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Rose Wilson, The Ravager

Alias: Rose Wilson

Titans Member
Joined: New Titans #122 [1995]

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Ravager Quick Bio: As daughter to Deathstroke the Terminator, Rose Wilson’s ninja-like reflexes were enhanced by flashes of precognition. After mourning her mother’s death, Rose was befriended by the Titans. Seeking to reclaim his daughter, Deathstroke brainwashed Rose to become a lethal killer as the new Ravager. After losing her left eye, Ravager broke free from her father and now dispenses her own brand of hard justice.

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Daughter of Deathstroke

Her father’s father was third brother to the king. But Princess Lillian “Sweet Lili” Worth’s life fell in ruins after her kingdom was destroyed by a war in the Far East. This left her people as little more than slaves to the Khmer Rouge.

A few years after his divorce from Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson accepted a search and rescue freelance job in the Orient. The mission was simple enough to Slade: The Khmer Rouge were holding prisoner a Cambodian princess in the Siem Pang Wat. The plan was to bring her from war-torn Cambodia across the border into Thailand, where she would be free from her oppressive captors. Slade successfully freed “Sweet Lili” and her girls, and the group headed into the jungle to avoid the patrols.

Expecting Lili to be a woman of privilege, Slade was both surprised and impressed by her resilience. The Khmer Rouge later gunned down the entire rescue team, killing Lili’s girls in the crossfire. Slade himself was injured and feverish from a gunshot wound, which Lili helped heal with local herbs. In the week it took for Slade’s fever to break, Lili defended them from snakes and insects – and even stray Rogue soldiers. During their intense journey to Thailand, Slade and Lili became lovers.

ABOVE: Rose’s early years, in TEEN TITANS #1/2 [2004].
BELOW: Sarge Steel reviews Rose’s history in DEATHSTROKE ANNUAL #4 [1995].

Slade and Lili remained in contact through the years, embarking an an on/off love affair whenever their paths crossed. During one of their trysts, Slade impregnated Lili, who later gave birth to Rose Worth. Lili kept Rose a secret from Slade, rationalizing it was in the child’s best interest to do so.

Lili eventually settled outside New York City, where she established a brothel and lived in luxury. Protected from the outside world, their lavish living space could only be accessed through an intricate system of underground tunnels beneath the city. Lili took good care of the girls in her employ, and raised Rose there as well. Despite the environment, Rose was raised with other children her age and was schooled by private tutors. She not only received a exemplary upbringing, but was also taught by her mother how to defend herself.

ABOVE: Wintergreen meets Rose Wilson and suspects Slade is her father in DEATHSTROKE #15 [1992].
BELOW: Rose is terrorized by the third Ravagaer in DEATHSTROKE #43 [1994].

Secrets Revealed

When Slade was injured and on the lam from the law, Lili took him in and nursed his wounds. It was at this time that Wintergreen first met fourteen year old Rose Wilson and suspected Slade was her father.

Meanwhile, Slade Wilson’s murderous half-brother, Wade DeFarge, co-opted the Ravager identity and began to hunt Slade’s friends and loved ones. Ravager abducted Rose Worth when he discovered her connection to Slade. As DeFarge tortured Rose, he also revealed to her that Slade Wilson was her father.

Wintergreen and Lili launched a rescue attempt to extract Rose from DeFarge’s capture. Eventually, Lili and Wintergreen reached their quarry in the snow-covered wilderness of theAdirondack Mountains. . To save her daughter, Lili attempted to run over Ravager – causing her jeep to careen off a cliff and explode. Lili was presumed dead, but her body was never recovered. Rose still wears her mother’s Cambodian necklace as a reminder of their bond.

ABOVE: Wintergreen comforts Rose after her mother’s “death” in DEATHSTROKE #46 [1995].
BELOW: Slade shuns Rose in an effort to keep her safe, from DEATHSTROKE #48 [1995].

Now realizing that Slade Wilson was her father, Rose reached out to him. Slade, however, coldly rebuffed her. Slade believed it would be best if Rose had nothing to do with him, since he felt he brought about the death of both his sons. Fearing he would not be a good father, he left Rose primarily in the care of Wintergreen, who was prepared to adopt the girl. Slade, however, had already made arrangements with Sarge Steel to place her in protective custody with the Titans. Sarge Steel – who oversaw the group during this stage – saw potential in the young girl, although he also found her to be prone to violence and instability.

Titan Teammate

During her brief time on the team, Rose befriended some of the younger members of the team. During a training exercise with Damage, Rose was injured and almost fell into a coma. As Damage brought her to the hospital, her meta-gene powers kicked in. Rose had an extensive precognitive vision where she saw her father’s future. She appeared as an astral form, witnessing Deathstroke’s future unfold – a future where he was caught in a never-ending drudge match with Hawkman. During this jaunt, Rose was able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future, similar to her brother Jericho’s ability. Before Rose could explore these abilities further, she recovered at the hospital – thus ending her dream vision.

Still reeling over the death of her mother, Rose became sullen and somewhat reckless. Fellow Titan Donna Troy tried to reach out to her, but Rose rejected her attentions. Fellow Titan Impulse developed a crush on Rose, but she remained oblivious to his affections. Rose was not a Titan for very long, as she eventually left the team and stayed with a friend of her mother.

ABOVE: Rose feels the pain of losing her mother in NEW TITANS #126 [1996].
BELOW: Impulse tries to reach out to Rose in NEW TITANS #126 [1996].


Super Nanny

Rose Wilson later aided the Titans again during the Technis Imperative conflict, which involved the Justice League as well as all Titans, past and present. The two teams eventually worked together to save the earth and former Titans teammate, Victor Stone, who was driven mad by alien influence.

When the Titans later threw a surprise party for Donna Troy, Rose Wilson was in attendance. Roy Harper offered Rose a job as nanny to his daughter Lian. She accepted and served as Lian’s caretaker and protector for a time.

Super Nanny: Rose Wilson protects Lian in TITANS #27 [2001].

An Eye For An Eye

Sometime later, Rose found a home with foster parents, Margaret and Mark Madison in Chicago. Her happiness was shattered when the third Ravager – Wade DeFarge – arrived and murdered the Madisons – then set his sights on Rose.

Deathstroke conveniently arrived to save his estranged daughter. Awakening later in his lair, Slade offered Rose a chance to erase their bad memories and replace them with better ones. To become his new apprentice as well as re-forge their father-daughter bond. Rose’s first act as his new student is to slay the former Ravager, so she could become the new one.

Rose was unaware that Slade hired Wade DeFarge in the first place, in an attempt to push Rose towards him. Slade also pumped Rose full of the same serum that made him Deathstroke – inducing her into a state of psychosis. Formerly estranged from her father, Rose became his eager new student – and adopted the identity of The Ravager.

Rose’s psychosis reached dangerous new levels as time passed. When she failed her father by hesitating to kill her brother, Jericho, Slade doubted her readiness. To show her loyalty, Rose gouged out her left eye to prove she is just like her father.

ABOVE: Deathstroke and Daughter in TEEN TITANS (third series) #11 [2004].
BELOW: Driven crazy by the Deathstroke serum, Rose gouges out her own eye in
TEEN TITANS (third series) #12 [2004].

Ravager Redeemed

Rose began to break free of her father’s control during an encounter with Nightwing. After the serum ran its course, Rose returned to sanity and was granted membership in the Teen Titans at the request of Nightwing. Once a dangerous and unstable adversary, it would be some time before all her teammates fully trusted her. But while Rose initially clashed with Wonder Girl, she also found a unlikely friend in new member, Kid Devil.

Raven successfully brought back Jericho by using one of Brother Blood’s resurrection rituals, cleansing him of any evil influence. At this time, Jericho rejoined the Teen Titan and met his sister, Rose, for the first time. Jericho eventually left the team when he began to have trouble containing the possessed clone of Superboy.

ABOVE: Ravager is revealed as a ‘missing year’ member in TEEN TITANS (third series) #34 [2007].
BELOW: Ravager and Kid Devil – the unwanted Titans – in TEEN TITANS (third series) #35 [2007].

After a deadly encounter with the Terror Titans, Ravager questioned her role on the Titans. Feeling her teammates continual mistrust, Rose abruptly quit and left Titans Tower, leaving a sullen Kid Devil behind. Ravager successfully dismantled the Clock King’s Terror Titans, as she explored the depths of her precognitive powers with the adrenaline-inducing drug, epinephrine.

Ravager later aided the Titans and Teen Titans when Jericho’s fractured psyche drove him to insanity. Under this psychosis, the once gentle hero planned a bizarre deathtrap for his former friends. Meanwhile, the mysterious new Vigilante hunted Jericho, intending to kill him for his crimes. After promising Rose Wilson that he would spare Jericho’s life, Vigilante stopped the threat without resorting to murder: He cut out both of Jericho’s eyes. Unable to make eye contact, this left Joseph Wilson powerless. Tragically, this did nothing to cure Jericho’s deep psychosis, leaving the once-hero in a world of utter darkness.

Rose considered rejoining the Teen Titans in the wake of her brother’s tragic breakdown. But after clashing with Bombshell, Rose left before the team could decide whether or not to vote her back in.

Joey meets his sister for the first time in TEEN TITANS (third series) #41 [2006].

Family Reunions

During the cosmic event known as The Blackest Night, the dead were imbued with Black Lantern energy and proceeded to attack and torment the living. Slade and Rose Wilson were forced to team up in an effort to stave off the zombie incursion. Miraculously healed and seemingly sane, Jericho made a surprising return to aid his family – and elected to remain at his father’s side.

In the wake of this morbid encounter, Ravager became convinced Sweet Lili was still alive – since she was the one family connection that did not return as a Black Lantern. Armed with this knowledge, Rose Wilson vowed to find her missing mother. But when this search grew fruitless, Ravager rejoined the Teen Titan at Wonder Girl’s request. Although loathe to admit it, the team has become the truest family Rose has known.

Titans Together! Rose’s new “family” in TEEN TITANS #93 [2010].

 Powers & Abilities

Rose’s powers include limited precognitive abilities which may blossom into much more. She is sometimes able to use her precognitive abilities to ‘see’ her opponent’s next moves, although her visions come and go. Rose is a skilled martial arts expert, with enhanced agility, speed, strength and endurance. She is also very skilled in the use of a bo staff.

In one instance, was able to have an extensive precognitive vision where she saw her father’s (Deathstroke’s) future. During this jaunt, Rose was able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future (similar to her brother Jericho’s ability).

A 2003 Rose Wilson commission by Sergio Cariello.


Essential Reading

Deathstroke #15 [1992]: Part of the 9-part TOTAL CHAOS storyline. When Slade is injured and on the lam from the law, Sweet Lili takes him in and nurses his wounds. Sweet Lili relates her turbulent life story. It is at this time that Wintergreen meets Rose Wilson and suspects Slade is her father. First appearance of Rose Wilson. First appearance and history of Sweet Lili.
Deathstroke: The Hunted #42-45 [1994-1995]: THE HUNTED STORYLINE. Deathstroke has been implicated in a presidential assassination attempt, making him a wanted man. Crimelord plots against Slade. Addie Kane begins a vengeance campaign against Pat Trayce. Bronze Tiger and Deadshot hunt Deathstroke, seemingly killing him. Slade awakens in the morgue [the first hints of his immortality] and battles Guy Gardner, Warrior. Meanwhile, a mystery assailant murders Slade’s friends Maurice, Frannie and Squirrel and attacks Wintergreen. Slade encounters Sweet Lili and during the confusion, discovers her daughter, Rose, has been kidnapped by the mystery assailant [now calling himself the Ravager]. The Ravager holds Rose hostage & reveals Slade is her father. Sweet Lili and Wintergreen mount a rescue attempt. As Slade once again awakens from death, he is attacked by Crimelord’s agents as well as Hawkman. The Titans hunt and capture Deathstroke; Wintergreen rescues Rose Wilson but Sweet Lili [Rose’s mother] dies. Hunted storyline concludes with issue #45. First appearance of Ravager III in issue #41. Death of Sweet Lili in issue #45.
Deathstroke #46 [1995]: Sarge Steel offers Deathstroke a deal. Addie Kane plots with the Crimelord, who has captured Pat Trayce. Rose mourns her mother’s death and Wintergreen comforts her.
Deathstroke #47 [1995]: Deathstroke is forced to work for Sarge Steel. Addie Kane and Crimelord plot against Slade. Sarge Steel meets up with Rose Wilson and Wintergreen. The Ravager continues to stalk Slade and his friends.
Deathstroke #48 [1995]: The Crimelord threatens the government with nuclear weapons, leading Sarge Steel to send Deathstroke and the Titans to a stronghold in Dallas. Rose Wilson confronts Slade and blames him for her mother’s death; Slade is intentionally cruel to Rose because he feels distancing himself from her is in her best interest. Later, Wintergreen petitions to adopt her, but Slade has already made arrangements with Sarge Steel to place her into the Titans’ custody.
New Titans #122 [1995]: Part one of The Crimelord/Syndicate War. The Titans find themselves embroiled in a conflict with the evil Syndicate and the Crimelord. Story continued in Darkstars #32 and Deathstroke #49. Sarge Steel introduces Rose Wilson as a reluctant Titan. Rose Wilson joins the Titans.
Deathstroke Annual #4 [1995]: A back-up story features Rose Wilson: Sarge Steel wonders about the hellion he has assumed custody of; Rose sneaks out against orders and runs into some street thugs.
Deathstroke #51 [1995]: As Damage brings Rose Wilson to the hospital, her meta-gene powers kicked in. Rose has an extensive precognitive vision where she sees her father’s (Deathstroke’s) future, caught in a grudge match with Hawkman.
New Titans #126 [1995]: A great downtime issue featuring Arsenal’s Titans team and art by Rick Mays. Arsenal assesses his new role as leader. The Titans play wargames. Fellow Titan Donna Troy tries to reach out to her, but Rose rejects her, still reeling over the death of her mother. Fellow Titan Impulse confesses a crush on her but she is oblivious to his affections. Mirage continues to exhibit new abilities.
Deathstroke #55 [1996]: Slade awakes in the hospital as a man some 20 years younger than he had been, with no recollection of his past life. Rose visits Slade in the hospital to inform him she is leaving him and the Titans to live with a friend of her mother’s; Sarge Steel objects, but Rose nonetheless leaves the Titans and her father. Deathstroke gets a new black and blue costume. Rose quits the Titans.
JLA/Titans: the Technis Imperative #1-3 [December 1998 to February 1999]: Former Titan Vic Stone threatened to carry out his Technis Imperative and turn the earth’s moon into a new Technis world.
Titans #26 [2001]: Rose Wilson begins as Lian’s nanny.
Teen Titans (third series) #7 [2004]: Rose is revealed as Deathstroke’s new ally against the Titans.
Teen Titans (third series) #8 [2004]: Rose appears as the new Ravager. First appearance of The Ravager IV.
Teen Titans (third series) #1/2 [2004]: Deathstroke orchestrates events to bring Rose back into his life. Hiring Ravager III [Wade DeFarge] to hunt Rose so he can save her, he pushes her down a destructive path as his new apprentice. Rose’s first act as his new student is to slay the former Ravager, so she can become the new one. Origin of Rose Wilson as Ravager. Death of Wade DeFarge [Ravager III].
Teen Titans (third series) #10-12 [2004]: Deathstroke and Ravager hunt Raven and encounter the Titans and Brother Blood. Deathstroke doubts Rose’s loyalties when she hesitates to kill her half-brother, Jericho. To prove she is just like her father, she gouges out her own eye [#12]. Cyborg believes Slade has pumped Rose full of the same chemicals that made him Deathstroke [#12].
Teen Titans (third series) #34-37 [2006]: One Year Later, it’s “The New Teen Titans!” A new year of exciting adventures begins with the “new” Teen Titans, the bizarre Doom Patrol and the mysterious and secretive Titans East! Rose is reformed and a member of the team in Teen Titans #34.
Teen Titans (third series) #40-41 [2006]: Bombshell accuses Ravager of betraying the team, while Raven successfully brings back Jericho by using one of Brother Blood’s resurrection rituals. Once the team locates Raven and Jericho, Bombshell is revealed as a the real traitor and is apprehended. Jericho gets a new costume and rejoins the Teen Titans. Jericho also meets his sister. Rose, for the first time.
Teen Titans (third series) #71 [2009]: “Deathtrap” aftermath! The team picks up the pieces following their crossover with TITANS and VIGILANTE as Ravager returns. Rose considers rejoining the Teen Titans in the wake of her brother’s tragic breakdown. But after clashing with Bombshell, Rose leaves before the team can decide whether or not to vote her back in.
Teen Titans (third series) #77-78 [2009]: Ravager is forced to team up with Deatshtroke when they are both attacked by their dead friends and relatives – now risen as zombie Black Lanterns. Miraculously healed and seemingly sane, Jericho makes a surprising return to aid his family – and elects to remain at his father’s side. Ravager is convinced her mother is still alive, since she was the one family connection that did not return as a Black Lantern. With this new information, Rose Wilson vows to find her missing mother.
Teen Titans #88 [2010]: the team finds itself pushed in new directions and brought to new heights while also rediscovering its roots. With the rise of a mysterious new threat called the Feral Boys, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Raven, Beast Boy and the newly returned Ravager will have the chance to rebuild their camaraderie in the face of all that might endanger it. But if they discover the truth behind the Feral Boys, will they be able to stand together to face it?
Teen Titans (third series) #100 [2011]: It’s all-out war as Titans old and new come together to face the greatest threat to their existence. Superboy-Prime gathers his own “Legion of Doom,” comprised of various Titans villains. He then creates an army of Superboy clones to besiege the Titans. Together, Titans past and present defeat the villains and trap Superboy-Prime within the impenetrable Source Wall at the edge of the universe.


A 2006 commission of Rose as Ravager by Sergio Cariello.


 Rose Wilson The New Titan

Rose Wilson was introduced to comic book readers in Deathstroke #15 in 1992. In that issue, Slade Wilson’s best friend Wintergreen spies the mysterious white-haired girl and wonders if she is Deathstroke’s daughter. Rose didn’t appear again until Deathstroke #0 and #42 [1994], which kicked off the series’ high-octane “Hunted” storyline. In it, the deranged third Ravager kidnapped Rose and revealed Slade as the girl’s father. The ever-resilient Rose escaped, only to witness her mother careening off a cliff in a botched rescue attempt (Deathstroke #45). Devastated, Rose is later comforted by Wintergreen in issues #46 and #47.

In Deathstroke #48, Rose Wilson confronted Slade and blamed him for her mother’s death. Slade coldly rebuffed his daughter in an effort to drive her away, as the mercenary believed his dangerous lifestyle hastened the deaths of his two sons. Wintergreen was prepared to adopt the girl, but Slade already made arrangements with Sarge Steel to place Rose in protective custody with the Titans.

In New Titans #122, Sarge Steel introduced Rose to her new Titans teammates, Green Lantern and Minion. Her response: “I told you before you pompous jerk, i don’t wanna be here! I don’t like heroes and I ain’t about to stick around to become their official mascot either.”

Rose’s next appearance as a Titan is in the pages of Deathstroke Annual #4  in her own 5-page back-up story. Rose,still unhappy with her situation, is told by Arsenal that she must stay at Titans Headquarters. Rose is infuriated, so much so, she can’t sleep. With that, the volatile teenager snuck out and channeled her aggressions of some over-confident street thugs. The story ends with Sarge Steel wondering: “What choice do I have? She needs the protection of the Titans, and perhaps, more important, if something goes wrong… the Titans will be there to protect her from everyone else.”

Rose’s actual Titans membership is rather short, comprising Deathstroke Annual #4, New Titans #122-126 and Deathstroke #51. And in New Titans #124-125, the Titans are off in space while Rose dealt with a Darkstar liason’s deranged ex-husband, holding him at gunpoint.

Deathstroke #51 is largely a spotlight on Rose, as her meta-human powers kick in. During a training exercise with Damage, Rose was injured and almost fell into a coma. While unconscious, Rose had an extensive precognitive vision where she saw her father’s possible future. During this jaunt, Rose was able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future – an ability not so dissimilar from her brother Jericho’s body possession powers. Before Rose could explore these abilities further, she woke at the hospital and ended her dream vision.

New Titans #126 is the only time Rose interacted with the entire team. A great character issue, the Titans played wargames as Impulse confessed to Arsenal that he harbored a crush on Rose. During the mock battle, Rose expressed a physical attraction to Kyle Rayner (“Oh, the things I could do to him” she muses). Later, when Donna overreacted concerning Rose’s safety, Rose snapped, “I had a mother, you aren’t her. And no one can replace her.” She stormed off, as Impulse unsuccessfully tried to comfort her.

Rose’s meta-human powers emerge in DEATHSTROKE #51 [1995].

The Missed Opportunities

The end of Rose’s Titans membership is detailed in Deathstroke #55. In it, Rose visited Slade in the hospital to inform him she is leaving him and the Titans to live with her mother’s friend. By this time, the New Titans series was winding down, its last issue #130 in 1995.

Titans and Deathstroke editor Pat Garrahy saw potential in Rose Wilson. At a New York convention in 1995, he expressed interest in spinning off Rose into her own series as the Daughter of Deathstroke. He also detailed the nature of Rose’s meta-human precognitive powers, which would become more advanced with greater adrenaline levels. So in Deathstroke #51, Rose’s extensive fever dream was a result of the increased adrenaline in her system. Garrahy envisioned Rose as an expert fighter, able to use her precognitive abilities to “see” her opponent’s next moves. This element was not explored until Geoff Johns revived the character as Ravager in Teen Titans (third series) #11-12 in 2004.

In a news item from 1995, it also appears Rose was slated for a back-up feature of her own: “Also the character that we call the Daughter of Deathstroke, who has been in the background for about a year and a half now, will really come to play at the end of ‘The Hunted’ story line. It’s pretty much about her. We’re also doing three issues that will feature a back-up story that stars Wintergreen and the Daughter of Deathstroke.”

Another long-lost plot point concerned Impulse’s unrequited crush on Rose, detailed only in New Titans #126. This was later used by Geoff Johns during his Teen Titans stint. The former Impulse, now Kid Flash, expressed deep concern for Rose in Teen Titans #1/2 and Teen Titans #11-12. And in the “Titans of Tomorrow” arc in Teen Titans #17-19, one possible future reveals Rose and Bart as a romantic couple.

Essential Reading from Rose’s Early Years:
Deathstroke #15, 0, 42-51, 55, Annual #4
New Titans #122, 124-126

ABOVE: The New Titans play wargames in NEW TITANS #126 [1995].
BELOW: New Titans at Zero Hour, by Bill Walko.

The Titans: Beyond Zero Hour
[from Wizard Press Presents: Beyond Zero Hour]

“The Titans have had a series of problems in the past year,” says Titans writer Marv Wolfman. ‘They lost a number of members. They were sued by the government and people generally hated them. Finally, their leader Dick Grayson – Nightwing – left them.”

Left in such disarray, the road to rebirth has been a long one. “Even before Zero Hour, Ray Harper, once known as Speedy and more recently known as Arsenal, was approached by Checkmate’s leader, Sarge Steel, to align the Titans with the government,” Wolfman says. “It seems that the JLA has broken ties with the government and Checkmate wanted a new superhero team to replace them. After going over the problems and being assured [his team] will have complete autonomy, Roy agreed to sign with Checkmate.

“Trouble is, he had no members to go with him. On his own and with Sarge Steel, new members are found recruited and a brand new Titans is formed.”

Wolfman reports that this new group will have a slightly different focus than past Titans teams. “Long ago, when the Titans were first created, the team featured already-existent heroes. In many ways we are going back to that original premise,” be maintains. “Arsenal leads a group consisting of Damage, Green Lantern and Impulse, characters who either have their own titles, or in Impulse’s case, is featured in Flash. Also in the New Titans are Mirage and Terra from the now-defunct Team Titans. Finally, rounding out the title is Donna Troy, now a Darkstar. So we’re bringing in characters from other books as well as several already-known Titans.

“Interestingly, all the heroes mentioned are in one way or another orphans whose past lives are shrouded in mystery,” he continues. “Where the last Titans team came together to fight Raven’s demonical father, Trigon, the new team comes and stays together because they are all in a similar situation. The Titans is a place for these people to get together, to find themselves, to be with others like themselves. They are not coming together to fight some great battle, but to understand themselves and to grow. This common need will allow them to become close and eventually became friends.

“So the role of the New Titans is a club for the young DC heroes, a way of getting together with their peers, a place where they can he with their own kind and learn from each other as they grow.”

Of course, no new team can be formed without problems. “For the present, Roy Harper is in charge of the Titans. Dick Grayson is off with Batman doing whatever he’s doing. But Dick will want to return,” reveals Wolfman. “When he does, he will find a group that doesn’t necessarily want him as their leader. They are quite happy with the one they have, thank you. What will Dick do? Will he try to take over? Will he form another group of Titans? Who will stay with Arsenal and who will go?

“The book has gone under a lot of changes in the past few years, but all were evolutionary,” Wolfman says. “Heroes died, new heroes replaced them, tempers flared and, because they were young, mistakes were often made. That is the way life is. But now we begin with a new group. A revolution, so to speak. New heroes, all with their own lives, hopes and desires. This allows us to create a very different kind of Titans book.”


A Ravager commission by Mike McKone.


 Geoff Johns on Deathstroke & Daughter

Geoff Johns on Deathstroke, Jericho & Ravager
[from Titans Companion 2, by TwoMorrows Publishing – 2008]

TTC: In your second issue, you used Deathstroke as the villain, just as Marv and George did over twenty years before. Was that intentional? 

GJ: I felt that the first arc of Titans had to have Deathstroke as the villain. He’s the best Titans villain there is, so if you want the Titans to launch off big, they should face off against their biggest villain.

TTC: Who is Slade Wilson to you?

GJ: Slade Wilson is a guy who, since the beginning, has tried to be the emotionless, straight contract killer that we saw him first portrayed as, and then he lost his son, and it became personal to him. Even though he says it’s not, he’s gotta finish his son’s contract and take out the Teen Titans, and since that point, his family has always interacted with the Teen Titans, whether it be Jericho or his daughter Ravager. Deathstroke is somebody who’s intertwined, and his family’s become intertwined, with this group, so he’s somebody who’s always going to feel a connection to the team, even if he doesn’t want to.

TTC: You also used your first storyline to bring back Jericho. Did you see his death as a mistake?

GJ: No, I never saw it as a mistake. I thought it was a great storyline. I know Marv has said some different things about it, but I thought it was a great storyline. “Titans Hunt”to me was fantastic when I was reading it, but Jericho’s death never felt like it was the wrong thing to do. I did think, though, the reason I used him [was] because it fit right in with the story. He had motivation for the story.

He had a great power to have the Titans fight off against each other which I really liked, and eventually when I brought him back into a new body, I did so strictly because I felt that Ravager would have somebody great to bounce off of on the Titans group. She would have an older brother who would suddenly be this calming force on this wild kid, and a brother and sister on the Titans, I thought, would be a really interesting dynamic. I left the book, unfortunately, almost as soon as he came back, and they decided to move the character onto somewhere else.

TTC: Did you have those plans in mind when you first brought him back?

GJ: Well, no. When I first brought him back, I knew I was going to use him again because I thought, again, his power makes him such an interesting force, because he can be anybody, and then when Ravager became a mainstay in the Titans group, and she had her attitude and really got in there, and just got down and dirty, I had plans on bringing Jericho back then because I thought it would really be an interesting foil for her. We could have some great character interaction.

ABOVE: Daughter and Deatshtroke face off in a commission by Mike McKone.
BELOW: It’s all about family, in a commission by Steve Erwin,
from the collection of TarcísioAquino.

Geoff Johns on Rose Wilson as Ravager
[from Titans Companion 2, by TwoMorrows Publishing – 2008]

TTC: You mentioned how you used Titans # 1/2 to bring in Ravager. What is it about that character that appeals to you?

GJ: That’s one character, like Superboy, I always [liked. I always] had ideas for Superboy, even when I was reading comics. Rose Wilson was another character I always liked in comic books, and I always thought she’d be a great Titan. I always wanted to see Deathstroke’s daughter, a la Deathstroke Jr., in a costume on the team. I just thought she’d bring some real good dynamics to it, and I think she has.

TTC:You ended that storyline with her cutting out her own eye.

GJ: Yup.

TTC: What was the reaction when you told Eddie and Mike that was what you wanted to do?

GJ: They were like, “Awww!” Their reaction was cool. It was exactly what I wanted. I wanted people to turn away, and show how far this girl had gone, how messed up she really was.

TTC: Was it always your intention that her father was drugging her?

GJ: Yeah.


TTC: The villain of “Titans East” was also Deathstroke. He was there at the start of your run, and he was there at the end. Was that intentional symmetry?

GJ: You know what? Not really, because I had him in the Teen Titans, and I had always intended to go through fifty. So I set Deathstroke up for “Titans East,” and

I had actually planned to do “Titans East” all by myself, and then, again, things got so hectic, I felt that it would be better to pass the baton off to somebody else, and let them finish the storyline and take over the book.

TTC: Deathstroke’s entire motivation for Titans East centered around the idea of family.  Is that what the Titans are about to you?

GJ: Yes. Most of these teams are, to me, about family, ’cause you can’t hang out with a bunch of people and not [get close]. You know, it’s really friends. I mean, the Titans [are] friends, but to Deathstroke, it’s family, and like I said before, his family’s completely intertwined with the Titans. He did all this, and at the end, I always knew the reveal was Deathstroke just wanted to ingratiate his son and daughter into the Titans even further, because he felt that they were a good place for them, because he couldn’t be the father they needed.



A 2006 Ravager commission by George Pérez.


 Creators on Ravager

Jonathan Peterson, New Titans Editor: “We talked about killing Joey and what that would do to Slade, so we decided to give him back some anchor. I remember Marv making the argument that Slade needs something to hold him down, otherwise he’ll be a total killing machine. So that’s what Rose would have been, eventually.”

Geoff Johns, Teen Titans Writer: “Yeah, Ravager has nobody. Robin and Kid Devil were friends, but there’s a difference between the relationship with a friend and with a brother. And having a brother you never met, and having somebody like Jericho — he’s always been so spiritually balanced. Kind of calm and quiet, obviously, but he’s a great force for Rose. And that’s going to affect Rose in a certain way, and she’s going to affect him. And also having a brother and sister face off against their father — again, an adult — so I guess that battle against an adult is intrinsic to kid superheroes.”

Tony Daniel, Teen Titans Artist: “I wanted her to look sexy and seductive, yet still look like she’ll slit your throat when you turn around. She does wear a mask, but in these images that we’ve leaked, we wanted to show her face. Teen Titans #34 is coming soon and we’re all looking forward to it.”

“As for Ravager, I wanted something a bit sexier, though close to her current outfit. I didn’t want to mess with her too much. But she does seem like the type who’d want to show you what she’s got, right? Maybe later we’ll see a sexier version of her. For now, the sexiest I can make her is when she’s unmasked. ( or unclothed). :)”

Eddy Barrows, Teen Titans Artist: “My favorite recent Titan to draw has to be Ravager. She’s tough, strong-willed and acts based on her instincts. […] I love her outfit, and for me she’s the Titan with the coolest design! I’d hate to go against her. This girl has a temper! [laughs]”

Sean McKeever, Teen Titans Writer: “I think she’s a wonderfully complex character. I can’t think of another teenage hero or anti-hero with so much weight on their shoulders and problems to figure out.”

J.T. Krul, Teen Titans Writer: “Rose and Slade have about as screwed-up relationship as you can get – even in comics, which is saying a lot. But at the end of the day, he’s still a father, and she’s still a daughter. People can write off family all they want, but it doesn’t change the inherent influence blood relatives play on us – no matter what. Family is family. Slade’s motives have always been questionable at the very least, and I wanted to give a moment of clarity for him – to say despite everything, this is why he does what he does – at least as far as his family is concerned.”

“For Rose, she can rail against it all she wants and play the loner, but deep down she wants to be part of something – be it a family, a team, a relationship. Why else would she stick with the Teen Titans like that. And regardless of what he’s pulled, Rose could never truly write Slade off because he is her parent – and all she has. Or so she thought. That’s why the ending says so much about Rose. Once she gets it in her head that her mother might still be alive, it gives her a semblance of hope, which gives her the ability to completely walk away from Slade. Maybe, he’s not the only parent out there.”


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