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Shout-Outs on the Blogosphere

Hey, my Wonder Twins redesign got a nice shout-out on PROJECT ROOFTOP:

In All-Ages All-Stars, P:R contributors put a kid-friendly spin on familiar comics characters. Today we’re looking at Bill Walko‘s awesome Wonder Twins redesign! P:R Pal andiZombie writer Chris Roberson contributed the super-positive review below. – Dean Trippe

The Roberson Review (TM):”I love love LOVE Bill Walko’s redesign of the Wonder Twins. I used to entertain fantasies of convincing DC to publish an all-ages Wonder Twins series through their Johnny DC line, and if I had by some fluke managed to get one off the ground, this is what it should have looked like. He has managed to update the look of the characters nicely, so that they are instantly recognizable as the shape-shifting twins from the old Super Friends cartoon but with a very contemporary look and feel. And I love the fact that the twins are doing a kind of “fist bump,” suggesting that that’s how they would activate their powers, a perfect updating of the concept.”

and, on “Comics Worth Reading“:

What a wonderful redesign of the Wonder Twins! They’re by Bill Walko, who’s also done Wendy and Marvin. It’s so cool to see people who are willing to reconsider classic characters in age-appropriate fashion but modern as well. As Chris Roberson points out, Bill’s given them a “very contemporary look and feel”. That’s how you keep material fresh for new generations.

Thanks, guys! :)

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