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Ren Takamori

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Ren learns Hank’s secret in HAWK & DOVE (mini series) #4 [1988].


Feisty Ren Takamori grew up in Texas and attended college at Georgetown University. The take-charge Japanese-Mexican student studied photography while waiting tables part-time at Suds, the local pub.

Ren’s life was turned upside-down when she met Hank Hall, a fellow Georgetown U undergrad who was secretly the hero known as Hawk. The aggressive crimefighter had recently encountered a new Dove, and became obsessed with learning her dual identity. Hardly known for his deductive reasoning, Hawk was convinced Ren was secretly Dove. Hawk impulsively transformed into Hank before her eyes in an attempt to force Ren to transform in turn. He only succeeded in revealing his own secret identity to a shocked Ren.

Luckily for Hawk, Ren proved to be worthy of this trust. That was partly due to the fact that Ren was falling hopelessly in love the with the loveable lunkhead, although Hank remained oblivious to her attentions.

Ren also became fast friends with Dawn Granger after deducing the Georgetown classmate was the new Dove. She initially saw Dawn as a rival for Hank’s affections, but was persuaded otherwise when Dawn helped Ren to romantically pursue Hank.

ABOVE: Ren doubts Dove’s intentions in HAWK & DOVE (mini series) #4 [1988].
BELOW: Ren protects her friends’ interests in HAWK & DOVE (mini series) #4 [1988].

At first, Hank was slow responding to Ren’s obviously flirtations, but the two eventually sparked a romantic relationship. There were, of course, various obstacles along the way. At one time, the Kestrel force possessed Ren and spirited Hawk & Dove to the mystical land of Druspa Tau. There, Ren was freed of the Kestrel force, but worried that Dawn and Hank were destined to be lovers in order to produce a child of perfect unity. Hank eventually put her concerns to rest and their relationship continued to deepen.

But the bliss shared by these lovebirds was short-lived. Ren’s heart was shattered when Hank Hall encountered his possible future-self, and fulfilled his destiny as the villainous Monarch.

Ren and Hank share a romantic moment
in HAWK & DOVE (second series) #20 [1991].

Essential Reading

Hawk & Dove (mini-series) #1-5 [1988]: Hank Hall settles at college in Georgetown and meets classmates Ren Takamori, Dawn Granger, Kyle Spencer and his fiancee Donna Cabot. Hawk meets his new partner, Dove, and battles Kestrel. Ren learns Hank Hall is Hawk.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #5 [1989]: Hank and Ren’s beach date is interrupted by a bully – a human time-bomb calling himself Sudden Death. Ren and Hank share a first kiss and begin a romantic relationship.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #14-17 [1990]: Kestrel [in the body of Ren Takamori] invites Hawk & Dove to the mystical land of Druspa Tau – also home to Lords of Chaos and Order.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #20 [1991]: Dawn Granger’s holiday shopping trip is interrupted by thieves in Santa clothes. Meanwhile, Ren and Hank reconcile.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #28 [1991]: Hank is reunited with Ren, who proposes marriage to him. Last appearance of Hank Hall before he becomes Monarch.


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