest female DC hero and what we can expect to see from her in the book.

DCWKA: When I met you at NYCC, J.T., you were very excited about the character and after seeing her in the Wonder Girl one-shot I can see why. Tell me a bit about the creation of the character — how did the idea of including an East Indian on the team come about?

JK: Well, we talked about it a lot as I got ready to take over the book.  DC really wanted to bring in a new face and thought there really weren’t any young characters of Indian heritage.  But it was much more than filling some slot. As people see Solstice/Kiran, it will become clear how her personality and outlook meshes well with that background in terms of a sense of spirituality and mindset.

DCWKA: You mentioned the research you were doing into Kiran’s culture, can you talk a bit about that?

JK: Obviously, I’m not from India (or a teenage girl for that matter), so research played a big part.  From the beginning, it was important to me that Solstice didn’t come across as someone I dreamed up watching a couple of movies.  Not only did i research the history and current world of India and the region, but I also delved into the spiritual and religious nature as well, as both play a big part in Kiran’s personality, as well as the initial arc of her story.  I read books, watched documentaries, and talked to people.  I would have loved to have gone to India firsthand, but couldn’t make it happen.

DCWKA: Kiran/Solstice appears to have an sunny outgoing nature and two loving parents, in other words the polar opposite of what we’ve come to expect from a Titan. What are the challenges of writing a character who doesn’t have a dark motivation or background? What are the pleasures?

JK: That’s one of the things I wanted her to bring to the character.  I mean, my god, looking at the Titans, to say that they are from dysfunctional families is a gross understatement.  Conner is a clone, born in a lab; Cassie’s father is a god; Beast Boy’s parents are dead; Bart was raised in a incubator in the future; and then Raven, Rose, and Damian all have psychos or outright demons for parents.  So, yeah, Solstice kind of sticks out.  In a way, I look at Solstice as coming into the fold the same way Tim Drake did as Robin.  He wasn’t damaged goods.  He wanted to help people, and that’s the driving force behind Solstice.  She is a force of good in a very real sense –  a positive energy to those around her.  But can she be a hero?  That remains to be seen.

DCWKA: You mentioned that Raven will be interacting with Solstice. They seem to be very different characters. What should we expect to see from their relationship? 

JK: Yes. Raven and Solstice are rather opposites in every respect. Solstice embraces and cherishes the connections and emotions that Raven wards off like the plague.  You’ll actually see the friction that this causes early on as Solstice meets the rest of the team.  Because as dangerous as negative emotions like hate and fear can be, love and compassion can be even more threatening to Raven.

DCWKA: Nicola Scott’s work on the book has been great. This is the first new character in this run of Teen Titans – how did you collaborate with her on Solstice’s creation and her look (particularly her costume)?

JT: A lot of back and forth between Nicola and Rachel Gluckstern and myself.  We definitely wanted to bring in an Indian flair to her costume, but again didn’t want it to hit people over the head – “Hey look at me, I’m Indian!  Can’t you tell?”  I think Nicola did a fantastic job because the costume has character, but isn’t loud.  For Solstice, it’s her powers and her aura that really makes her shine (sorry, I’m legally required to inject one bad pun per interview).

DCWKA: When we spoke in October, you mentioned how you want to showcase Cassie as a leader. Cassie is coming across as a strong leader and Rose is coming across as one of the team’s fiercest fighters. Given that there are two really strong females where do you see Kiran/Solstice fitting in? 

JK: Showing Cassie as the strong leader was one of the main things I wanted to accomplish when coming on board this book.  She’s been doubting herself and her role for quite some time.  Yes, she is a teenager, and she is still learning the ropes, but let’s not forget that she’s been trained as an Amazon and is following in the footsteps of Wonder Woman and Donna Troy (two very strong and confident women).  It had to rub off on her eventually.  Bringing Rose back to the fold was a must in my mind. She is one of my favorite characters and I couldn’t wait to write her again.  Incidentally, the other must for me on the book was to give Beast Boy some much deserved love.  He’s a pillar of the team, but has been largely supporting in terms of his role.

As for Solstice, she is going to fill a void of sorts that exists in the team.  She is coming at things from a very positive point of view, a bright outlook on the good in people and the world in general.  She’s very optimistic.  But then again, she hasn’t been through the trials and tribulations that the rest of the team has had to endure.  The reaction and influence will work both ways.  How the Titans will respond to Solstice’s upbeat manner, and how she will be affected by the danger and dark tidings that come with being a Titan.

DCWKA: Fans constantly mourn the loss of the female friendships in the Young Justice comic, a precursor to TT. And, of course, people still remember the friendships of Donna, Kory and Raven in New Teen Titans. To those readers what would you say about your run on Teen Titans?

JK: For me, Teen Titans is about family and the bonds of the relationship between the characters.  One of my biggest drives was to highlight that aspect of the team.  It’s what makes the Wolfman/Perez run so timeless – they were all heroes pulled together for a common cause and working help each other grow and develop and learn to be the best heroes they can be.  Sure, every family is going to have friction, but this team of heroes want to be together.  They trust one another and respect one another (yes, even Rose – though she’d never admit it).

DCWKA:If you could tell readers one thing about Solstice that they should pay attention to, what would it be?

JK:The story arc that brings her into the fold is very Solstice-centric, so she’ll be front-and-center.  It’s a big, epic story.  Nicola is doing an awesome job on the art, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s coming together.   As for what to watch for – keep your eyes on Raven and how she reacts to this newest member.  Like we’ve mentioned, they do seem like opposites.

Thanks J.T. The next issue of Teen Titans goes on sale March 30.


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