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SDCC: Saturday’s New 52 Panel

A new Teen Titan revealed! And New Teen Titans Still live! And more…

As reported by Newsarama:

On Hawk & Dove: “Gates said in hawk and Dove they won’t get along. He’s playing to Rob Liefeld’s strengths, “it’s brash and bold, a big fun comic book.” Liefeld talked about how much he loves these characters and loved drawing them years ago, “Cause everyone else didn’t want to do it. It made my career. There’s no one like Hawk and Dove in comics, not a Marvel, not a DC. Their tether is tied to DC’s magical realm. They have the best magical characters in the world. So what Sterling and I are doing, we’re dabbling in the magic and it’s rock-em sock-em superheros. If you don’t know who Hawk is, put Wolverine and the Hulk in the same dude” and “Dove keeps him sane and is equally badass.”

Scott Lobdell on Teen Titans: “I was known for 15 years as Not-Chris Claremont. Then DC gives me a book so for the next 15 years I’ll be Not-Marv-Wolfman or Not-Geoff-Johns.” He said he had fun updating the characters a bit: “Over the years a lot of the characters kinda became redundant. We don’t want you to look at the characters and think they’re “mini-wonder-woman”. At her core, Wonder Girl is still Cassie Sandsmark, and a lot of her relationships over time will mirror some of what came before”

He also said he loves Red Robin, and fans will learn to love the new design, with the wings and all. Geoff Johns said “When I first read the pitch, I was skeptical, but when I read the script I was blown away. It was an exciting take on the characters, and I’m excited to read it as a fan.”

On Teen Titans History: “Q: With Starfire in the Red Hood series and no Donna Troy, did that Teen Titans team ever come together?” Lobdell “There are groups in the mythology that were called the Teen Titans before.”

On New Teen Titan member, Wall: “Q: Any information about the new latino character in teen titans?””Lobdell “He’s Miguel, from Mexico, and can control a 3 foot by 3 foot force field. He can manifest it however he wants, and he’s called “Wall.””

Same panel, as reported by CBR:

On New Teen Titans: “The question of the status of the original “New Teen Titans” stories came up with Lobdell promising that the legacy of all the Teen Titans teams over the years will be respected while Johns promised that even though Cyborg is being established as a Justice Leaguer five years in the past, the door is left open at the end of “Justice League’s” first arc for him to go join the Titans as chronicled by Wolfman and Perez.”

Same panel, as reported by Comics Alliance:

On Hawk and Dove: Gates called Rob Liefeld one of his favorite artists and said he was writing the book to Liefeld’s strengths, focusing on the magical side of the DC Universe. Liefeld described Hawk as “Wolverine and the Hulk in the same guy.”

On Teen Titans: Lobdell stated he’s taking a “page one” approach to the book and joked about having to follow up Marv Wolfman and Geoff Johns on the title the same way he had to follow up Chris Claremont on Uncanny X-Men in the early ’90s. He stated that the characters will eventually have relationships similar to the ones in the pre-reboot version of the title, and are essentially the same characters inside. Johns stated he was skeptical of the rebooted Teen Titans initially, but reading the first script really impressed him and he’s excited to read the book as a fan.

On Repercussions With Hawk in Brightest Day: When asked if there would be repercussions for Hawk not completing his mission from the White Lantern in Brightest Day, Sterling Gates simply said “wait and see.”

On the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans: Lobdell confirmed that previous iterations of the Teen Titans indeed existed in the new DC Universe.

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Here’s some Teen Titans relaunch art:

and Hawk & Dove relaunch art:

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    Um, I’m thinking I will be confused: “Johns promised that even though Cyborg is being established as a Justice Leaguer five years in the past, the door is left open at the end of ‘Justice League’s’ first arc for him to go join the Titans as chronicled by Wolfman and Perez.” So, will there be another “One Year Later” type thing after the first arcs in the new series? Introduce the new stuff in the first arcs, then skip ahead so that Cyborg could have been in NTT (but there won’t be a NTT series, so that’s in the past)?

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    I think they will do that since Hal is still GL in the Justice League while (spoiler) he is not anymore now.

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    Okay, so Dan DiDio says the Wolfman/Perez TITANS were booted out of continuity, whereas Lobdell says otherwise?

    Evidence continues to mount that the people involved in this have no sense of communication amongst them. This is going to be a disaster.

  4. avatar

    First it was “The new cassie is a thief, but she isn’t” and now it’s “the previous incarnations of teen titans never existed, but they did”

    honestly, i’d ask what next, but I think all I have to do to know the answer is ask the dumbest questions I could. I seriously expect them to try to tell me that “batman is bruce wayne, but he isn’t” next.


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