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Sarge Steel

New Titans Government Liason

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Tough As Steel

There are few men tougher than Sarge Steel. While he has no super-powers, he has a force of will and inner strength that has seen him through events that would crush lesser men. During his tour in Vietnam, a rigged hand grenade cost Sarge his left hand. Steel underwent surgery and rehabilitation, finally acquiring a solid steel prosthetic hand. Shunning large operations, he set himself up as a private investigator, hiring Bess Forbes to serve the many functions required: office manager, conscience, and friend.

Steel’s reputation seemed to attract bizarre cases, and he found himself stalking spies, criminals, and malcontents across the globe. This would often put him on the so-called “Danger Trail” of intelligence agents from around the world. Steel later became a high ranking government operative in both the Central Bureau of Intelligence and Checkmate, specializing in matters involving meta-humans.

Sarge Steel and Arsenal share a tense confrontation in NEW TITANS #112 [1994].

Rule With An Iron Fist

When conniving Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman launched a smear campaign against the Titans, the group was plagued with mounting lawsuits and increased public scrutiny. The team was eventually pressured to place themselves under the government’s watchful eye, with Sarge Steel was their chief liaison. At that point, Nightwing stepped down as leader and allowed Arsenal to take command.

Arsenal was consistently challenged by the burdens of leadership, as the team’s line-up was in a constant state of flux. It didn’t help that Sarge Steel oversaw the heroes with an iron fist, often forcing them to engage in questionable missions. Steel even forced his own member on the team: the volatile daughter of Deathstroke, Rose Wilson, who was still reeling over her mother’s death. Arsenal often clashed with Steel over leadership decisions, exacerbating an already tense situation. Eventually, each members’ dedication to the team began to waver, and the Titans disbanded.

After that, Steel sent Arsenal on a mission that jeopardized his life. Discovering that Steel had set him up and withheld vital information, Arsenal berated Steel and severed his ties with Checkmate and the CBI.

ABOVE: Arsenal inks a deal with Sarge Steel in NEW TITANS #114 [1994].
BELOW: Sarge Steel reviews Rose’s history in DEATHSTROKE ANNUAL #4 [1995].



 Essential Reading

New Titans #100 [1993]: Sarge Steel begins his plans to assume control of Titans.
New Titans #112 [1994]:
 Arsenal, Flash and Aqualad negotiate with Sarge Steel: The Titans will work for the government in exchange for aid in the lawsuits they face.
New Titans #114 [1994]: Arsenal inks the government deal with Sarge Steel, and assumes leadership of the team.
New Titans #0, 115-125 [1994-1995]: Under government control, Arsenal leads a new team of Titans, including Supergirl, Impulse, Damage, Green Lantern Darkstar, Mirage, Terra, and Minion. Sarge Steel appears, often clashing with Arsenal.
Deathstroke #48 [1995]: Rose Wilson confronts Slade and blames him for her mother’s death; Slade is intentionally cruel to Rose because he feels distancing himself from her is in her best interest. Later, Wintergreen petitions to adopt her, but Slade has already made arrangements with Sarge Steel to place her into the Titans’ custody.
Deathstroke Annual #4 [1995]: A back-up story features Rose Wilson: Sarge Steel wonders about the hellion he has assumed custody of; Rose sneaks out against orders and runs into some street thugs.
Arsenal Special #1 [1996]: This special takes place following the events of New Titans #130. Arsenal is given a mission by Sarge Steel and must confront his former herion addiction.


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