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Series Index: Teen Titans v3


Teen Titans #1 [2003] to Teen Titans #100 [2011]

Together Again For The First Time

In 2003, both Titans and Young Justice came to an end. Seeking to revive the concept of Teen Titans once again, DC decided to graduate the Young Justice characters to Teen Titans status, while some of the former Titans would find a new direction as members of the edgy, more grown up Outsiders. As a bridge between series, the changes began with Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, a three-issue mini-series written by Judd Winick and drawn by Alé Garza.  Both the Titans and Young Justice united against a common foe: a mysterious and dangerous android from the future. The battle would lead to the deaths of both Omen and Troia – causing both teams to call it quits. This mini-series then led directly into two new series: Teen Titans and Outsiders, both launched in 2003.

Teen Titans featured the creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Mike McKone. Deciding the next generation of super-heroes needed a place to go, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy created a new Titans Tower headquarters in San Francisco. Joined by Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl  and Impulse, they became the latest version of Teen Titans! The team was quickly put to the test when they were hunted by Deathstroke, whose attack on Impulse led the young hero to emerge as the more determined Kid Flash.

During his run, Geoff Johns revitalized some characters familiar to longtime Titans fans. Superboy learned half his DNA actually came from the unscrupulous Lex Luthor. A brand-new Brother Blood was introduced: a fourteen year old brat with frightening powers and devoted followers. Raven was reborn in a teenaged body, thanks to the new Brother Blood. Jericho returned, his damaged spirit having survived deep within Deatshtroke’s psyche. And Deatshtroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson, was given a dangerous and psychotic edge as the Ravager, after her father had drugged and brainwashed her.

The second year of the title featured a team-up with the Legion of Super-Heroes, which led the Titans to face their frightening future selves in the memorable “Titans Tomorrow” arc in Teen Titans #17-19. The Titans (with scores of former members) also faced the more-dangerous-than-ever Dr. Light in a story that inducted Speedy to the team and also introduced an all-new Hawk & Dove. This story also marked the end of Mike McKone as artist with Teen Titans #23.

The second year closed in a crossover with the Outsiders. In “Insiders” (Teen Titans #24-25, Outsiders #24-25), both teams faced betrayal from within. Superboy – mind-controlled by Lex Luthor – savagely attacked his friends while the Outsiders’ Indigo was revealed as Brainiac 8. Following that arc, Tony Daniel began as regular artist on the series, beginning with Teen Titans #26 and #29.

Crisis Complications

Next the Titans faced the looming threat of the Infinite Crisis, which would change the team dramatically. Superboy sacrificed his life to save the universe in Infinite Crisis #6, which would tear the team apart The full effects of his death were felt in Teen Titans #34, which picked up events a full year after the Infinite Crisis.

With DC’s company-wide “One Year Later” event, all the characters’ histories resumed “one year later” between a single issue in March of 2006. In Teen Titans #33, Superboy and Nightwing were in the thick of the Infinite Crisis world-shattering event. With Teen Titans #34, a year had passed since the Crisis and a comatose Cyborg awakened to discover the only active Titans: Robin, Ravager and Kid Devil. Cyborg was told that the Titans had quite a few membership shake-ups during his “missing year.” Readers shared in Cyborg’s confusion. It was later revealed that over 20 members came and went during that missing year, as detailed in Teen Titans #38.

With Robin’s return and Cyborg’s awakening, the team gathered to confront the Brotherhood of Evil, with help from Wonder Girl. As the missing-year member Bombshell was revealed as a traitor, Raven successfully cleansed Jericho’s spirit and restored his living body. After this adventure, the Titans were a team again with Cyborg, Raven, Robin, Wonder Girl, Jericho, Ravager and Miss Martian as members. The rejuvenated team soon faced Titans East, a villainous team of anti-Titan brought together by Deatshtroke, in Teen Titans #43-46. This storyline was also Geoff Johns’ final one, as Adam Beechen assumed the writing reigns during this arc.

A Team In Transition

Beechen remained writer until the landmark Teen Titans #50, which welcomed new writer Sean McKeever. By the fiftieth issue, the elder Titans (Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Jericho) left – leaving Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Devil, Ravager, Miss Martian and Supergirl to carry the Titans torch. For the first time since the relaunch, the entire membership was comprised of teen heroes. The team once again faced their evil future selves when the Titans of Tomorrow returned in Teen Titans #51-54. In the wake of that adventure, Blue Beetle joined the team while Supergirl left.

With Teen Titans #55, McKeever was joined by new regular artist, Eddy Barrows. DC Senior VP-Executive Editor Dan Didio also stepped in as editor, replacing Eddie Berganza. The new creative team challenged the Titans with a new group of legacy villains known as the Terror Titans in Teen Titans #56-60 (who were later launched into their own mini-series). At the end of that story, Ravager left the team to walk her own path.

Teen Titans #61 marked the beginning of “The Red and the Blue” team of Blue Bettle and (the newly-named) Red Devil. The team also was forced to contend with the explosive return of the Titan-turned-traitor Bombshell in issues #63-64! Bombshell had cheated death and was on the run from the government, forcing the Teen Titans to aid the hostile but desperate quantum powerhouse.

Next, Wonder Girl faced one of her greatset challenges in King Lycus, Son of Ares, who sought to claim the young demi-godess’ powers as his own. Lycus’ vendetta claimed the life of Marvin White, one of the young caretakers of Titans Tower. This caused Cassie Sandmark to call upon the strength that was her gods-given birthright for the first time, and banish Lycus with her newly self-powered lariat. It all happened in Teen Titans #62-65.

Teen Titans #66-69 and Teen Titans Annual 2009 featured a membership drive, as the team was left with only four full-time members. During the drive, Brother Blood attacked and siphoned Red Devil’s supernatural abilities, leaving him powerless. Robin left the team, leaving Wonder Girl in charge. Miss Martian returned with a small army of teen heroes who had just been liberated from Clock King’s underground Dark Side Club. When the smoke cleared, the Teen Titans were bolstered by an all-new line-up: Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, the enigmatic Kid Eternity, the spirited new Aquagirl, the super-charged Static, the explosive Bombshell and the powerless Eddie Bloomberg.

In a 5-part crossover event, the Titans, Teen Titans and the new Vigilante faced Jericho’s deranged “Deathtrap.” The storyline ran in Titans #12-13, Teen Titans #69 (prelude) and #70, and Vigilante #5-6. After years of melding with individuals, many of them unhinged, Jericho’s mind began to fracture. Under this psychosis, the once gentle hero planned a bizarre deathtrap for his former friends. This storyline was also the end of Sean McKeever’s tenure as writer.

Teen Titans #72 featured the the debut of an all-new 10-page co-feature, starring Ravager. In June of 2009, DC Comics began incorporating additional pages to some of its books. This helped offset a price hike as well as showcase some second-tier DC characters in new and exciting stories. Written by Sean McKeever, Ravager’s 12-part story continued her descent into darkness that had begun in the pages of the Terror Titans mini-series, also written by McKeever.

In Teen Titans #72-74, the Calculator hired the Fearsome Five to help him gain revenge against the Teen Titans – whom he blamed for the death of his son, Marvin. The Titans lost two member during the conflict – as Calculator kidnapped Kid Eternity while Eddie Bloomberg gave his life saving San Francisco from nuclear annihilation.

Elsewhere (and elsewhen), Conner Kent and Bart Allen were brought back to life in the 31st century, just in time to help Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes defeat the deranged Superboy Prime. It all happened in Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds #1-5.

Television writer Felicia D. Henderson became the title’s scribe with Teen Titans #75-87, introducing the mystical threat known as The Wylde. The team also aided Static when he ran into trouble in his hometown of Dakota, welcoming back Superboy and Kid Flash during the mission. Henderson’s run ended with issue #87, as the team defeated the Wylde but also said goodbye to members Static, Miss Martian, Aquagirl and Bombshell.

Brighter Days

JT Krul became the book’s writer with issue #88, having proven his grasp on the characters in Teen Titans #77-78 and Blackest Night: Titans #1-3. Joined by ace artist Nicola Scott, the title was also refreshed with a fan-favorite roster that included Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Ravager, Beast Boy and Raven. The team even welcomed Damian Wayne as a one-time member as the Titans encountered dual menace of Head Case and the mind-controlled Feral Boys in issues #89-91. Following that adventure, the future looked bright, as the Titans encountered the East-Indian heroine known as Solstice in issues #92-97. After a brilliant display of her light powers that led to to the defeat of an evil demon, Solstice was welcomed as the newest Titans teammate.

A DC Comics company-wide relaunch forced the end of the Teen Titans as we know them.  As plans were underway for a bold reboot of every DC title in September of 2011, the creatives teams were asked to close out each existing series. In the case of the Teen Titans, it fittingly ended with a final conflict between the Titans and Superboy Prime in issues #98-100. Together, Titans past and present defeated Superboy-Prime and trapped him within the impenetrable Source Wall at the edge of the universe.

Series Index:
Teen Titans #1-100
Teen Titans Annual #1
Teen Titans Annual 2009

Specials & Mini-Series:
Blackest Night: Titans #1-3
DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1-4
DC Special: Raven #1-5
DC Special: Cyborg #1-6
DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1-5
Graduation Day #1-3
Teen Titans: Year One #1-6
Teen Titans #1/2 (from Wizard)
Teen Titans/Legion Special
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files #1
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2005
Teen Titans: The Lost Annual #1
Terra #1-6
Terror Titans #1-6
Wonder Girl: Champion #1-6

Crossover Index:
Action Comics #815-816
Action Comics #842-843
Blue Beetle #18, 33
Brave and the Bold #10, 17-18
DC Universe: Halloween 2008
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #9
Gotham Central #34
Green Arrow #46
Justice League of America #0
Nightwing #101-106: “Nightwing: Year One”
Outsiders #24-25: “Insiders” Crossover
Robin #146-147
Solo #7
Superman/Batman #26 , 43
Supergirl #2

52: Week 1-52
Amazons Attack #1-6
Blackest Night #1-8
Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven #1-6
Countdown #51-0
Countdown to Adventure #1-8
DC Universe: Decisions #1-4
Final Crisis #1-7
Final Crisis: Last Will and Testament #1
Infinite Crisis #1-7
Wednesday Comics #1-12

Key Issues and Storylines:
Teen Titans #1-5: The new Teen Titans form and face Deatshtroke, who is possessed by Jericho; Impulse becomes Kid Flash.
Teen Titans #6: The Justice League visits, with disastrous results.
Teen Titans #7: “Wednesdays” tells what Titans do in their off time; Rose Wilson revealed as Slade’s apprentice.
Teen Titans #8-12: “Raven Rising” – Brother Blood has resurrected Raven to be his bride, while Deathsroke and Ravager (Rose Wilson) hunt the Titans.
Teen Titans #13-15: Beast Boy battles the Zookeeper; Superboy clashes with the new Robin: Stephanie Brown.
Teen Titans #16 and Teen Titans/Legion of Super-Heroes Special: The Legion whisks Superboy and the Titans to the far future.
Teen Titans #17-19: “Titans Tomorrow” – The Teen Titans meet themselves 10 years in the future.
Teen Titans #20: The Titans track down the armor of Lex Luthor; Tim Drake deals with his father’s death.
Teen Titans #21-23: “Lights Out” – Dr. Light battles Titans, past and present; Speedy joins.
Teen Titans #24-25, Outsiders #24-25: “Insiders” – Luthor controls Superboy to attack his friends; Indigo betrays the Outsiders.
Teen Titans #26: Superboy does some soul searching with the help of Raven.
Teen Titans #27-28: The Titans help Hawk & Dove battle Kestrel.
Teen Titans #29: It’s Tim Drake vs. the back-from-the-dead Jason Todd.
Teen Titans #30-31: Brother Blood returns with an army of dead zombie Titans.
Infinite Crisis #4 & Teen Titans #32: The Titans are attacked by Superboy-Prime; Pantha, Wildebeest and Bushido are killed; Doom Patrol histories are merged in the wake of Infinite Crisis.
Teen Titans #33: Superboy and Nightwing join forces in the thick of Infinite Crisis.
Infinite Crisis #6-7: Superboy sacrifices his life to save the universe; Bart Allen returns 4 years older as the Flash.
Teen Titans #34-37: It’s “One Year Later” with Ravager & Kid Devil as new Titans; Robin reorganizes the team to battle the Brotherhood of Evil with help from the Doom Patrol.
Teen Titans #38-41: “Around the World” – The team travels the world to search for Raven; Missing “One Year Gap” members revealed; Bombshell is exposed as a traitor. A reborn Jericho and Miss Martian join the team.
Teen Titans #42: The origin of Kid Devil; Eddie Bloomberg makes a deadly deal with Neron, with dire results.
Teen Titans #43-46: “Titans East” Deathstroke’s evil Titans East team tries to reclaim Slade’s lost children from the Teen Titans.
Teen Titans #47: The Titans bury Joker’s Daughter; Guest-starring Nightwing and Donna Troy.
Teen Titans #48-49: “Amazons Attack” tie-in. Supergirl and Wonder Girl endanger Air Force One by siding with the Amazons.
Teen Titans #50: The team mourns Bart; Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Jericho leave; Supergirl joins.
Teen Titans #51-54: The Titans of Tomorrow attack the Titans in the present. Blue Bettle joins; Supergirl leaves.
Teen Titans #55: As the team enjoys some downtime, Tim and Cassie explore their relationship.
Teen Titans #56-60: The Titans face off against the Terror Titans; Ravager quits.
Teen Titans #61: Blue Beetle and Kid Devil team-up; Kid Devil becomes Red Devil; Blue Beetle officially joins.
Teen Titans #62: Spotlight on Wendy & Marvin; Death of Marvin.
Teen Titans #63-65: Wonder Girl battles King Lycus and claims her gods-given powers; Bombshell returns.
Teen Titans #66-69 and Teen Titans Annual 2009: The Teen Titans membership drive is interrupted by Brother Blood, who siphons Red Devil’s powers; Robin leaves; Miss Martian rejoins; Static, Aquagirl II, Kid Eternity and Bombshell all officially join.
Teen Titans #69 (prelude) and #70, Titans #12-13, and Vigilante #5-6: “Deathtrap”: the once gentle Jericho plans a bizarre deathtrap for his former friends.
Teen Titans #71: Spotlight on Ravager, who faces off against Bombshell.
Teen Titans #72-74: Calculator hires the Fearsome Five to gain revenge on the Teen Titans for endangering his children, Wendy & Marvin. Eddie Bloomberg dies while saving San Francisco. Ravager co-feature begins in issue #72.
Teen Titans #75-76: Beast Boy assumes leadership of the team, while Raven rejoins.
Teen Titans #77: The team battles Black Lantern versions of former friends. Blackest Night tie-in.
Teen Titans #78: Deathstroke and Ravager form an uneasy alliance against the risen dead. Blackest Night tie-in.
Teen Titans #88-91: Damian Wayne joins the Titans in defeating the dual menace of Head Case and the mind-controlled Feral Boys.
Teen Titans #92-97: The Titans encounter Solstice, who defeats an evil demon in a brilliant display of her powers. Solstice joins the team.
Teen Titans #98-100: Titans past and present join forced to defeat Superboy-Prime and his so-called Legion of Doom.

Notable Creative Runs:
Geoff Johns, Writer: Teen Titans #1-45
Adam Beechen, Writer: Teen Titans #43-49
Sean McKeever, Writer: Teen Titans #50-71
Felicia D. Henderson, Writer: Teen Titans #75-87
JT Krul, Writer: Teen Titans #77-78, 88-100
Mike Mckone (with Tom Grummett fill-ins), Artist: Teen Titans #1-23
Tony Daniel, Artist: Teen Titans #26, 29, 34-44
Eddy Barrows, Artist: Teen Titans #55-71
Nicola Scott, Artist: Teen Titans #88-100



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