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Rob Liefeld’s Deathstroke

Rob Liefeld recently quit DC under a firestorm of angry tweets. Bleeding Cool has the story.

Amid the article, Liefeld shares some Deathstroke info:

“Deathstroke had not been problematic, the smoothest sailing until the #0 and the co-opting of Dstroke origin by another office doing Team 7. You roll up your sleeves and try to be fair dividing the baby up, fought to keep important plot and origin motives in the Dstroke book. Lots and lots of territorial fights. The entire time you must keep in mind that your book needs to show sales traction. I loved being deep in the corporate culture for a year. Did my best to be a good team player, was well compensated. ”

It’ll be interesting to see Deathstroke’s new origin, as all his Titans ties seem to have vanished in the DCnU.

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