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Sean McKeever on Teen Titans #50

Sean McKeever on Teen Titans #50
by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – posted 07-11-2007

When we talked to Sean McKeever back in May about his first Teen Titans issue, he said it was “kind of an in memorium issue,” but couldn’t say who was being remembered.

Now we know.

With the death of Bart Allen in June’s issue #13 of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, DC has now confirmed that much of the oversized issue #50 of Teen Titans will focus on how the Titans remember Bart Allen. And as part of the in memorium issue, McKeever will be working with a few creators who have written the Titans in the past, including Geoff Johns, Mike McKone, Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck.

But the issue also marks McKeever’s debut as the series’ new writer as well as featuring the beginning of a new team make-up and a promised surprise ending that leads into the next storyline. Newsarama talked to McKeever about how he fit all of this into one issue, how the Titans are remembering Bart Allen and what comes next.

Newsarama: So this first issue is going to focus on poor Bart Allen?

Sean McKeever: Yeah. It’s really sad. In a short time he went from being Impulse to Kid Flash to Flash, and now he’s gone. So issue #50 is a good moment to not only celebrate Bart’s life, but for the Teen Titans to take stock of their own lives as they head into a new chapter of the Titans.

NRAMA: We saw the funeral in Countdown already, yet you call this a memorial issue?

SM: This isn’t a funeral. This is the Titans getting together at Titans Island to remember his life — not to mourn him, but to celebrate him.

NRAMA: And when you say Titans, how many Titans are we talking about?

SM: The new team plus some Titans from teams past.

NRAMA: Will they be sharing memories?

SM: Yes! Actually, that’s the whole idea of bringing in Johns and Wolfman and Dezago. The main story is this one day where they have a memorial of Bart, and as the story goes on, different characters think back to times past regarding the various Kid Flashes — both Bart and Wally, who’s in the issue.

NRAMA: So Wally’s one of the Titans past who is there?

SM: Yeah, he’s one of the former Titans who is there.

NRAMA: And how was it working with the other Titans writers?

SM: It was a little bit intimidating when I wrote the first draft of the script. I wrote these lead-ins that said, “and this is the story that I want you to tell in this context.” I had to come up with the context for them to tell their stories, and then tell them what would fit. And I thought, “Yeah, right … I’m telling Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman what to write. Uh huh.” [laughs]

NRAMA: [laughs] … about the Titans!

SM: Yeah! About the Titans! [laughs] But I just gave them a basic idea and they could do whatever they wanted. I mean, I didn’t even have to read their scripts. I haven’t read them. I don’t really need to in order to tweak anything I’ve done. And I really don’t want to. I want to read their stories in the comic. We’ll see if I can make that work or if I’ll have to read it ahead of time.

NRAMA: Have you seen the art?

SM: I’ve seen my art, but I haven’t seen the art for the other guys yet. I’ve seen all Randy [Green]’s pages. It’s great stuff. He really brought his A-game. And I really appreciate him coming in for that issue.

NRAMA: Last time we talked, you weren’t sure about who would be the ongoing artist. Do you have that worked out now?

SM: As far as we’re concerned, Ale Garza is the artist on the series beginning with Issue #51, although we may have guest artists coming in from time to time.

NRAMA: Besides the memorial, this issue also kicks off what’s to come, right?

SM: It’s definitely the prologue to the first arc because the last page of issue #50 basically goes not too many hours later in the first pages of issue #51. Actually, the first page of issue #51 is nine years in the future [laughs]. But then right after that, we’re getting the ball rolling, and it starts with issue #50. If you’re in it for that first arc, you’ll definitely want to pick up #50. And if you’re picking up #50 for all the big hoopla and the great creative teams, hopefully, you’ll be interested enough to stick around.

NRAMA: And that first arc involves the Titans Tomorrow, the characters from 10 years in the future that we saw in issues #17-19?

SM: It’s a sequel to that “Titans Tomorrow” story. It’s called “The Titans of Tomorrow Today.” And as that name implies, the Titans of Tomorrow are here today. And people have seen the cover to #51, and it looks like there’s a Flash in the future, and there’s a Superman in the future who looks an awful lot like Kon-El.

NRAMA: Man I love time travel, but how is it possible that Conner Kent, who died as Superboy during Infinite Crisis, is alive in the future?

SM: How is that possible? I can’t wait to read it and find out!

NRAMA: You mentioned before that this heads into a “new chapter” for the Titans. This is really the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another, isn’t it?

SM: Absolutely. You’ve got a passing of the torch in terms of the team. You’ve got the older Titans leaving the teenagers on their own.

NRAMA: We talked about the new team before, but can you recap who is going to be on this new version of the Titans team?

SM: It’s mostly a familiar team for current readers. You’ve got Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Devil, Ravager and Miss Martian. And you’ve also got Supergirl on the team now. And maybe someone else eventually.

NRAMA: Those are the team members on the cover, but what’s Blue Beetle doing there?

SM: In Blue Beetle #18, the Teen Titans show up and fight Lobo in Texas with Blue Beetle. You’re going to see most of it in Blue Beetle, and you’ll see some of it in Teen Titans #50. You don’t have to read both books to get it. I don’t want to do that kind of story, necessarily, but it was a lot of fun to have it in both books. Blue Beetle’s a great series, and I think people should be reading it anyway. So if you read Teen Titans #50 and you enjoy that section of the story, then I think you should pick up Blue Beetle and get the rest of the story.

NRAMA: So in this issue, you’re writing the Titans from the current team, and past Titans like Wally and probably Nightwing and the New Teen Titans gang, and you’re writing Titans from the future. That’s a lot of Titans. You’re really jumping in head first, aren’t you?

SM: Yeah, I guess I am. But it’s not all the Titans of times past. For instance, Donna Troy isn’t there because she’s busy with Countdown. But we do have a lot of Titans there. And yeah, I did get to write a lot of characters. And also, if you’ve seen the cover to issue #51, you know that I also get to write the Justice League a little bit.

NRAMA: The Justice League, a memorial and celebration, memories of past Kid Flashes, something with Blue Beetle and the start of the next storyline. How big is this issue again?

SM: It’s a big one. It’s 38 pages of story. For only a dollar more! [laughs]

NRAMA: Sounds like it’s a pretty pivotal issue for Titans fans.

SM: It’s huge. It’s probably the biggest issue since the first issue, in terms of status quo. It’s still going to be very much the Teen Titans. It’s still going to be what people expect and enjoy about the Teen Titans. But it’s a new era. I think people have a reason not to be concerned, but instead excited.


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