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Alias: Ishmael Gregor

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Ishmael Gregor was born in Russia approximately 40 years ago; The specifics of his early years are unknown, even to him. His grandmother, Anatalia, was rumored to have dabbled in the occult. It was Anatalia that raised a young Gregor to adulthood. Even at a young age, Gregor’s path seemed clear. By age 12, he had already established himself as a hired killer. At age 16, he was hiring others to kill for him. And by age 20, Gregor was the head of one of Moskow’s most feared organized crime clans.

Sabbac in OUTSIDERS #29 [2005].

At age 25, Gregor came to the United States, where it took him less that three years to become a captain in the Russian mob. But Ishmael sought even greater power. He started dabbling in the occult, seeking to summon supernatural forces. Eventually, Ishmael learned of Timothy Barnes, who was able to summon the power of six demon lords by uttering the name “Sabbac.”

Gregor freed Barnes from imprisonment in the Slab. The Russian mobster tricked Barnes into summoning Sabbac, only to steal the demonic-channeling powers for himself. Once Ishmael harnessed the dark energies he long craved, he murdered Timothy Barnes without a thought.

The Outsiders tried to stop Gregor from seizing the Sabbac power, but they arrived moments too late. Thankfully,  the timely arrival of Captain Marvel Jr. turned the tide and helped contain Sabbac’s wanton destruction.

Sabbac later joined the Fearsome Five to free the imprisoned Mammoth at the request of Dr. Sivana. In exchange, Sabbac was able to ensnare the Seven Deadly Sins and control them. Now a greater demonic force, Sabbac unleashed havoc on Alcatraz Island. It took the combined might of the Outsiders and Katana to stop Sabbac. Once the Seven Deadly Sins left him, Katana used her mystical sword to trap Sabbac’s essence within her blade.

 Powers & Abilities

An empowerment spell is triggered when the bearer of the Sabbac power utters the word, “Sabbac!” Immediately upon uttering the magic word, “Sabbac”, the bearer feels the zap of a bolt of black lightning. He now has the powers of his benefactors: Satan’s strength, Any’s invulnerability, Belial’s wisdom, Beelzebub’s flames, Asmodeus’s courage, and Craeteis’ power of flight. Gregor, afraid of losing the Sabbac power, refuses to utter the magic word “Sabbac!” to transform back into a normal human. Instead, the Russian mobster retains his demonic appearance 24/7.


Essential Reading

Outsiders #8-10 [2004] : The Outsiders face off against Ishmael Gregor, who has claimed the power of Sabbac.
Outsiders #29-30 [2005] : Sabbac joins the Fearsome Five and ensnares the seven deadly sins.

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