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Ron Evers

Victor Stone’s Former Friend

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Friends and Enemies

Feeling confined at home, eight year old Victor Stone would sneak out at night to explore the city. One night, he was saving from a speeding car by an older streetwise kid named Ron Evers A fast friendship was formed, but Ron proved to be a bad influence on the impressionable young Victor. After the two boys got caught looting, Vic’s father discouraged his son from associating with Ron. Alienated by his father’s lack of attention, Victor remained Ron’s friend because he felt he had no one else.

As the years passed, Vic continued his studies while Ron became part of a youth gang. Blaming his problems on racism, Ron and his friends decided to take over the Statue of Liberty. The unruly gang was arrested during this criminal act and Ron spent almost a year in jail. While in prison, Ron became part of a terrorist group that took radical measures against whites in the name of racism.

Once freed from prison, Ron tried to recruit Vic in a plan to blow up the United Nations building. Instead of siding with his friend, Victor arrived on the scene to prevent the explosion. A scuffle erupted and Ron clinged to the building ledge while the bomb had only seconds remaining before going off. Making a difficult choice, Vic disposed of the bomb while Ron Evers fell to his death. Or, so it would seem.

Ron’s friendship with Vic Stone is detailed in
TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS (mini series) #1 [1982].

Programmed for Destruction

Ron was actually rescued from near death by a black-ops government organization and became part of Project M. Led by the mysterious Mr. Orr, Project M was an experimental super-soldier program using Cyborg’s technology in military applications. The project resulted in the creations of the artificially created life force known as Equus, as well as a group of cybernetically enhanced Wildebeest creatures. Ron became a test subject and was fused with a frame of enforced molybdenum steel and special polymers, much like Cyborg. The implants could also be controlled by Mr. Orr, should a subject start to disobey orders.

Ron became a unwilling killing machine and was sent overseas for a series of field tests in the Middle East. After witnessing the atrocities of war, Ron returned to the United States and attempted to resign his commission with Project M. Mr. Orr rejected Ron’s resignation, leaving the embittered soldier to seek revenge against the the people who made him a cyborg. After destroying several S.T.A.R. Labs facilities that sponsored Project M, Evers attacked Sarah Charles and her fiancee, DeShaun, for their role as scientists in the project. Ron’s aggressions were halted by Cyborg and the Teen Titans.

Cyborg later came into conflict with Ron’s comrades in arms, The Phantom Limbs, a cybernetic special ops force created by Mr. Orr. After learning the Phantom Limbs were victims themselves, Vic initiated a backdoor program left by his father. This program made any cybernetics derived from Silas Stone’s work compatible only with Victor’s DNA. Sarah Charles and DeShaun also resigned from the project, setting back Orr’s developments substantially. This put an end to Project M – at least for now.

In an effort to insure that his technology would not be used for killing, Vic then replaced Ron’s deadly weapons with ordinary prosthetics. This left Ron bitter and enraged at his former friend.

Ron later found peace, as a Reverend at the First Church of Anti-Technocracy, which focused on spirituality over dependence on technology.

Cyborg is forced to battle his former friend – a cybernetically enhanced Ron Evers – in


Essential Reading

Tales of the New Teen Titans #1 [1982]: 4-issue mini series. As the Titans take a break on a camping trip, the new members reveal their origins. The origin of Cyborg. First appearance and history of Ron Evers Seemingly dies in this flashback story recounting Cyborg’s origin.
DC Special: Cyborg #1-6 [2008]: 
Cyborg attends the wedding of Sarah Charles and her fiancee, DeShaun. The event is shattered by the arrival of Vic’s former friend, Ron Evers Having been transformed into a Cyborg-like killing machine, Evers sought revenge on S.T.A.R. Labs for its role in Project M, an experimental super-soldier program using Cyborg’s technology. After preventing Evers attack with the help of his Titans allies, Cyborg puts an end to Project M and saves the Phantom Limbs, a group of cybernetically enhanced soldiers. Vic replaces the Ron’s and the Phantom Limbs’ deadly weapons with ordinary prosthetics, leaving Evers bitter and enraged at his former friend. Ron Evers revealed alive and saved through Cyborg technology in issue #2-3. First appearance of The Phantom Limbs in issue #5.
Titans #14 [2009]: In the grueling aftermath of the “Deathtrap” arc, Vic Stone must face the very teammates he feels he let down big-time. Cyborg discovers Reverend Ron Evers at the First Church of Anti-Technocracy.

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