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Silas & Elinore Stone

Cyborg’s Parents

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Cyborg & The Family Stone

Maude and Tucker Stone made their living as vaudeville entertainers, performing in acts that ranged from musical numbers to escape-artist feats. Despite their unique lifestyle, Maude and Tucker had a very stable relationship. And even when they married, the larger-than-life couple continued their vaudeville careers.

Maude and Tucker Stone later had a son named Silas, who grew up embarrassed of his parents’ unconventional lifestyle. Instead of the flashy world of stage acts, Silas immersed himself in study. Young Silas was an overachieving student and eventually became a research scientist of some renown. But as Silas grew up, Maude and Tucker traveled more and more – leading the young scientist to become estranged from his parents.

Silas eventually met and fell in love with a fellow scientist, Elinore. After marrying, the couple welcomed the birth of a son named Victor. As the only child of two research scientists, Vic was pushed and trained to follow in his parents’ footsteps. While experimenting on ways to boost human intelligence, they used Vic as a subject, which bestowed him with an IQ of 170. Silas and Elinore Stone’s pursuit of science unfortunately blinded them to their son’s need for a normal childhood.

ABOVE: Silas Stone tells the tragic tale of how Cyborg came to be in NEW TEEN TITANS #7 [1981].
BELOW: Cyborg’s origin is retold in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS mini series #1 [1982].


Raymond Dark – who would later form the villainous Children of the Sun – worked with Silas at Westchester Sciences. Dark proposed use of nuclear power, but Silas thought his measures were too unstable. Dark went over his head and accused Silas of being a communist sympathizer. Under a cloud of suspicion, Silas was forced to leave Westchester Sciences, and he assumed a job at S.T.A.R. Labs with his wife, Elinore.

Heart of Stone

As Vic became a teenager, he got into trouble when he began hanging around with the wrong crowd, which included a youth named Ron Evers. Victor remained Ron’s friend because of his loneliness and lack of attention from his father.

Thanks to Elinore’s persuasion, Silas allowed Vic to attend public high school, where he immediately began making friends and showing great athletic potential. Vic met his first girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, and trained very hard in the hopes of going to the Olympics. Silas was angered by Victor’s athletic plans because he wanted his son to pursue a career in the sciences; he did not think in terms of what Victor might want. This disagreement created a large rift between Vic and Silas and laid the groundwork for future tensions.

One day Vic happened to visit his parents at S.T.A.R. Labs. They were working on two projects: a long-range inter-dimensional study and observation project, and the development of cybernetic body parts for physically disabled soldiers. While observing another dimension, Silas accidentally let a blob-like creature slither through the dimensional barrier. The entity killed Elinore and critically wounded Vic before Silas could activate the recall button and send it back.

Determined not to let his son meet the same fate his wife did, a desperate and unauthorized Silas used the untested cybernetic technology to rebuild Vic’s body with a frame of enforced molybdenum steel, special polymers and plastics. Vic survived, and Cyborg was born. Angry at his father and bitter about his fate, Vic ostracized himself from society by moving to Hell’s Kitchen, a bad part of town where he felt a freak such as himself would fit in. It was here that Raven found Vic and asked him to join the New Teen Titans.

In appreciation of Vic’s new friends and the feeling of purpose they gave to his son, Silas Stone built Titans Tower. Unknown to Vic, the accident that killed his mother also gave Silas radiation poisoning and he was slowly dying. When Vic recognized the depths of his father’s love, the two men reconciled. Silas died a short time later, but Vic stayed with him until the end.

Silas Stone’s final moments – from NEW TEEN TITANS #7 [1981].


Essential Reading

DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]: featuring a 16-page preview to New Teen Titans! The mysterious empath Raven invades Dick Grayson’s dreams and shows him a glimpse of his near-future as part of the Teen Titans. First appearances of Raven, Cyborg & Starfire. Beast Boy now known as Changeling. First appearance of Silas Stone.
New Teen Titans #7 [1981]:
 Titans’ Tower is unveiled. The Fearsome Five renew their assault on the Titans, using Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, and the dimensional transmitter in Titans’ Tower to bring Psimon back; Once the Fearsome Five is defeated, Silas reveals that he is dying of cancer; After two months of reconciliation between himself and his son, Silas dies. Death of Silas Stone.
Tales of the New Teen Titans #1 [1982]: 4-issue mini series. As the Titans take a break on a camping trip, the new members reveal their origins. The origin of Cyborg.
New Teen Titans (second series) Annual #5 [1989]: The Children of the Sun target Cyborg when they learn he is the son of Silas Stone. Their leader, Damien Dark, blames Silas for past misfortunes and later founded the Children of the Sun, an elitist group. The Titans fight his super-powered dupes and eventually find the lair of the Children of the Sun – which is destroyed along with Dark and his followers. First appearance of Damien Dark. Origin of the Children of the Sun, post-Crisis.
Legends of the Dc Universe 80 Page Giant #1 [1998]: A short story reveals the untold events that preceded the formation of the New Teen Titans. Raven subtly influences Silas Stone to create Titans Tower.

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