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Sharon Tracy

Donna Troy’s Friend

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Initially living at Titans Lair headquarters when she wasn’t with her sisters on Paradise Island, Wonder Girl found herself truly without a home when the Amazons left earth for a time. The teen Amazon eventually searched for an apartment of her own in the civilian guise of Donna Troy. She answered an ad for a Greenwich Village apartment placed by an ebullient young woman named Sharon Tracy. Upon meeting, the two teenagers sparked an instant friendship as Donna found a new home.

Sharon Tracy’s first appearance as Donna’s new roommate in TEEN TITANS #22 [1969].

Donna initially concealed her Wonder Girl identity from Sharon in an attempt to carve out a “normal” life, and Sharon remained oblivious to Donna’s dual life as a Teen Titan. Although she never used a mask or Amazon magic to disguise her features while fighting crime, few connected Donna Troy to Wonder Girl.

Sharon Tracy and Donna Troy as art majors – as detailed in NEW TITANS #50 [1989].

After the dissolution of the second group of Teen Titans, both Sharon and Donna attended college at NYU. Sharon, like Donna, was an art major. While Donna studied photography, Sharon wanted to be a painter. She eventually learned of Donna’s identity as Wonder Girl and the teen Amazon later abandoned any pretense of a secret identity.

Sharon’s passion for painting (and available men) eventually led her outside of New York City, but she and Donna remained close friends. At Donna’s wedding to Terry Long, Sharon returned to New York City to serve as one of Donna’s bridesmaids. Extremely vivacious and outrageously flirtatious, Sharon serves as a counterpoint to a more reserved Donna.

Sharon the flirt – from TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #49 [1984].

Essential Reading

Teen Titans #22 [1969]: Upon the Titans’ return to Earth, Wonder Girl unexpectedly collapses, the result of a recently recurring series of fainting spells. In explanation, she tells the other Titans her origin for the first time. She takes the name Donna Troy as a civilian identity and moves into an apartment in Greenwich Village with new girlfriend Sharon Tracy. Sharon Tracy’s first appearance; becomes Donna Troy’s roommate.
Teen Titans #28-29 [1970]: Aqualad tries to find Wonder Girl at the apartment she shares with Sharon Tracy, but instead finds himself battling thugs who are after Sharon because of something she accidentally witnessed in the park, but which she cannot remember due to selective amnesia.
Tales of the Teen Titans #49 [1984]: While the Titans prepare for the wedding of Donna Troy and Terry Long, Dr. Light attacks Central City, only to be stopped by Wally West and Frances Kane in their public identities.
Tales of the Teen Titans #50 [1985]: Donna Troy and Terry Long are married on the Dayton Estate. The ceremony begins as Dick Grayson leads the bride-to-be to the altar. Terry and Donna recite their vows and are officially joined in wedlock. Later, Sharon Tracy and Joe Wilson catch the thrown bridal bouquet and garter, respectively, and as the reception breaks up, the Titans present Gar Logan with a special medal in honor of his catering services. Finally, Terry and Donna leave on Steve Dayton’s private jet for their honeymoon in Greece. Donna Troy and Terry Long wed this issue. Appearances by just about every Titan, past and present.
New Titans #50 [1989]: The Titans of Myth return to Earth to collect Wonder Girl so that she might help the gods defeat Sparta, a renegade Titan. Donna’s history retold in issue #50; Sharon Tracy’s first post-Crisis appearance reveals she was Donna’s roommate in college, after Donna left the Titans [between Teen Titans #53 and New Teen Titans #1].


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