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Roll Call: Season One

 Roll Call


Secret Identity: Dick Grayson
Age: 13

Profile: Dick Grayson was the youngest member of the Flying Graysons trapeze act until his Mother and Father were murdered. Bruce Wayne adopted the orphaned child as his ward, and Grayson became Robin, protege and sidekick to the Batman.

Relationships: Protege to Batman, Best Friend to Kid Flash, Romantic Interest in Zatanna
Powers/Abilities: Amazing Acrobat, Genius Hacker, Martial Artist
Notes: Most Experienced, Immature, Tech Expert

Kid Flash

Secret Identity: Wally West
Age: 15

Profile: Wally West idolized The Flash – Then discovered his uncle Barry Allen’s secret journals and used them to recreate the experiment that turned Barry into The Flash. The literally explosive result gave Wally the super-speed to become Kid Flash!

Relationships: Partner of Flash, Best Friend to Robin, Romantic Interest in Artemis
Powers/Abilities: Super-Speed, Telescopic Goggles
Notes: Impulsive, Competitive, Science Prodigy

Miss Martian

Secret Identity: M’gann M’orzz
Age: 16

Profile: Stranded on earth, J’Onn J’Onzz of mars became the hero Martian Manhunter. Decades later, J’Onn went home… Then returned to earth, unaware his niece M’Gann M’Orzz had stowed away, ready to shape-shift into earth girl Megan Morse… and heroine Miss Martian.

Relationships: Niece of Martian Manhunter, Girlfriend to Superboy
Powers/Abilities: Shape-Shifting, Telepathy, Telekinesis
Notes: Cheerleader Sweet, Vulnerable To Fire, Hides True Appearance


Secret Identity: Kaldur’ahm
Age: 16

Profile: Kaldur’ahm grew up in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. After completing his education and military training, Kaldur transferred to the prestigious Conservatory of Sorcery. When Ocean-Master attacked, Kaldur saved Aquaman’s life and was invited to become his protege Aqualad!

Relationships: Apprentice to Aquaman, Romantic Interest in Tula, Best Friend to Garth
Powers/Abilities: Amphibious, Hydrokenisis, Electric Eel Tattoos, Water-Bearers
Notes: Cool and Confident, Daydreamer, Trained Warrior


Secret Identity: Conner Kent
Age: 16

Profile: Project Cadmus used Superman’s D.N.A. (without his knowledge or consent) to create the Superboy. Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash discovered and freed Superboy from project KR, forging a team as they fought their way out of Cadmus.

Relationships: Cloned from Superman and Lex Luthor, Boyfriend to Miss Martian
Powers/Abilities: Super-Strength, Infrared Vision, Leaps Tall Buildings
Notes: Brooding and Shy, Untrained, Explosive Temper


Secret Identity: Artemis Crock
Age: 15

Profile: Mercilessly pushed by her father, Artemis trained for combat from an early age, mastering longbow, short-bow, crossbow and myriad trick arrows. When Green Arrow and Batman offered her the chance to join the Team, Artemis jumped at the opportunity!

Relationships: Daughter of Sports Master, Sister of Cheshire, Romantic Interest in Kid Flash
Powers/Abilities: Master Archer, Martial Artist
Notes: Tough Attitude, Dedicated, Dangerous Past


Secret Identity: Zatanna Zatara
Age: 14

Profile: The daughter of Justice League magician John Zatara, Zatanna inherited her father’s ability to cast spells by speaking backwards. When Zatara became the new host to Dr. Fate, the abandoned Zatanna became a fulltime member of Young Justice.

Relationships: Daughter of John Zatara, Romantic Interest in Robin
Powers/Abilities: Spell Casting


Secret Identity: Raquel Ervin
Age: 15

Profile: The partner and protégé of the super-powered Icon, Rocket joined Young Justice as her mentor became a member of the Justice League.

Relationships: Partner of Icon
Powers/Abilities: Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Flight

 Friends & Allies

Speedy/Red Arrow

Secret Identity: Roy Harper
Age: 18

Profile: Having impressed Green Arrow with his bow-handling skills, orphan Roy Harper became the emerald archer’s ward and sidekick Speedy! But upon turning eighteen Roy felt driven to achieve something more… Choosing to go solo as Red Arrow.

Powers/Abilities: Master Archer, Martial Artist

Garth & Tula

Ages: unknown

Profile: Close friends of Aqualad, Garth and Tula are both citizens of Atlantis and students of Queen Mera’s Conservatory of Sorcery. Aqualad had romantic designs on Tula, but his role as a surface-world super-hero caused the Atlantean girl to drift into the arms of Garth.

Powers/Abilities: Amphibious, Sorcery

Karen Beecher

Age: 15

Profile: Karen Beecher is a student at Happy Harbor High School, where she and fellow classmate Wendy Harris are members of the cheerleading squad known as the Bumblebees.

Mal Duncan

Age: unknown

Profile: Superman fan Mal Duncan is a student at Happy Harbor High School, and protective boyfriend of Karen Beecher.

Wendy Harris & Marvin White

Ages: 16

Profile: Friends Wendy Harris and Marvin White both attend Happy Harbor High School. Wendy is a popular student and a member of the cheerleading Bumblebees, while Marvin is a skateboarding slacker.

Barbara Gordon

Age: 13

Profile: Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. She’s also Dick Grayson’s friend and fellow classmate at the prestigious Gotham Academy.

Bette Kane

Age: 15

Profile: Bette Kane attends the prestigious Gotham Academy, where she serves as student liaison to new classmate, Artemis Crock.

Greta Hayes aka “Secret”

Ages: unknown

Profile: Young Greta Hayes was murdered by her brother, Harm, in his misguided quest for mystic power. Greta’s ghostly form assisted Zatanna and Artemis in defeating the villainous Harm.

Garfield Logan

Age: 8

Profile: The son of scientist Marie Logan, young Garfield’s life was saved by a blood transfusion from Miss Martian.

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