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Ron Wagner on “Convergence: Titans”

Ron Wagner (The 99, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Supergirl) is one of three creators I contacted about answering some questions about the Titans-related “Convergence” titles. Ron is the penciller for “Convergence: Titans” and also “Convergence: Green Lantern Parallax,” although the questions in this article are related mainly to the Titans book.

As a quick recap, Convergence: Titans focuses on a reunion between Arsenal, Troia, and Starfire after being trapped in the domed pre-Flashpoint Gotham City for a year. Then the dome comes down. Then Lord Havok and the Extremists show up. Then we get a VERY unexpected arrival on the scene.

Did you approach DC about working on the Convergence titles, or did they ask you about working on them?

Marie Javins, the Editor of the Convergence titles, approached me. I worked with her years ago on Daredevil at Marvel and I worked with her doing the 99.

What are your thoughts about the Convergence event as a whole?

Seems like a fun way to use a bunch of characters that no one is doing anything with.

How does it feel to be working with not one, but two currently defunct eras of DC’s continuity?

I didn’t realize I was working on two defunct eras of DC’s continuity.

The premise of “Convergence: Titans” is that it will be a Titans Reunion while at the same time focusing on Roy Harper’s redemption and the possible return of his daughter Lian. Care to share some thoughts about the story as well the artistic work you’ve done for the title?

Ol’Roy deserves a break don’t you think? The poor guy has been through some tough times. I really don’t want to give anything away. As far as the art side goes, I have had a lot of fun drawing this story.

Any particular scenes you’re especially fond of?

I seem to be getting characters with the Convergence books that have some issues. I enjoyed the scenes were Roy has to decide between things and I like the challenge of conveying that to the reader.

Considering Fabian Nicieza has referred to the “unfair and nasty things” done to Arsenal’s character before Flashpoint, have you had the chance to stop and read about some of those aforementioned unfair things to prepare yourself for working on the book?

I’ve read things but it was all very “cliff notes” versions of things.  I do have to do some research on the characters to know what’s going on with them.

As a comic creator and as a fan, can you tell us a little bit about any past experience you may have had with the Titans Mythos and what those experiences were like? Any Titan you may be fond of?

I have not had a chance to draw the Titans before. I don’t really have a fav Titan…okay, Donna Troy.

The solicits have already listed Donna Troy, Starfire, Arsenal, and Lian Harper as making appearances in the miniseries, but the readers are also wondering if any other pre-Flashpoint Titans will be featured in the book.

Cyborg and Beast Boy. Are they pre-Flashpoint?

The main villains of the Titans book are the original versions of Lord Havok and the Extremists, who some fans will remember as being DC’s pastiches of Doctor Doom and a few other Marvel villains. Why were they, in particular, chosen as the villains to oppose the Titans?

I have no idea. I was not part of that decision process.

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