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Series Index: Doom Patrol v1

My Greatest Adventure #80-85 [1963]
& Doom Patrol (first series) #86-124 [1964-1973]

Calling them “victims of a cruel and fantastic fate,” a red-bearded man in neat business suit offered three individuals “the chance to experience adventures more incredible than any humans have ever known”  in the now-classic My Greatest Adventure #80. A team of freaks and misfits, the strange group was composed of: Robot Man (Cliff Steele, a man’s brain saved from death and placed in a robot body); Negative Man (Larry Trainor, a bandaged man composed of pure energy); Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr, a beautiful woman who can grow as well as shrink in size); and the Chief (Niles Caulder, their mysterious wheelchair-bound leader). The team proved to be popular enough that after six issues, they took over My Greatest Adventure, which changed its name to The Doom Patrol with #86 (Mar., 1964).  In all, the fabulous freaks starred in 42 issues of one of the most offbeat and bizarre series DC had ever published. Unlike DC’s other superhero series of the period, the Doom Patrol was ostracized by society. It was this theme – outcasts as heroes – that gave the Doom Patrol its unique appeal.

Veteran editor Murray Boltinoff asked writer Arnold Drake to develop a feature suited to the book, My Greatest Adventure. Drake remembers developing the initial Doom Patrol concept with fellow writer, Bob Haney. Joining Drake was artist Bruno Premiani, who had done some work for DC and was ready for more when the Doom Patrol assignment came up. Premiani’s art was atypical for DC, giving the series a unique flair and oddball charm.

As the series progressed, more characters were added to the mix. Mento (Steve Dayton, a man whose mental prowess is enhanced by a powerful helmet) later joined in Doom Patrol #91 [1964]. Mento was immediately smitten with Elasti-Girl and joined their adventures in an effort to woo her. Beast Boy (Garfield Logan, a green-skinned teenaged shape-shifter) met the team (and made his first appearance) in Doom Patrol #99 [1965]. He became their junior member in Doom Patrol #100 [1965]. Elasti-Girl and Mento later married [Doom Patrol #104] and adopted Beast Boy in Doom Patrol #110 [1967].

And what would the heroes be without a formidable group of villains? The Brotherhood of Evil provided just that, first appearing in Doom Patrol #86 [1963]. The Brotherhood was a powerful international crime syndicate whose inner circle comprised the Brain, a disembodied human brain preserved in a special fluid; Monsieur Mallah, a gorilla given superhuman intelligence through the Brain’s surgical techniques; and Madame Rouge, an elastic villainess gifted with extraordinary disguise skills. The Brotherhood of Evil battled the original Doom Patrol numerous times before Rouge was finally driven insane after one of the Brain’s experimental surgical operations.

The series was always weird, off-kilter and just this side of bizarre. As such, the series ended with one of the most offbeat endings in comic-dom. In Doom Patrol #121 [1968], the team sacrificed their lives for a small village of 14 people. Arnold Drake remembered why the series was allowed to end with the death of its heroes. “The primary reason was that the Doom Patrol was caught in a downtrend,” he explained. “Super-heroes were out and horror and mystery books were becoming popular. There was also a general drop in sales at National Periodical Publications, and the Doom Patrol got caught in it. When the book was faced with near-certain cancellation, I talked with Murray and we decided to try something new with the book. We’d let the readers decide.” At the end of the story, Boltinoff and Premiani challenged the book’s readers to decide the fate of the Doom Patrol. Bizarre indeed.

Over the years, one by one, the members returned from the grave. But at its time, the story was as shocking as it was memorable.

Series Index:
My Greatest Adventure #80-85
Doom Patrol (first series) #86-124
Brave and Bold #65
Teen Titans #6 (first series)

Key Issues and Storylines:
My Greatest Adventure #80: Four victims of cruel fate unite as The Doom Patrol! First Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man & The Chief.
Doom Patrol #86: First appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil.
Doom Patrol #90: The Brotherhood grants Madame Rogue shape-shifting powers to infiltrate the Doom Patrol.
Doom Patrol #91: Steve Dayton tries to win the heart of Elasti-Girl as Mento! First appearance of Mento.
Doom Patrol #99: Doom Patrol headquarters is invaded by Gar Logan. First appearance of Beast Boy.
Doom Patrol #100: Beast Boy tells his origin story to the Doom Patrol and joins the team.
Doom Patrol #102: Beast Boy meets Mento for the first time, as they help the Doom Patrol and the Challengers of the Unknown.
Doom Patrol #104: After much soul-searching, Elasti-Girl finally agrees to marry Mento.
Doom Patrol #110: Steve and Rita Dayton expose Beast Boy’s stepfather, Galtry, as a fraud and adopt Gar Logan.
Doom Patrol #112-113: Upon learning the tragic origin of Madame Rogue, Chief uses science to rehabilitate her.
Doom Patrol #113-115: A 3-part back-up story reveals the origin of Beast Boy.
Doom Patrol #116: The reformed Madame Rouge joins the Doom Patrol against a mutant trio.
Doom Patrol #119: A mystic guru battles the Doom Patrol and reverses the Chief’s rehabilitation of Madame Rouge.
Doom Patrol #121: The Doom Patrol members heroically vote to sacrifice themselves to save a small village from The Brotherhood of Evil. The Doom Patrol is destroyed, as Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and the Chief seemingly die in this story.

Notable Creative Runs:
Arnold Drake, Writer: My Greatest Adventure #80-85, Doom Patrol (first series) #86-121
Bruno Premiani, Artist: My Greatest Adventure #80-85, Doom Patrol (first series) #86-121

Series Index: Doom Patrol v1

 Highlighting all appearances of Steve Dayton [Mento] and Gar Logan [Beast Boy].

The Doom Patrol #91 [1964]:

Steve Dayton, the world’s fifth richest man and a professor of research psychology, uses a special helmet to give himself psychokinetic powers which he uses as a new super-hero called Mento. After upstaging the Doom Patrol, he begins to romance Elasti-Giri. Meanwhile, a group of strangely powered androids appears and begins committing seemingly senseless acts of destruction across the country. The Chief traces them to a fantastic floating city which is the base of Garguax, an alien invader who is using Earth to test his super-weapons before returning to conquer his home planet. Mento infiltrates Garguax’s operation before the Doom Patrol can arrive, only to be captured and brainwashed into battling the Patrol. Freed of Garguax’s domination, Mento teams up with the Doom Patrol to destroy the androids and wreck the alien base. Garguax appears to perish with his creations. First appearance of Steve Dayton [Mento]. Mento apparently possesses two different styles of psy-chokinetic helmets, each of which he wears in this story. He also has several uniforms, each of slightly different design, as his costume changes slightly in his subsequent appearances. He adopts an entirely new helmet and costume in issue #104.

The Doom Patrol #92 [1964]:

The rivalry between Mento and the Doom Patrol members over Elasti-GirI continues, as they face Dr. Tyme, who has discovered a means of controlling time at varying speeds. A tiny Elasti-Giri is captured after she stows away on the bumper of the villain’s getaway car, and Mento accompanies the Doom Patrol to rescue her. When Negative Man is trapped outside Larry Trainor’s body in Dr. Tyme’s suspension ray and a bomb threatens the life of an unconscious but giant-sized Elasti-Giri, Mento uses his psychokinetic helmet to save both, but Dr. Tyme makes a successful getaway.

The Doom Patrol #97 [1965]:

The Brotherhood of Evil, together with Garguax and General Immortus, continue their scheme to take over the world by mind-control, this time transforming ordinary people into giant crystalline zombies under their command. Splitting up, the Doom Patrol members battle the crystal-men, but Elasti-GirI herself becomes a victim of the transformation process and is captured by the Brotherhood. Although the Chief recruits Mento to help, the psycho-kinetic-powered hero and the Doom Patrol are nonetheless defeated and taken captive by the villains. Robotman breaks free just before the assembled heroes can be transported to Garguax’s moon-base, and frees the others, resulting in a seesawing battle between the two teams. On the verge of victory, the Doom Patrol is forced to allow their enemies to escape or risk their detonation of a bomb that could destroy all life on Earth. Back in Doom Patrol headquarters, Mento asks to become a member of the team, but is blackballed (unknown to him) by Elasti-GirI, who feels his presence would bring discord to the group.

The Doom Patrol #99 [1965]:

First Story: Larry Trainor becomes jealous of his own Negative Man self and refuses to use his powers in battle. Thus the Doom Patrol is defeated and Elasti-GirI captured by the Bug Man, a criminal who commands an army of robotic insects. The Chief, using his Action Chair, races to the rescue, and battles the Bug Man to a standstill until Robot-man and Negative Man arrive to help him and defeat the villain. Before the case is closed, Larry is reconciled to his role as host-body to Negative Man.

Second Story: Doom Patrol headquarters is invaded by Gar Logan, a teenager with green skin and the ability to transform himself into any known animal. Dubbing him “Beast Boy,” the Doom Patrol grants his desire to join them on a mission, and he manages to save the day when the Patrol battles a gang of costumed looters. First appearance of Garfield Logan. Beast Boy (petitions to join the Doom Patrol in this story, and is accepted on a part-time provisional basis) First appearance of Jillian Jackson. Jillian “Jill” Jackson (formal first name revealed in issue #118; last name revealed in issue #119; appears next in issue #108).

The Doom Patrol #100 [1965]:

First Story: While Beast Boy continues to petition for permanent membership in the Doom Patrol, his unscrupulous guardian, Nicholas Galtry, volunteers Gar Logan’s services to a mysterious Dr. Weir. Meanwhile, the police ask the aid of the Doom Patrol in dealing with marauding prehistoric creatures which have invaded the city. Suspecting the agency behind this fantastic threat, Beast Boy reveals his origin to the Chief.

The child of a genius medical researcher working in the African jungle, the young Gar had contracted a rare disease and was cured when his father used an experimental process to transform him temporarily into a species of green monkey capable of resisting the illness. Upon his recovery, he retained his green pigmentation and gained the ability to take on any animal form. Shortly afterwards, his parents drowned and he was unable to save them. Now Gar carries the secret of his father’s reverse-evolution process in a capsule around his neck as part of his inheritance to be attained when he comes of age, and it is this secret that Dr. Weir has stolen and used to unleash the dinosaur menace on the city. Armed with this information, the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy are able to defeat the dinosaurs and capture Weir. Beast Boy (mistakenly called “Craig” throughout this story; origin revealed; adopts Doom Patrol uniform and face-mask as of this story, thus keeping secret identity as Gar Logan; color of face-mask changes in subsequent stories).

Second Story: In this retelling of Robotman’s origin, Cliff Steele is the victim of a racing-car crash which destroys his entire body except his brain. Dr. Niles Caulder saves his life by transplanting his brain into a robot body, but the revived Robot-man, driven temporarily insane by his fate, goes berserk and wreaks havoc throughout the city, seeking revenge on the unknown surgeon who “saved” him.

The Doom Patrol #101 [1966]:

First Story: Galtry, unaware of Gar Logan’s identity as Beast Boy and secretly embezzling money from his inheritance, hires a hit-man to do away with the youngster. Discovering this, Beast Boy goes to the Doom Patrol for help and arrives just in time to join their mission to a remote island from which mysterious signals have been detected. There, they battle a supposed extraterrestrial robot despot called Kranus. Kranus is exposed as the Brain, leader of the Brotherhood of Evil, inhabiting a robotic disguise, and manages to escape.

Back home, Galtry’s hired killer changes his plans at the last moment, causing the Doom Patrol to disbelieve Beast Boy’s story of an assassination plot against him. The Doom Patrol returns to headquarters only to receive an immediate distress call from the Challengers of the Unknown.

Second Story: The fugitive Cliff Steele is aided by a band of beggars in his efforts to gain possession of a special brain nutrient required to save his life, as he continues to evade the police and to hunt for Dr. Caulder. Back home, Galtry’s hired killer changes his plans at the last moment, causing the Doom Patrol to disbelieve Beast Boy’s story of an assassination plot against him. The Doom Patrol returns to headquarters only to receive an immediate distress call from the Challengers of the Unknown.

The Doom Patrol #102 [1966]:

After saving the lives of the Challengers of the Unknown and aiding them in an inconclusive battle against their archenemies, the League of Challenger-Haters (as seen in Challengers of the Unknown #48), the Doom Patrol again teams up with the famed “Death-Cheaters” when the Challenger-Haters return with a new scheme. The villains use Kra’s alien science to revive the army of an ancient Atlantean civilization and unleash it against present-day civilization. The Chief recruits Mento and Beast Boy to help, and all ten heroes battle Multi-Man and his followers in their base on the ocean floor. Eventually, the Challenger-Haters are beaten and the ancient army crumbles to dust.

The Doom Patrol #103 [1966]:

First Story: The Doom Patrol is accompanied by Mento and Professor Randolph Ormsby on a space mission to study a giant meteor. Unfortunately, a bizarre accident transforms the professor into a giant meteor-being. Back on Earth again, Mento and the Doom Patrol, together with stowaway Beast Boy, team up to defeat the Meteor Man and return him to normal.

Second Story: Still fleeing the authorities, Robotman seeks shelter in the home of his younger brother Randy. He thus becomes involved in a blackmail plot against the junior Steele by crooks who want access to secret weapons invented at the plant where Randy is employed. After helping his brother foil the plotters, Robotman is saved from falling into a police trap by the Chief.

The Doom Patrol #104 [1966]:

After much soul-searching, Elasti-Girl finally agrees to marry Mento. She changes her mind, however, after a foiled ploy by Negative Man and Robotman to spoil the wedding proves to her how much her life with the Doom Patrol means to her. A heartsick Mento meanwhile consoles himself by redesigning his psychokinetic helmet and costume. Shortly thereafter, Mento appears to attack the Doom Patrol and to cause Rita to be temporarily blinded. An angry Robotman then retaliates by wrecking Steve Dayton’s mansion. Actually, both sides are being victimized by the Brotherhood of Evil, whose shape-changing member, Madame Rouge, had impersonated Mento in his “attack” on the Doom Patrol members. The Chief discovers their ruse in time to prevent an all-out war between Mento and the Patrol, but a recovered Elasti-Giri unwittingly spoils his plan to lure the Brotherhood into a trap. The heroes are on the edge of defeat when the Chief comes to the rescue in his Action Chair. The Brotherhood and Garguax retreat from a regrouped Doom Patrol, and Elasti-Girl accepts a new proposal from Mento. The wedding takes place at last a few hours later, with members of both the Justice League and the Teen Titans in attendance. Mento and Elasti-Girl marry in this story. Mento gets new costume and more powerful helmet in this story. The Teen Titans appear in this story in between Teen Titans #3 and 5.

The Doom Patrol #105 [1966]:

First Story: Despite her marriage to Mento, Elasti-Girl nevertheless joins her Doom Patrol teammates and Beast Boy in investigating a mystery source of radioactivity, and they uncover a new scheme by the atomic criminal, Mr. 103. After two indecisive battles, the team is unable to prevent him from escaping with a meteor fragment’ which immunizes him from the Chief’s ray-device which had earlier defeated him (as seen in issue #98). Meanwhile, Elasti-Girl discovers the truth behind Galtry’s schemes to embezzle from Beast Boy’s inheritance.

Second Story: The identity of the surgeon who transplanted his brain is publicly revealed, and Robotman is lured into another police trap. When he finally confronts the Chief, however, his ,madness is cured, leading to the first meeting of the future Doom Patrol.

The Doom Patrol #106 [1966]:

First Story: Suspecting their involvement with his young ward, Galtry finances the experiments of Mr. 103 in return for his promised destruction of the Doom Patrol. The Patrol is on the verge of being defeated by the atomic villain when Mento, searching for his missing wife, intervenes to turn the battle in the heroes’ favor. Having ingested the meteoric element he stole (in the previous issue), Mr. 103 is now invulnerable to the Chief’s ray-weapon, hut a side-effect traps him in a highly radioactive form, and he is almost destroyed before the Chief discovers a way to save his life. Reneging on his promise to surrender if he were saved, Mr. 103 escapes, but not before the Doom Patrol learns of his involvement with Caltry. This information leads Steve Dayton to instigate an investigation of Galtry’s finances.

Second Story: In this retelling of Negative Man’s origin, Larry Trainor flies an experimental aircraft through a high-altitude radiation belt, with the result that he becomes dangerously radioactive and gains the ability to separate an eerie radio-energy duplicate with fantastic powers from his body for sixty seconds at a time. Dr. Niles Caulder saves Larry from a life in a lead-lined isolation cell when he invents a special bandage which is radiation-proof. Covered in these bandages from head-to-toe, Larry is able to walk the streets once more without poisoning anyone who touches him~ but as a “walking mummy” he finds he is still a “freak” to normal people.

The Doom Patrol #107 [1966]:

First Story: When the Doom Patrol battles Ultimax, a gigantic mobile computer, its shrinking-gas weapon reduces Elasti-Girl to apparent nothingness. She finds herself a captive on a subatomic world, where she is condemned to death as a spy by the inhabitants. Meanwhile, Mento continues his financial battle against Galtry’s associates only to be thwarted by Abu Hallam, a mysterious masked banking mogul.

Second Story: Larry Trainor, with nowhere else to turn, is forced to work for “Dr. Death,” a scientist who secretly plots global blackmail. When Larry discovers his employer’s plans, he uses his powers as Negative Man to foil the scheme.

The Doom Patrol #108 [1966]:

The king of the micro-world falls in love with Elasti-Girl and defends her against his own subjects. In the nick of time, Mento, using the reducing gas which has been duplicated by the Chief, arrives to return her to Earth. Then Robotman and Negative Man fight a return match against Ulltimax, who is revealed as the Brain in a robotic disguise, and who captures them with the aid of Garguax. At the same time, Mento is overcome by Abu Hallam, who is unmasked as M. Mallah, and Elasti-Girl is defeated by Madame Rouge. The Brotherhood of Evil sends a closed-circuit broadcast message to the Chief, alerting him to the capture of the team, and he sends Beast Boy to find them. When Beast Boy arrives, however, all four heroes appear to be dead.

The Doom Patrol #109 [1967]:

First Story: Beast Boy returns the seemingly deceased Doom Patrol members and Mento to the Chief’s lab, where they are able to be revived, due to an unknown party’s sabotage uf the Brotherhood’s murder weapon. Keeping their survival secret so as to lure their enemies into tipping their hand, the team is soon battling Mandred, a giant android created by Garguax, who has been sent to destroy the Chief and Beast Boy. Meanwhile, Steve Dayton’s estate continues his legal action against Galtry.

Second Story: Larry Trainor agrees to fly a dangerous mission to a volcanic island, only to have his plane sabotaged by Dr. Death.

The Doom Patrol #110 [1967]:

The Brotherhood of Evil discovers the Doom Patrol to be still alive, and battles them once more. Meanwhile, the Chief deduces that the villains’ weaponry had been tampered with (as seen in the previous issue) by Madame Rouge, who is secretly infatuated with a member of the Patrol – actually, the Chief himself. With his “death” exposed as a hoax, Steve Dayton finds his legal case against Galtry for Beast Boy’s guardianship crumbling, especially after Mandred breaks free of his imprisonment in Doom Patrol headquarters and learns Beast Boy’s true identity as Gar Logan. The case is finally decided in Dayton’s favor, however, when Elasti-Girl disguises herself as Beast Boy to make it seem that Gar and Beast Boy are two different individuals. Gar Logan is taken from the custody of Nicholas Galtry and adopted by Steve and Rita Dayton as of this story. Madame Rouge is revealed to be in love with the Chief in this story, after hints in the last two issues.

The Doom Patrol #111 [1967]:

First Story: Zarox-13, Garguax’s criminal superior from his home planet, comes to Earth with his followers. The Doom Patrol attempts to trick him into believing that Earth possesses an unconquerable high-technology civilization, but Garguax intervenes to expose the ruse. When Zarox joins Garguax as an ally of the Brotherhood of Evil, the Brain suspects the aliens of treachery and secretly proposes a temporary alliance between the Brotherhood and the Doom Patrol to stop Zarox.

Second Story: Negative Man becomes a pawn in Dr. Death’s scheme to seize control of the U.S. government by driving its leaders to madness and suicide. With the surreptitious aid of the Chief, he smashes the plot, then meets his future Doom Patrol teammates for the first time.

The Doom Patrol #112 [1967]:

First Story: The Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Evil become temporary partners against Zarox-13, who plots the destruction of the world. Madame Rouge becomes a “hostage” in the Doom Patrol “camp” to ensure the Brotherhood’s good behavior, enabling the Chief to learn her true origin. After an automobile accident, actress Laura De Mille suffered brain damage and became an uncontrollable schizophrenic, until “cured” by being turned totally to evil by the Brain. The Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood, together with Mento and Beast Boy, defeat Zarox and his followers, who escape into space by teleportation. The alliance of the two enemy teams is ended, but the Chief hatches a scheme to rehabilitate Madame Rouge permanently. Madame Rouge (her real name, Laura De Mille, and her origin revealed in this story; teamed with the Brain and M. Mallah as the Brotherhood of Evil, which group forms a temporary alliance with the Doom Patrol against Zarox-13 in this story).

Second Story: In this retelling of Beast Boy’s origin, Gar Logan gains the power to take on any animal form as a child, as well as green hair and skin, when his medical researcher father uses an experimental process to save him from a fatal jungle disease. After his parents drown in a flood, the future Beast Boy dwells alone in the jungle with the aid of natives in a nearby village. Unknown to him, Nicholas Galtry has been appointed his legal guardian and is searching for him. This story is entirely a flashback to Beast Boy’s origin, narrated by him.

The Doom Patrol #113 [1967]:

First Story: The Doom Patrol matches wits with the Arsenal, a criminal whose mechanical body houses a multitude of super-weapons. The Chief, meanwhile, proves too busy to help his teammates, as he uses a secret device to reverse Madame Rouge’s mental patterns, unaware that the Brain is using a similar device to strengthen her evil side at the same time.

Second Story: The young Gar Logan foils the plans of a pair of diamond thieves who form a temporary partnership with the unscrupulous witch-doctor of the nearby native tribe. Gar is kidnapped by the villains, however, who hope to exploit his powers to stage a robbery. This story is entirely a flashback to events following Beast Boy’s origin, narrated by him. The Arsenal (first and only appearance to date; a criminal midget in a robotic body; resembles Giacomo from issue #87; Nicholas Galtry becomes the Arsenal II in Tales of the Teen Titans #3) and his army of followers (first and only appearance to date).

The Doom Patrol #114 [1967]:

First Story: An experiment in time warps goes wrong and transforms Dr. Anton Koravyk into Kor, a Neanderthal man who menaces the city with Dr. Koravyk’s powerful sonic weapon. The Doom Patrol battles and overcomes him. The Chief continues his efforts to reform Madame Rogue.

Second Story: The diamond thieves who have kidnapped him use Gar Logan’s shape-changing powers to rob a highly guarded vault in Johannesburg. The criminals perish, however, when the child’s idea of a practical joke causes each to suspect the other of treachery, and they kill each other. This story is entirely a flashback to events following Beast Boy’s origin, narrated by him.

The Doom Patrol #115 [1967]:

First Story: Three monstrous atomic mutants plan to destroy the world in vengeance for their tragic fate, and the Doom Patrol is defeated in its encounters with the trio. At the same time, Madame Rouge’s split personality, aggravated by the mental coercion of both the Brain and the Chief, causes her to become two separate beings, who battle to the destruction of her evil half.

Second Story: The young Beast Boy smashes a plot by Nazi war criminals to raise an army of intelligent, obedient apes. He is then finally found by his guardian, Nicholas Galtry, who returns with him to America. This story is entirely a flashback to events following Beast Boy’s origin, narrated by him.

The Doom Patrol #116 [1967]:

The reformed Madame Rouge joins the Doom Patrol’s struggle against the mutant trio, as do Mento and Beast Boy. Splitting up, it is Robotman and Elasti-GirI who confront the mutants, only to be threatened by an even greater alien menace, the “Galactic Gladiator.” The Gladiator’s explanation of life on his homeworld, where mutants are the masters and normal humans are slaves, sickens the Earth mutants and they act to stop their own plan to destroy Earth by causing it to collide with a comet, perishing in the effort. Then the supposed alien is revealed as the Chief in a robotic disguise.

The Doom Patrol #117 [1968]:

The Chief is deserted by the Doom Patrol after his new relationship with Madame Rouge causes him to neglect his duties as their leader. He then must fight alone against the Black Vulture, an old foe who has become a costumed criminal with a bird motif. The Doom Patrol returns in time to help battle the Vulture and his trained birds, but they in turn must be rescued by the arrival of the Chief’s Indian friend, White Feather, and his warriors, who also have an old score to settle with the Black Vulture.

The Doom Patrol #118 [1968]:

The Brain threatens to have his newest accomplice, Videx, a villain with amazing powers over light, destroy the Doom Patrol unless they surrender Madame Rouge. Although Negative Man is gravely injured in the struggle, the Doom Patrol, with the help of Beast Boy, manages to overcome Videx, using an old anti-invisibility ray designed by the Chief. Beast Boy (last seen in issue #116). Jillian Jackson (last seen in issue #108; becomes Gar Logan’s girlfriend in this story; appears next in issue #120).

The Doom Patrol #119 [1968]:

The Yaramishi Rama Yogi, a mystic guru, transforms Robotman into an ardent pacifist who refuses to use violence for any reason. When the Doom Patrol investigates, the guru captures Negative Man and Elasti-Girl and inflicts them with unreasoning fear and hatred, respectively, which he can trigger in them at a given posthypnotic signal. The team members almost destroy each other before overcoming the Guru’s power over them and battling him and his followers to a standstill. The villain’s true plot, however, succeeds. While the Doom Patrol is occupied with his machinations, he is able to undo the Chief’s rehabilitation of Madame Rouge, who disappears and becomes a villainess in her own right, swearing to destroy the Chief.

The Doom Patrol #120 [1968]:

When satellites begin disappearing from Earth-orbit, the Doom Patrol investigates and battles the Wrecker, who is out to destroy all modern technology by means of ray bombardments from a space base. When Robotman’s mechanical body is destroyed as well, the Chief transplants his brain into a series of specialized robot bodies, enabling him to accompany Negative Man into space to defeat the villain. Meanwhile, out for a night on the town, Mento, Elasti- Girl, Gar Logan, and Gar’s girlfriend Jillian Jackson become involved in a brawl at a discotheque, with humorous results. Mento (appears mostly as Steve Dayton in this story) Beast Boy (appears next in Teen Titans #50) Jillian Jackson (last seen in issue #118; appears next in Tales of the New Teen Titans #3).

The Doom Patrol #121 [1968]:

Striking back at all her former allies, Madame Rouge returns and apparently destroys the Brotherhood of Evil. She then launches a series of devastating attacks against the Doom Patrol in their own headquarters. To safeguard innocent bystanders, the team retreats to an island base prepared by the Chief for emergencies, unaware that they are being tracked by Madame Rouge and her new ally, Captain Zahl, an ex-Nazi foe of the Chief. Immobilizing the three heroes, Zahl issues an ultimatum: either they allow him to blow up the island and destroy them, or he will cause a similar blast to destroy a tiny fishing village of fourteen inhabitants. The Doom Patrol members heroically vote to sacrifice themselves, and Zahi detonates the island over Madame Rouge’s protests. The world mourns the loss of the Doom Patrol, and Steve Dayton vows to find and destroy the murderers of his wife. The Doom Patrol is destroyed, as Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and the Chief seemingly die in this story. Robotman, the Brain, and M. Mallah appear to be destroyed in this story, but survive, as revealed in their respective next appearances in Showcase #94.

Showcase #94-96 [1977]:

An American black named Tempest was joined by Arani (an Indian woman who could control heat and cold and called herself Celsius – and who claimed to be the Chief’s wife), and a Russian woman who could transform herself into radioactive energy – Negative Woman. They are later joined by Robotman. Cliff Steele, though his mechanical body had been shattered, had survived the explosion that killed his friends. Will Magnus, creator of the Metal Men, had provided him with a new robot body. Together, the four battled General Immortus, who sought a serum for renewing his immortality, and a Russian agent who wished to return the defected Negative Woman to the USSR. First appearance of Tempest [Joshua Clay], Celsius, Negative Woman and New Doom Patrol.

New Teen Titans #13-15 [1981-1982]:

Robin, Cyborg and Kid Flash meet up with Robotman, and the group rescues a drugged Steve Dayton from Madame Rouge’s underground city in Africa. The Titans reunite and are attacked by Steve Dayton in his Mento identity, who is under Madame Rouge’s control; Raven brings Dayton back to normal, and the heroes follow Madame Rouge and General Zahl to Zandia; Zahi’s forces defeat and capture the Titans while Changeling is taken prisoner by the New Brotherhood of Evil. Changeling agrees to work with the New Brotherhood of Evil, and the group rescues the Titans; General Zahl is killed by a bullet which ricochets off Robotman’s body, Madame Rouge is killed by Changeling, and the Brotherhood is allowed to go free. First appearance of New Brotherhood of Evil in issue #14; First appearance of Warp, Houngan, Phobia and Plasmus. Death of Madame Rogue and General Zahl in issue #15.


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