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Rob Liefeld Journals: “Titans Talk”

“Titans Talk” Returning to Hawk & Dove
by Rob Liefeld – 4/27/2005 – courtesy of

Hey everyone, so this is my daily (hopefully) journal. I’ll start off with some comics news and mention that I will be collaborating with the beautiful and talented Gail Simone for a 2 issue arc on Teen Titans this summer. It starts in August and guest stars a pair of characters at DC that I have some history with, Hawk and Dove. Some of you will remember that my first work in comics was the Hawk and Dove mini-series that introduced the modern day Dove. The original series was a great experience for me and really helped launch my career so I’m very grateful that I get to re-visit Hawk and Dove as part of mine and Gail’s Titans arc.

Gail’s scripts are fantastic, action packed, tense and exciting. She writes the Titans with great ease as if she’s been writing the book for years. We’re both very conscious of the strong Titans fan base and we look forward to contributing to the Titan’s canon. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Gail as she is producing outstanding work each and every month on Birds of Prey and has the already-instant-smash-hit-before-it-ships-Villians United arriving in stores next week.

I met with Geoff John’s early this year and we talked Titan talk for hours, he told me he would be missing the summer and was very instrumental in putting Gail and I together on the book to warm the seat while he is busy writing his next big opus for DC. I just want to thank Geoff for his support and making this Titan’s experience a possibility.Thanks also to Dan Didio for his support.

So Teen Titans is keeping me busy through the spring and summer but it’s certainly not the only project you’ll find me involved with this summer. Look for announcements in this space tomorrow and the next few days for more Liefeld related projects and some additional names that will be contributing to my very own long running Youngblood canon.

I thought I’d share some early Teen Titans work from my youth with all of you, just so you can see that I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for the opportunity to “OFFICIALY” draw these characters.

If any of you are interested in chatting me up on a regular basis, join me over on the forums over at HEROREALM.COM, I check in several times a day.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Whatever happened to Liefeld’s Titans East?

In its various forms, Lying In the Gutters has covered rumours and gossip in the comics industry for twelve long glorious and quite scary years. This week, there was some ‘news’ on Rob Liefeld’s possible future with Titans projects: “Rob Liefeld’s recent work on “Teen Titans” with Gail Simone was initially seen as a first foot in the door at DC and a chance for Liefeld to expand certain DC properties in ways that he has been successful with in the past. Indeed it appears he had a number of projects in the pipeline there.”

“But this week, something changed and Liefeld was suddenly off any Titans project and DC as a whole. “It was definitely fun while it lasted.”

“Titans Talk” Whatever Happened to Titans East?
by Rob Liefeld – 05/26/2006 – courtesy of

Holy Crap! I just got a Teen Titans royalty! And here’s the rub, the royalty check shows that the issue sold 84,000 copies. Not the 74,000 reported. My jaw dropped in astonishment. And that’s direct market, not newstand.

My DC tale is a sorid one that will not be told today, but sometime in the near future. Fact of the matter is that the previous non-Liefeld issue sold 67,000 copies, which means that we sold an additional 8,000 up front and a whopping 10,000 additional re-ordered copies.

So is it in bad taste for me to discuss this, yes, probably. But if I don’t no one else will, so I do. DC had a juggernaut in their hands, plain and simple. Without the promise of a variant cover which in all honesty were about as easy to come by as a taco stand in Tijauna this time last year, and zippo promotions, other than the postage stamp placement in Previews, we posted huge gains.

They just put a variant cover on the OYL launch and it sold 82,000 to date.

My DC insider told me they were keeping the man down and now I’m staring at evidence of confirmation. Ugly but true, it happens in business. Unless you actually are in business to sell comics and make profits for your company and when given the opportunity to do so you supress it. Then, well then it’s just plain stupid and sad.

Let’s just say I’m feeling really strong about our Onslaught Reborn prospects right about now….

Why discuss sales? Because like box office and ratings, they matter, like it or not.

For the record, the 85,000 would have placed us as the #11 book last August. No bells, no whistles. A variant would have put us at 100,000. That probably would have posed a problem. Your best selling Titans comic is a fill in. I get it.

My DC memoirs alone will burn ears…..the grass is most definitely not always greener. I submit the recent exodus of talent back to Marvel as proof.

To commemorate this unexpected occasion, I’m posting the unpublished sketch version of an early version of my cover to Teen Titans #28. Now that I look at it, I prolly should have gone with this one. Live and learn.

Have a great holiday folks,


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