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Sarah Simms

Cyborg’s Friend

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West Side School Story

As Vic Stone mused his new cybernetic form, he was struck by a baseball. As the child retrieved it, Vic was surprised that the boy didn’t recoil at the sight of him. Instead, the handicapped boy marveled at Vic’s metal prosthetics, whereas his were plastic. Vic then unexpectedly became friends with Sarah Simms, a teacher of West Side School for the Handicapped, and her class of handicapped students. The children continued to look up to Vic, who had his own ‘metal prosthetics,’ of a sort. Vic and Sarah Simms remained close friends. Although each of them danced around the idea of a romantic relationship, this would never come to pass.

Vic and Sarah’s friendship was shaken when she was kidnapped by Deathstroke, the Terminator in an attempt to get to the Titans. Vic felt responsible, and Sarah was upset by the event. Vic and Sarah later came to terms with this and resumed their friendship.

Vic Stone meets Sarah Simms in NEW TEEN TITANS #8 [1981]. 

How Can Mr. Wright Be So Wrong?

Later, Sarah Simms was accosted on the street by Mark Wright, who insanely persisted in claiming to be her fiance after she has told him repeatedly that they were never more than friends and co-workers. Mark, clearly unbalanced, dragged Sarah into a nearby sporting goods store, which he took it over at gunpoint, wounding a cashier who tried to stop him. Using a rifle from the store merchandise, Mark held off the police, who surrounded the shop, while Sarah took advantage of his distraction to place a whispered phone call to Titans Tower. Cyborg, Changeling, and Raven, the only Titans on hand at the moment, arrived almost immediately, but their initial efforts to enter the store and disarm Mark met with failure. Finally, confused and surrounded, Mark put down his weapon and collapsed into Raven’s arms, surrendering.

Sarah’s life was without much incident following her hostage situation with Mark Wright. She continued her friendship with Vic, and even attended Donna Troy’s wedding as his date.

Sarah and Vic sort out their relationship after Sarah begins dating Gary Sellers
in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #13 [1985].

Relationship Reboots

Following that, Vic’s adventures left him little time for Sarah. Meanwhile, a new man entered her life: a co-worker at the West Side School for the Handicapped by the name of Gary Sellers. Sarah and Gary didn’t plan on a relationship, but found themselves falling in love. Sarah initially was hesitant to tell Vic, and he found out by accident. He was angry at first, but later accepted they were not meant to have a romantic relationship – just a close friendship. Eventually, Gary left Sarah and she found herself single again. She flirted with the idea of a relationship with Joe Wilson (Jericho), but nothing ever came of it.

Sarah Simms remained a friend to Vic Stone and the Titans, although they found it harder to keep in touch over the years. But when Cyborg attended the wedding of Sarah Charles and DeShaun, Sarah Simms accompanied him as his date.

Sarah Simms meets Sarah Charles in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #19 [1986].


Marv Wolfman, on the possibility of a Vic/Sarah Simms romance: “At first I thought of it. And then decided there was nothing wrong with a good healthy friendship that is nor based on a sexual background between them. I received a letter that sort of helped me change my mind, from a black leader who felt that we had seen a lot of interracial relationships, but we haven’t seen that many good, solid black-black relationships to show that a black hero doesn’t always go together with a white heroine and vice-versa. And that sort of got me thinking. That came very early in the relationship, that it made a lot more sense in terms of their needs to be very good friends. He has no girl friend who he is totally in love with in a sexual way at this time. He’s just very good friends with her, And that in itself is a slightly different relationship. ”

Dead Wrong: Sarah Simms was supposed to die in the long-delayed New Titans graphic novel, “Games,” originally set to be published in 1990. The book was put on hold several times, which is why Sarah Simms didn’t appear much after New Teen Titans (second series) #42 in 1988. Eventually, Sarah reappeared in DC Special: Cyborg #6 in 2008, in which Cyborg attends the wedding of Sarah Charles and DeShaun with Sarah Simms as his date. The New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel eventually saw print in 2011 with Sarah’s death intact…. but with other inherent continuity changes in the interim, the story is considered an “out of continuity” tale.


Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #8 [1981]: Classic “Day in the Life” issue. Victor goes to see his old girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, but she cannot accept Vic’s Cyborg identity; Victor befriends Sarah Simms, a teacher of handicapped children. Donna introduces Kory to Terry Long, her boyfriend. Kory becomes a model for Donna’s fashion shoot. First appearance of Sarah Simms and Terry Long.
New Teen Titans #10 [1981]: The Terminator sets up the Titans by kidnapping Sarah Simms and supposedly kills the Titans with a Promethium bomb, but these same Titans arrive to stop his plans; Changeling is badly wounded by the Terminator during the course of the battle.
New Teen Titans #35 [1983]: Not long after Sarah Simms terminates her relationship with Mark Wright, he takes Sarah and everyone in a sporting goods store hostage; Raven, Changeling and Cyborg rescue Sarah and prevent Mark from killing anyone.
New Teen Titans (second series) #10-11 [1985]: Sarah Simms has found a new boyfriend, Gary Sellers, and wants to clear things up between herself and Cyborg; First Appearance of Gary Sellers, Sarah Simms new boyfriend in issue #10.
New Teen Titans (second series) #13-14 [1985]: Cyborg straightens out his relationship with Sarah Simms.
New Teen Titans (second series) #19 [1986]: As Cyborg recovers at S.T.A.R. Labs, Sarah Simms meets Sarah Charles.
New Teen Titans (second series) #41-42 [1988]: Jericho is teaching sign language at Sarah Simms’ school, when she tells him that Gary left her.
DC Special: Cyborg #6 (mini-series) [2008]: Cyborg attends the wedding of Sarah Charles and DeShaun with Sarah Simms as his date.
New Teen Titans: Games [2011]: Set in the 1980s during the height of New Teen Titans popularity, this standalone hardcover features a mysterious villain playing a deadly game with New York City as the gameboard – and the Teen Titans as the pieces! Like something out of a timecapsule, this never-before-seen epic is the New Teen Titans story from their original creators that never got told…until now! Death of Sarah Simms, but this is regarded as an “out of continuity” tale.

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