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Killer Moth created a flying army of mutant moths – as well as an array of strange insect creatures. When the Teen Titans put an end to his schemes, Beast Boy bonded with one of Killer Moth’s mutant worms. Unknown to his fellow teammates, Beast Boy kept the worm as a pet at Titans Tower.

When the worm began to grow, Beast Boy feared his hidden   pet would be revealed. He enlisted the aid of Starfire to keep his secret. Starfire immediately adopted the weird mutant silkworm – who she named “Silkie” – as a pet of her own. But when she fed him some alien food from Tamaran, Silkie has an unexpected – and monstrous – growth spurt. This forced Starfire to leave Silkie of a remote island home.

Killer Moth tracked down his experiment and forced his creation to attack the city as a giant moth. Starfire pleaded with Silkie to break free from Killer Moth – and the mutant creature remembered Starfire as its kind caregiver. Silkie’s next mutation led to explosive results – and reverted the worm back to it’s original,   compact form. Starfire requested to keep Silkie as a pet at Titans Tower, and Robin agreed.

  • Silkie was seen in three segments of blink-and-you’ll-miss-him moments. Beast Boy’s secret pet could be seen briefly in: X, BETROTHED and HAUNTED. Silkie returned in full in CAN I KEEP HIM?
  • The mutant-Silkie and mechanical-lizard battle in CAN I KEEP HIM? is a send-up of “Godzilla vs. Mothra”
  • Star Wars reference: Killer Moth tries to coax Silkie by saying: “Larva M319, I am your father. Join me and we can… go on a picnic or something.” It’s similar to the speech Darth Vader gave Luke at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Story Editor/Producer David Slack on Silkie: “One would think we developed that story way far back. What happened was, we did DATE WITH DESTINY in season two and designed these larvae things at the end of it. And Ben Jones – who is now a director but he was a storyboard artist at the time – he just wouldn’t let them go. So in all his boards, he would put this thing in the background – and he named him “Silkie.” So that caught on and some other artists started doing it. So we had all these episodes where Sillkie is crawling around in the background, still leftover from season two. So it started to seem like we needed to do something with that. It was similar to the situation with Larry [the Titan]. It grew out of a joke that the artists were tossing around. So that’s how that came about.”

Silkie did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

Date With Destiny
X, Betrothed & Haunted [briefly]
Can I Keep Him?

Dee Bradley Baker as Silkie

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