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Slade and Rose Wilson Get Animated

[show_avatar align=right]To save our world and all those like it, Superman, Batman and their caped colleagues must go toe-to-toe with their evil mirror images in “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” an all-new DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movie coming February 23, 2010 from DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation. In a parallel Earth ruled by the Crime Syndicate, the Justice League must fight their evil doppelgangers in a battle that would be dead even, except that their malicious counterparts are willing to do the one thing Batman and Superman never would: kill.

Also featured in this movie? An alternate-earth version of Deathstroke, as President Slade Wilson, voiced by Bruce Davison. And also mentions the inclusion of a surprising Titans-related character: President Wilson’s First Daughter…  Rose Wilson (voiced by Freddi Rogers)!  I’ve included capture images here, including the red-headed (?) Rose Wilson.

World’s Finest Online also mentions, in its review: “There was an entire subplot with [Martian Manhunter] and the U.S. President’s daughter that I failed to mention, but that is a nice little distraction from all the violence.”

Very interested to see this movie now! Especially since alternate-earth Rose has a speaking role. Curious as to why they didn’t go with white-haired Rose, though. And I hope they keep her tough-girl attitude…. and it’s not a case of RINO (Rose In Name Only).

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    Am eagerly awaiting this one… I need my motion comic fix!

    Rose as a redhead…. I am torn… on the one hand, Ravager is one of my fave characters… and I am weary of her being further screwed with… on the other hand… Mmmmm Redheads…

    And Slade Wilson seems to still be his post-syrum self from the stills, so I guess it’s an experiment in alter-history. Shall wait and see I suppose.

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    From the shots. It’s kinda painting her as angsty and depressed. Sure hope that is not the case.

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    Interested to see Slade and Rose in this release. Gotta remember though, this is an alternate earth. If they follow true to form on Earth-2, Slade will be an upright, moral leader and Rose will be more of a typical teenager, not the hard case we’ve come to know and love.

    Frankly, I would have loved to see Rose become the new Robin to Dick Grayson’s Batman. They already have a history, and you’ll still have the tough attitude like Damian has without her being a snot-nosed, elitist jerk.

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    Timothy: that’s “probably” how it will go, but the WB Premier imprints tend to play fast and loose with canon to make more contemporary story telling possible; which was how we ended up in Superman Doomsday with Supes not revealing his alter-ego to lois till the END of the movie.

    As to Rose’s avenues -l- I would have liked her to take up nightwing’s mantle in his absence. Robin is pretty definitively a kids role after all.


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