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Solar Tower

Teen Titans Headquarters

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Solar Tower

Millionaire Loren Jupiter funded a second team of Titans that included the de-aged Atom, Argent, Prysm, Risk and Joto. This team used Jupiter’s Solar Tower as their headquarters.

The Solar Tower is a shining example or architecture that stands in the business district of Metropolis. The Titans made use of the middle ten floors so as not to disrupt the rest of the buildings tenants. The main floor contained a video store – ‘Knockout Video’ – as a cover, so no one would know the Solar Tower housed a group of teenaged super-heroes.

The headquarters contained a high-tech training room, a common area with a state-of-the-art entertainment center, and individual bedrooms for each member. Neil Richards, the former Mad Mod, designed the floor space for the entire headquarters.

The Titans remained at this headquarters until a battle with Haze that seemingly cost Joto his life. Following that, Jupiter – fearing the dangerous lifestyle he had unwittingly encouraged – disbanded the team and refused to fund them.

ABOVE: Solar Tower exterior and interior.
BELOW: Jupiter introduces the team to their new headquarters.

The Stain

Undaunted, Argent reorganized the team and they set up a new headquarters above the Stain, a trendy Metropolis hangout for teens. Not as high-tech as the Solar Tower, it served as an adequate headquarters and meeting place. The team disbanded shortly after.

Headquarters Schematic


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #6 [1997]: The Titans move into their new headquarters located above a video store in Metropolis. It’s a day in the lives of the Teen Titans as told from Risk’s unique perspective as he writes a letter home trying to decide if he should tell his mother about his alien origins. First appearance of the Titans new headquarters in Mr. Jupiter’s Solar Tower, a video store called “Knock Out Video.”
Teen Titans #17 [1998]: The Titans reunite in a guest-star filled issue. After their adventures with Superboy, Supergirl, Impulse, and Robin; the reunited Argent, Prysm and the Atom try to restart the Titans by having an open house for all the DC Universe’s youthful heroes, and get much more than they bargained for when they are attacked by the Veil. Captain Marvel Jr. and Fringe join the Teen Titans in this issue. First Appearance of “The Stain”, a dance club in Metropolis.
Teen Titans #18 [1998]: What do you get for a thirty-something guy who’s reliving his teen years? Not much, as the Titans discover as they try to share some birthday cheer with the young Atom. Only Arsenal may have a chance of cheering up the Atom when he calls in a favor from Wally West. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel Jr. is having second thoughts about having joined the team; and the other new member, Fringe, goes on the rampage in Metropolis. Plus, this issue showcases the new Titans HQ above “The Stain,” Metropolis’ hottest arcade/club.


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