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Series Index: Titans v2


Titans #1 [2008] to Titans #38  [2011]

In the pages of Teen Titans (third series), the next generation of teen heroes has admirably accepted the Teen Titan legacy. So where did that leave the original twenty-something Titans?

Writer Judd Winick along with artist Ian Churchill lanched the classic Wolfman/Pérez Titans roster out of a Teen Titans East Special one-shot and into the ongoing series simply titled Titans in April of 2008. Nightwing, Starfire, Flash, Red Arrow, Cyborg, Raven, Donna Troy and Beast Boy were together again for the first time, as they say.

After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. But the team was brutally massacred by an unseen evil force in Teen Titans East Special .

In Titans #1, members past and present were attacked by demonic entities across the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon’s presence once again, called upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father. But after investigating, the Titans learned that Trigon himself was not behind the attacks. The bestial assaults were actually orchestrated by Raven’s three half brothers – Jacob, Jared and Jesse. Working together as a team, the Titans thwarted the Sons of Trigon and prevented Trigon’s invasion plan. Following this adventure, the Titans were together as a team once again!

The Titans faced a familiar foe when Jericho returned in Titans #7-10. After years of melding with individuals, many of them unhinged, Jericho’s mind began to fracture. Under this psychosis, the once gentle hero attacked his former friends and tried to pit them against one another. In a 5-part crossover event, the Titans, Teen Titans and the new Vigilante faced Jericho’s deranged “Deathtrap.” The storyline ran in Titans #12-13, Teen Titans #69 (prelude) and #70, and Vigilante #5-6.

The Titans were scattered in different directions through a series of spotlight issues in Titans #14-23. Raven and Beast Boy returned to the Teen Titans in Teen Titans #75. Donna Troy, Cyborg and Dick Grayson (as Batman) joined the Justice League in Justice League of America #41. And Arsenal suffered heartbreaking loss in JLA: Cry For Justice #5-7, as Prometheus’ bomb claimed the life of Lian Harper while the villain severed the archer’s arm.

The series received a bold new direction with Titans: Villains For Hire #1 and Titans #24, as Deathstroke usurped the Titans’ name and formed his own mercenary team comprised of Tattooed Man, Cinder, Osiris, Cheshire and later, Arsenal.

The team’s true purpose was later revealed in Titans Annual #1 and  Titans #37-38 – as each mission served to create a life-restoring Methuselah Device. Deathstroke used the technology to restore his son, Jericho, and offered Cheshire and Arsenal the opportunity to try and resurrect their deceased daughter. Cheshire was willing to accept the devil’s bargain, but Arsenal was reluctant to use the macabre machine. Arsenal then rallied Tattooed Man, Jericho and Cinder to challenge Deathstroke’s leadership and dismantle the Methuselah Device. In the wake of these events, both Cheshire and Arsenal gained a sense of closure regarding the death of their daughter. While Cheshire fled, Arsenal and Jericho vowed to restart the Titans and restore their good name.

And with that, the title was brought to a close to pave the way for DC’s company-wide relaunch in September of 2011.

Series Index:
Titans #1-38
Titans Annual #1
Titans: Villains For Hire #1

Specials & Mini-Series:
Blackest Night: Titans #1-3
DC Special: Raven #1-5
DC Special: Cyborg #1-6
DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1
DC Universe: Decisions #1-4
Teen Titans: The Lost Annual #1
Teen Titans: Year One #1-6

Crossover Index:
Brave and the Bold #10, 17-18
DC Universe #0
JLA #0
JLA: Cry For Justice #1-7
JLA: Rise of Arsenal #1-4
Superman/Batman #43
Teen Titans East Special #1
Teen Titans #69-71
Vigilante #5-6

Blackest Night #1-8
Blackest Night: Titans #1-3
Countdown #51-0
Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer: The Crime Society
Countdown to Adventure #1-8
DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar #1-4
Final Crisis #1-7
Final Crisis: Last Will and Testament #1
Infinite Crisis #1-7

Key Issues and Storylines:
Teen Titans East Special #1: Leads into Titans #1.
Titans #1-6: The Titans are together again to face Trigon and his evil progeny.
Titans #7-10: The Titans face their former friend, Jericho, whose mind has fractured
Titans #12-13, Teen Titans #69 (prelude) and #70, and Vigilante #5-6: “Deathtrap”: the once gentle Jericho plans a bizarre deathtrap for his former friends.
Titans #14: Spotlight on Cyborg.
Titans #15: Spotlight on Tempest. Death of Dolphin and Cerdian revealed. Blackest Night tie-in.
Titans #16: Spotlight on Starfire.
Titans #17: Spotlight on Beast Boy.
Titans #18: Spotlight on Raven.
Titans #19: Spotlight on Red Arrow.
Titans #20: Spotlight on Donna Troy.
Titans #21-22: Cyborg and Starfire battle Phobia.
Titans #23: As Roy Harper lays comatose, he reflects on the Teen Titans’ early years.
JLA: Cry For Justice #5-7: Prometheus’ bomb claims the life of Lian Harper as the villain severs Arsenal’s arm.
Justice League Of America #41: Dick Grayson, Donan Troy and Cyborg join the Justice League.
Titans: Villains For Hire #1: Deathstroke gathers Tattooed Man, Cinder, Osiris and Cheshire
Titans #24-25: Deathstroke’s newly assembled team is given their first assignment. The target? Lex Luthor
Titans #26-27: Arsenal signs up with Deathstroke and Cheshire when the Titans target a child slavery ring for takedown.
Titans Annual #1, Titans #37-38: “The Methuselah Imperative” Deathstroke’s master plan is revealed: a machine that restores the dead, which makes Jericho whole again. Arsenal takes control of the Titans, wresting the team from Deathstroke at last.

Notable Creative Runs:
Judd Winick , Writer: Titans #1-10
Eric Wallace, Writer: Titans #24-38
Ian Churchill, Artist: Teen Titans East Special #1, Titans #1
Joe Benitez, Artist: Titans #2-4
Howard Porter, Artist: Titans #6-12
Fabrizio Fiorentino, Artist: Titans #24-38


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