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Roll Call: Season Two

 Roll Call


Secret Identity: Dick Grayson
Age: 18

Profile: Dick Grayson has handed off his old Robin identity, and is now Nightwing. As team leader, he assigns the missions and sets up covert ops.

Abilities: Acrobat, Tech Expert, Detective


Secret Identity: Conner Kent
Age: 16

Profile: As a side effect of the cloning process, Conner Kent will never visibly age. He’s still a powerhouse, but he’s learning to control his temper.

Powers: Super Strength, Infrared Vision

Miss Martian

Secret Identity: M’gann M’orzz
Age: 21

Profile: In the last five years M’gann has gained much more control over her powers. She can even phase through solid objects.

Powers: Shape-Shifting, Telekinesis


Secret Identity: Tim Drake
Age: unknown

Profile: Tim Drake is Batman’s new partner and sidekick. Unlike Dick Grayson, the new Robin is an extremely serious student of the heroic arts.

Abilities: Agility, Martial Arts


Secret Identity: Barbara Gordon
Age: 18

Profile: Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. She’s also Dick Grayson’s oldest pal.

Abilities: Stealth, Fighting Skills

Blue Beetle

Secret Identity: Jaime Reyes
Age: unknown

Profile: When an alien scarab stuck itself to his spine, Jaime Reyes went from an average teenager to a super-powered crime fighter.

Powers: Energy Weapons, Flight


Secret Identity: Karen Beecher
Age: 20

Profile: Karen Beecher is both the lab assistant and protégé to the Atom.

Powers: Size-Changing, Flight

Beast Boy

Secret Identity: Garfield Logan
Age: 13

Profile: At age 13, Beast Boy is the youngest member of the Team. He shares a close bond with Miss Martian. They treat each other as brother and sister.

Power: Transforms into Animals

Lagoon Boy

Secret Identity: La’Gaan
Age: 17

Profile: La’Gaan, a.k.a. Lagoon Boy, is a citizen of Atlantis and a graduate of Queen Mera’s Conservatory of Sorcery. He’s a surface world fanboy and ready to follow in the footsteps of Aquaman and Aqualad.

Power: Amphibious, Ability To Expand His Mass

Wonder Girl

Secret Identity: Cassandra Sandsmark
Age: unknown

Profile: Cassie Sandsmark is the daughter of an archeologist… and the Greek God Zeus! After Wonder Woman the amazing powers of Cassie’s birthright, she granted her new protege the name Wonder Girl.

Power: Super-Strength, Flight

Mal Duncan

Profile: Longtime boyfriend of Karen Beecher (a.k.a. Bumblebee), Mal Duncan assists Nightwing in monitoring the team’s missions.

Powers/Abilities: none

 Friends & Allies

Kid Flash

Secret Identity: Wally West
Age: 20

Profile: Wally West retired his Kid Flash identity to attend college and enjoy a normal life with girlfriend, Artemis Crock. But Wally stands ready to race to the rescue when Nightwing needs his super-speedy skill set.

Powers/Abilities: Super-Speed, Telescopic Goggles


Secret Identity: Artemis Crock
Age: 20

Profile: Artemis hung up her bow to attend college with boyfriend, Wally West. But the ace archer is called back into action for a deep cover assignment devised by Nightwing.

Powers/Abilities: Master Archer, Martial Artist


Secret Identity: Kaldur’ahm
Age: 21

Profile: Upon the death of Tula, young Kaldur’ahm embraced his birthright and now stands by the side of Black Manta, his fiendish father.

Powers/Abilities: Amphibious, Hydrokenisis, Electric Eel Tattoos, Water-Bearers

Red Arrow

Secret Identity: Roy Harper
Age: 23

Profile: When Red Arrow learned he was no more than a mind-controlled clone of the original Speedy, the down-and-out hero embarked on an obsessive mission to unravel Vandal Savage’s plans.

Powers/Abilities: Master Archer, Martial Artist


Secret Identity: Jade Nguyen
Age: 24

Profile: Jade Nguyen is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Huntress, and the older sister of Artemis. She left her broken home and became Cheshire, a skilled assassin in the League of Shadows. But Jade didn’t count on falling in love and marrying Red Arrow, a union that brought about a lovely young daughter name Lian.

Powers/Abilities: Master Assassin, Martial Artist

Lian Nguyen-Harper

Age: 3 or 4

Profile: Lian Nguyen-Harper is the infant daughter of Red Arrow and Cheshire.


Secret Identity: Bart Allen
Age: unknown

Profile: Hailing from the 31st century, impulsive super-speedster Bart Allen traveled to the past in attempt to prevent a bleak future.

Powers/Abilities: Super Speed


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