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A crafty supervillain, Slade is the mastermind behind much of the crime in this corner of the world. His primary goal seemed to be to destroy the Teen Titans, though his motivations for doing so were not clear. From the darkness of his secret compound, Slade dispatched other villains to do his dirty work.

Eventually, Slade’s master plan became apparent: Slade was searching for a young apprentice. Choosing Robin for his superior skills, he blackmailed the hero and turned him against his own friends. The Titans soon learned the truth, and Robin was freed from Slade’s thrall.

Undaunted, Slade set his sights on a new apprentice: a very powerful but confused girl named Terra. Slade used Terra’s insecurities against her and taught her to control her earth-shaping powers. Terra became a spy for Slade and betrayed the Titans – which allowed Slade to take over the city. The Titans returned in full force – and Terra had second thoughts about trusting Slade. In a blaze of Glory, Terra saved the city while sacrificing herself.

Slade was presumed dead but his body was never found. His face mask had a failsafe device that had Robin doubting his own sanity. The activation of this device remains a mystery.

Slade was later awakened from his molten tomb by Raven’s evil father, Trigon. Slade – now embued with mystical powers – helped Trigon bring about the end of the world! In exchange, Slade wanted Trigon to restore his flesh and blood – thus fully restoring him to the land of the living. True to form, Trigon reneged on his deal the moment he came to earth. Angered at the double-cross, Slade aided Robin in his search for Raven to retrieve what he had lost. Descending into the demonic abyss, Slade battled the undead to restore his own living body. Slade even assisted the Titans in Trigon’s ultimate defeat.

  • Slade’s disguise as The Ancient One [from the episode FORCES OF NATURE] is actually very similar to the way he looks in the comic books – something the animated staff were aware of when designing The Ancient One. Slade has white hair, an eyepatch and a goatee. It’s probably the closest the series will ever come to actually ‘unmasking’ him.
  • Slade’s name in the comic books is Slade Wilson. He is also known as Deathstroke, the Terminator.
  • Slade’s best friend and right-hand man is an English chap known as Wintergreen. He’s sort of what Alfred is to Batman. Animated Wintergreen is seen briefly in DIVIDE & CONQUER.
Producer Sam Register on Slade: “Yeah – we didn’t know quite was he was going to be after. We knew we needed an enemy. And in the first season, we decided he wanted an apprentice and it was sort of a Luke-and-Darth thing. And he was called Deathstroke in the comic and we can’t use the word ‘death’ so we went with his first name. So we wanted to keep him mysterious and dark and sort of the uber-villain. And he’s worked out great.”

A hard-edged mercenary, Slade Wilson [known as Deathstroke the Terminator] would fulfill any contract he undertook. His son Grant set out on the same path as his father. The evil H.I.V.E. organization gave him great powers as the Ravager and sent him to kill the Teen Titans. Ravager’s powers ended up killing him, and Slade accepted the contract to kill the Titans on his son’s behalf. It all happened in NEW TEEN TITANS #2 [1980].

Later, Slade used a confused and violent girl named Terra, whose awesome earth-powers caught the attention of the Titans. With Terra’s betrayal, Slade delivered the Titans to the H.I.V.E., but the plan fell in ruins when Terra lost control of her powers and sanity. This story was told in the classic JUDAS CONTRACT tale in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #42-44 and Annual #3 [1984]. Slade mellowed in later years after he abandoned his contract to kill the Titans. He even became their ally on occasion. Recently, Slade has returned to his violent ways – and has clashed with the newest version of the Teen Titans.

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Ron Perlman (the voice of Slade) 
Ron Perlman is the voice of Slade, the mysterious archenemy of the Teen Titans who works behind the scenes causing mayhem. He received a Golden Globe Award in 1987 for best actor in a television series for his role in Beauty & the Beast. Perlman has earned two Emmy nominations for his many TV performances. With several film credits to his name, Perlman has appeared in The Island of Dr. Moreau and The Last Supper. He also starred in Fox’s big-budget movie Alien Resurrection and stars in the upcoming film version of the cult comic book Hellboy. (Source: Cartoon Network official press kit)

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