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Series Index: Damage

Damage #1 [1994] to Damage #20 [1996]

Damage #1 introduced readers to Grant Emerson, who suddenly discovered he was a superhuman with incredible explosive powers. The series was written by Tom Joyner and featured art by Bill Marimon through most of its run.

From the letter column of the first issue: “Now that you know the origin of Damage the comic, we hope that you’ll stick around as we begin to weave the origin tale of Damage the super-hero! All of us at DC think that you’ll be really surprised by the story behind our young hero’s genesis, and I know that you’ll enjoy the roller coaster ride we’re gonna put you through to get those answers! In the issues to come we have mystery, action, suspense, action, DC Universe guest stars, action, cool new super-villains, action, and a shocking revelation or two. ”

The first year of Damage was propelled by the mysteries surrounding Grant’s origin. In seeking the truth to his past, Damage caused some unintentional destruction, which led him to be placed in Titans’ custody. He later took a leave from the team to discover his origins. Damage #8-12 contained the 5-part “Fragments” story arc – in which Damage would finally learn the truth. After an extensive search for his true parents and the secrets behind his newfound powers, Grant discovered that he was the son of Al Pratt – the Golden Age Atom – and that he was the subject of a bizarre experiment controlled by the immortal Vandal Savage which infused the infant Grant with the meta-human potential of the Justice Society of America and the original Justice League of America. The next few issues dealt with Grant’s reactions to these revelations.

Although Damage was cancelled with issue #20, the character was popular enough to keep reappearing. Damage eventually rejoined the Titans in Titans #1 [1999], after Arsenal helped clear him of his federal crimes. From the letter’s page of Damage #20: “This is it. The last issue of Damage. Something I, and probably most of you, certainly hoped wouldn’t happen; however, it has. But I’m not here to mope and moan, rather to praise what we have done. We here at Damage Control are very proud of this little book and the fact that we made it this far in a very competitive marketplace with a character who wasn’t a mutant, a spin-off from a more successful title, who doesn’t carry a big honkin’ gun, or have “Blood” or “Death” in his name. Trust me…that’s quite an accomplishment.”

Series Index:
Damage #0, 1-20

Crossover Index:
New Titans #0, 115-127
New Titans Annual #11
Deathstroke #51
Green Lantern #65 “Seige of the Zi Charram” Crossover
Darkstars #34 “Seige of the Zi Charram” Crossover
Zero Hour #4-0

Key Issues and Storylines:
Damage #1-2: First appearance of Damage; Grant develops explosive new powers.
Damage #7, New Titans #0: Damage joins the Titans by federal court order.
Damage #8-12: “Fragments” – Damage searches for his true identity; takes leave of absence from Titans.
New Titans #127: Damage quits the Titans.
Damage #18-20: After a disaster in Florida, Damage is forced to go underground.

Notable Creative Runs:
Tom Joyner, Writer: Damage #0, 1-20
Bill Marimon, Artist: Damage #0, 1-20

Series Index: Damage

Damage #1-2 [1994]: High school student Grant Emerson suddenly discovers he is a superhuman with incredible explosive powers. But before he can deal with these revelations, in quick succession, he discovers that his parents weren’t really his parents at all and he watches them die, and next goes toe to toe with the superpowered Troll and Steelhawk! First appearance of Damage.

Damage #3 [1994]: He’s big… he’s nasty… he smells bad… and he wants in turn Damage into a pancake! He’s Troll, and he’s our to ruin our young stars official debut in his cool costume.

Damage #4-5 [1994]: Introducing Wyldeheart – is she friend or foe? But first Damage has to survive even one round with the apparently unstoppable Troll! Plus, Damage encounters the mysterious Munro, hot on the trail of the Baron, supplier of the terrible new designer drug Stardust. Damage causes so much havoc that the governor of Alabama calls in the New Titans to restore order.

Damage #6 [1994]: They’re here and they want to take Damage down – hard! The New Titans want to stop the destruction of Atlanta, hut will they believe that Damage was just trying to defend himself? And, if having to fight off the Titans wasn’t enough, ZERO HOUR is about to slam right into our young hero!

Damage #0 [1994]: Returning from the Zero Hour event, Damage finds himself in Atlanta. Angry and distorted, a confrontation with Iron Monro and Wyldeheart leads to major destruction in Atlanta – and the cause is Damage himself!

Damage #7 [1994]: Featuring the trial of our young hero, some very special guest stars and character witnesses, and the beginning of a new chapter in Grant’s budding career as a super-hero! Sarge Steel is able to cut a deal: Damage would be banned from the state of Georgia and remanded into custody of the then-federally sponsored group, the Titans.

Damage #8 [1994]: “Fragments” Part One. This is it! The story you’ve all been waiting for-the super-secret origin of Damage! In this special storyline, Damage begins to search in earnest for the truth behind his origins, with each of the four major theories surounding Damage’s genesis explored in detail-and the answer revealed in Part 5 (Damage #12). In Part 1, Wyldheart embarks on a quest to learn her own origins and finds that she and Damage may share the same birthplace – New Genesis, home of the New Gods! PLUS: Iron Munro begins a search of his own – one that may lead to the same answers Damage is seeking! ‘The Phantom Imperative” is a three-part tale.

Damage #9 [1995]: “Fragments,” Part Two. Damage’s search for the truth behind his origins leads him to the man who may be his father – Dr. Polaris, one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe! But Dr. Polaris has anything but “fatherly love” for the young Damage, and he may just bring Damage’s quest to a bitter end! Plus, the continuation of Munro’s quest in “The Phantom Imperative”

Damage #10 [1995]: “Fragments,” Part Three. Damage races back to Atlanta in defiance of the court order forbidding him from returning, but will he be in time to save Mandra and her sister Megan from the protoplasmic psychopath Splatter? All this, and Dr. Dyson Sinclair finds what may be the key to Damage’s origin! PLUS: “The Phantom Imperative,” Part Three, starring Iron Munro. The New Titans appear to help Damage in his quest.

Damage #11 [1995]: “Fragments,” Part Four. Iron Munro and Damage once again cross paths as “The Phantom Imperative” takes center stage in our penultimate chapter of “Fragments” Both heroes journey to Washington, D.C. to discover the secret behind the original Phantom Lady’s final mission, only to meet up with the sinister Kordrescu and the new Phantom Lady! It’s more clues and conundrums.

Damage #12 [1995]: The conclusion of “Fragments” Now, at last, the truth can he told! Where does Damage come from, and how did he get his fantastic powers? Learn the answers to the questions that our here has been asking for the last year – but will he like what he hears? After an extensive search for his true parents and the secrets behind his newfound powers, Grant discovers that he is the son of Al Pratt – .a.k.a. the costumed mystery-man The Atom- and that he was the subject of a bizarre experiment controlled by the immortal Vandal Savage which infused the infant Grant with the metahuman potential of the Justice Society of America and the original Justice League of America.

Damage #13 [1995]: “Picking Up the Pieces” Part 1 of 3. After a tense reunion with his teammates in the Titans. a visit to the funeral of his friend Mandra Darrow, and a mysterious dream, Grant decides to finally start taking some responsibility for his actions. His first order of business: recapture the super-villain he once let escape, the mega-powerful Doctor Polaris!

Damage #14 [1995]: “Picking Up the Pieces” Part 2 of 3. Damage teams up with The Ray in a highly unsuccessful attempt to recapture the megapowerful Doctor Polaris. Tired of wasting his efforts, Ray sends Damage to his teammates in the Justice League Task Force to continue the hunt for Polaris. However, shortly after his arrival at Task Force HQ, Damage was spirited away by Vandal Savage… !

Damage #15 [1995]: “Picking Up the Pieces” Part 3 of 3. Damage finally gets a chance for a man-to-man talk with the person behind his creation, the immortal villain Vandal Savage. But will Vandal shatter what Damage has come to believe is the truth behind his genesis or reveal some new facts that will make the whole mystery even more clear?

Damage #16 [1995]: “THE SIEGE OF THE ZI CHARAM”: While investigating a strange interstellar phenomenon called a “gravity well” that had appeared near Jupiter, the New Titans team is pulled through the well to another galaxy. Now thousands of light years from home, the Titans encounter the Progenitors, an alien race bent on conquering this new galaxy, called Zi Charam. Contacted by the ruling council of Zi Charam, the Titans are charged with finding the components of a powerful bioweapon that will bring an end to the threat posed by the Progenitors before they defeat the forces of Zi Charam and make their way towards Earth. But when the Titans know what the bioweapon can do, will they allow it to be used against the Progenitors – and commit an act of genocide that will not only save Zi Charam but Earth as well?

DAMAGE #17 [1995]: During Grant Emerson’s search for how he became the hero Damage, his friend Mandra Darrow was killed by the protoplasmic Splatter. Her father, Philip Darrow, vowed to see Damage put behind bars-or worse-and be that end he hires the mercenary Bounty. While Bounty fails in his task, Damage succeeds in destroying a healthy portion of Titans HQ – on national TV no less! Following a blow-up between him and the Titans’ leader, Arsenal, Grant has left New York and the Titans with Mandra’s sister, Megan, in hopes of salvaging what is left of his life.

Damage #18 [1995]: Damage and his friend, Megan Darrow. make their way to Miami, Florida. Upon arriving at the airport, however, Damage is again thrust into the role of super-hero as he tried to stop the murderous rampage of Copperhead, a super-villain whose powers had been amped by the mysterious Neron. Copperhead escapes before Damage can capture him, but not before pushing Damage and his still-unstable powers to their limit. In an effort to save the innocents around him Damage races out onto the runway system and focused his destructive power into the ground – creating a gigantic sinkhole which has trapped the young hero!

Damage #19 [1995]: Damage takes on the deadly Shock-Wave Nation – a group of Symbolix created meta-humans who have one goal: murder and mayhem. And when the Nation’s leader, the sentient virus Body Count, tries to possess Damage, it could spell the end for the young hero.

Damage #20 [1995]: Possessed by the sentient meta-virus known as “Body Count,” Damage goes on a destructive rampage that threatens to destroy the entire Eastern seaboard. The only thing that stands in Damage’s way is Iron Munro. But can Munro save the young hero AND prevent Body Count from forcing Damage to start a catastrophic nuclear meltdown? After Grant prevents a nuclear meltdown in Florida, he is forced to go underground, since he violated his court order by leaving the Titans.

Crossovers & Appearances of Note


Deathstroke #51 [1995]: As Damage brings Rose Wilson to the hospital, her meta-gene powers kicked in. Rose has an extensive precognitive vision where she sees her father’s (Deathstroke’s) future, caught in a grudge match with Hawkman.

New Titans #0, 115-127 [1994-1995]: Under government control, Arsenal leads a new team of Titans, including Supergirl, Impulse, Damage, Green Lantern Darkstar, Mirage, Terra, and Minion. Damage eventually quits teh team in issue #127.

New Titans Annual #11 [1995]: A YEAR ONE tale featuring Arsenal’s Titans team.

New Titans #124-125 [part 1 & 5], Green Lantern #65 [part 2], Darkstars #34 [part 3], Damage #16 [part 4] [1995]: The five-part “Seige of the Zi Charram” crossover storyline.

Zero Hour #4-0 [1994]: This time the crisis involved time itself, rapidly undone by all-consuming Entropy. Stealing the chronal energies of Waverider, the rogue Monarch adopted the guise of the time-warping Extant and joined the former Green Lantern Hal Jordan-now the power-mad Parallax-to hasten the breakdown of time and create an entirely new reality of their own design. Threatening to engulf the entirety of creation with the collapsing timestream, Parallax wiped out potential timelines and drew scores of heroes from various possible eras into battle at the most literal Ground Zero, the beginning of time. There, as Parallax fell before the heroes’ assault, the young metahuman Damage exploded with unspeakable power, initiating a new “Big Bang” and restarting time. Reality and the timestream were rebuilt at the most basic levels with new heroes entering the fray to replace those lost, including several members of the Justice Society, cheating death no longer.

The Titans Secret Files #1 [1999]: Learn about the history (and future) of the new team of Titans in this one-shot. In an origin story, the original members and the new additions get together for the very first time, and we learn what happened to those who didn’t make the cut. In a “lost pages” segment, discover what took place between the end of Arsenal’s Titans and the beginning of the Atom’s group. Plus: a look at Donna Troy’s photo album; bedtime stories for Lian; a “brush with greatness” with Argent; and profile pages of Titans old and new — plus some new villains — by Adam Hughes, Mark Buckingham, Dan Jurgens, Dwayne Turner, Tom Raney, and more. Arsenal uses his government ties to erase any record of Grant’s criminal file, making him a fugitive no longer. Now a free man, Damage joins the Titans.

Damage as a Titan

Damage as a Titan on Arsenal’s Team

New Titans #0, 115-127
Deathstroke #51
Damage #6-17 [Titans appear in #6, Damage joins in #7]

Damage was a bit of a ‘reluctant Titan’ from the moment he joined. He was forced to join the team as part of a ‘deal’ Sarge Steel made with the courts, for an explosion caused by Damage in Atlanta [Damage #0, 7]. Damage did bond with some of the younger members of the team, including Terra, Impulse and Rose Wilson. Damage clashed with Arsenal, who was trying to assume the leadership role of the new team. After a series of adventures, Damage quit the team for good and went underground [New Titans #127, Damage #18-20].

When the original five Titans decided to reform the group, Arsenal nominated Damage for membership, feeling he ‘owed’ Grant, as a friend and mentor [Titans Secret Files #1]. It was Roy Harper [Arsenal] that helped Grant come to terms with something he had buried since childhood: Grant was the victim of abuse at the hands of his foster father [Titans #17-19].

Damage Detailed Chronology as a Titan

Damage #6: the governor of Alabama calls in the New Titans to bring in Damage
Zero Hour: Damage assists the heroes and helps restart the universe
Damage #0: Damage blows up Atlanta
Damage #7: Damage stands in court for Atlanta damage & Sarge Steel works out a deal to make him a Titan
New Titans #0, 115, 116: Titans team reforms under Arsenal
New Titans #117-123: Damage as a Titan
Deathstroke #51: As Damage brings Rose Wilson to the hospital, her meta-gene powers kicked in.
Damage #8-12: Damage searches for his true identity; takes leave of absense from Titans
Damage #13-15: Damage rejoins the team in #13, and remains a Titan in #14-17
New Titans #124: features part 1 [of 5] of “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover
Green Lantern #65: features part 2 [of 5] of “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover
Darkstars #34: features part 3 [of 5] of “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover
Damage #16: features part 4 [of 5] of “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover
New Titans #125: features part 5 [of 5] of “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover
New Titans #127: Damage has an arguement with Arsenal & quits the Titans for good
Damage #18-20: After Grant prevented a nuclear meltdown in Florida, he was forced to go underground, since he violated his court order by leaving the Titans.
Titans Secret Files #1: Arsenal uses his government ties to erase any record of Grant’s criminal file, making him a fugitive no longer. Now a free man, Damage joins the Titans.


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