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Alias: Selinda Flinders

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Fearsome Flinders

As children growing up in Australia, Selinda Flinders and her brother Baran received nothing but mockery as their unique abilities developed. She could transmute elements, while he exhibited terrifying strength. When the frustrated siblings used their powers against the local children, enraged and fearful adults tried to drive Selinda and Baran’s entire family out of town.  As a compromise, the children’s father brought his two children to the renowned Markovian scientist Dr. Helga Jace. Jace helped the siblings understand and expand their powers, while trying to instill a sense of morality in the two teenagers.

Nevertheless, Selinda and Baran used their powers for personal gain, establishing criminal records as Shimmer and Mammoth. Later, they answered an ad placed by the super-criminal Dr. Light and joined his new criminal organization, the Fearsome Five.

ABOVE: Dr. Light gathers the Fearsome Five in NEW TEEN TITANS #3 [1981].
BELOW: Shimmer displays her power in NEW TEEN TITANS #3 [1981].

Five by Five

The Fearsome Five’s first case brought them into conflict with the Teen Titans, and this was the first time Shimmer and Mammoth met defeat and imprisonment. The inseparable brother and sister were later freed, and sought revenge against the Titans from time to time.

Selinda and Baran eventually found peace in a Tibetan monastery, where they renounced their life of crime. But the Flinders’ newfound peace was soon destroyed by the arrival of Psimon, who sought revenge on his former teammates for abandoning him. Psimon exacted his revenge in a vicious two-pronged attack. First, he used his extraordinary psionic powers to drive a spear through Baran’s head. Next, he transformed Selinda into glass and shattered her into thousands of tiny shards.

Baran miraculously survived the attack and resumed his life of crime, but was devastated at the loss of his sister.

ABOVE: Dr. Sivana gathers the revamped Fearsome Five in OUTSIDERS #14 [2004].
Mammoth and a newly revived Shimmer rejoin the Fearsome Five in OUTSIDERS #13 [2004].

Five Alive

Sometime later, Dr. Sivana organized a revamped Fearsome Five comprised of Psimon, Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth. Sivana enlisted Mammoth with the promise of restoring his long-dead sister, Shimmer. Psimon was able to assemble the remains of Shimmer’s shattered crystalline form, as Dr. Sivana’s super-science successfully restored her to life. Upon awakening, Selinda wasted no time returning to her criminal ways with her fraternal partner-in-crime. The newly formed group was hired to initiate a corporate espionage plot against Lexcorp, but their efforts were undone by Nightwing’s Outsiders team.

Since then, Shimmer and Mammoth have remained with the Fearsome Five although its membership is constantly changing. Plagued by personal agendas and constant in-fighting, the evil organization’s biggest obstacles can often be found within its own ranks!

 Powers & Abilities

Shimmer possesses the mutant ability of matter transmutation, which allows her to transform one element or compound into another. Her transformations only last for a few minutes, and she can only affect items within three feet of herself.


Mammoth, Shimmer and Gizmo
BELOW: A more recent incarnation of the team.



Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #3 [1981]: Dr. Light forms the Fearsome Five in order to attack the Titans again; Fearsome Five member Psimon, under Trigon’s subtle influence, takes over leadership from Dr. Light, and the villains defeat the Titans; Psimon plants a compulsion in the heroes’ minds to destroy the JLA. First appearance of Fearsome Five; First appearance of Gizmo, Mammoth, Shimmer and Psimon.
New Teen Titans #7 [1981]: Titans’ Tower is unveiled. The Fearsome Five renew their assault on the Titans, using Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, and the dimensional transmitter in Titans’ Tower to bring Psimon back; Once the Fearsome Five is defeated, Silas reveals that he is dying of cancer; After two months of reconciliation between himself and his son, Silas dies.
New Teen Titans #37 and Batman and the Outsiders #5 [1983]: Fearsome Five member Gizmo breaks his villain group out of prison; Under Psimon’s leadership, the Fearsome Five kidnap Dr. Helga Jace and force her to make them a group of Mud Men to help in their battles; Dick Grayson tells Bruce Wayne that he wants to terminate their heroic partnership; The Titans and the Outsiders team up to defeat the Fearsome Five after the villains expel Dr. Light from the group and attempt to kill him; Robin chafes under Batman’s leading the two groups in battle and takes over, proving that Robin does not always have to be in Batman’s shadow.
Tales of the Teen Titans #56-58 [1985]: The Fearsome Five, without Dr. Light, invade S.T.A.R. Labs and take Neutron and Jinx to be their new teammates; Cyborg’s refit is completed, but his body rejects the parts; The Fearsome Five are defeated; Cyborg is brought back to health and meets Dr. Sarah Charles; Jericho is made a full-fledged Titan. First appearances of Sarah Charles. First appearance of Jinx. Jinx and Neutron join the Fearsome Five.
Adventures of Superman #430 [1987]: The Fearsome Five encounter Superman, with a new lineup: Mammoth, Gizmo, Shimmer, Charger, and Deuce. First appearance of Charger and Deuce.
New Titans #116-117, Green Lantern #57 [1994]: Psimon cuts a swath of destruction through a star system, devastating the planets of Kallas and Talyn (home of Jarras Minion). Eventually, Psimon returns to earth, where he seeks revenge against all those who wronged him, including his former teammates. To that end, Psimon viciously attacks Mammoth and Shimmer – driving a spear through Baran’s head. He then transforms Selinda into glass and shatters her, killing her instantly.
Outsiders #13-15 [2004]: -The Fearsome Five are back – and worse than ever – in the 3-part “Five by Five!” Organized by Dr. Sivana, Mammoth, Gizmo, Psimon, Jinx, and a newly-restored Shimmer wreak havoc. Shimmer restored to life in issue #13.
Outsiders #29-30 [2005] : Sabbac joins the Fearsome Five and ensnares the seven deadly sins.
Teen Titans #72-74 [2009]: The Calculator hires Mammoth, Shimmer and Jinx to free Nano and Rumble from Alcatraz Prison. His true objective is to exact revenge on the Teen Titans, whom he blames for the death of his son, Marvin. To this end, Calculator plans to trap the Titans on Alcatraz Island, where where a nuclear-powered inmate will reach critical mass. Calculator’s plan is thwarted when Eddie Bloomberg uses the T-jet to fly the inmate away – at the cost of Eddie’s own life.Calculator also kidnaps Kid Eternity and forces the mystic teen to repeatedly summon the spirit of his dead son, Marvin.First appearances of Nano and Rumble in issue #73. Death of Eddie Bloomberg in issue #74.
Titans #20 [2010]: Spotlight on Donna Troy! What happens when a young twenty-something woman feels like she grew up too fast and deprived herself of a twenty-something kind of life? As Donna ponders this, the Fearsome Five continue their Titans revenge streak. They picked the wrong time to do it…


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