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Red Star

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Young Red Star was once a frail soldier, before subjecting himself to a number of super-soldier experiments. The Russian scientists successfully created a perfect super-powered hero – but at a price. Red Star’s radioactive powers accidently caused the destruction of his own city. Now estranged from his own people, Red Star lived in seclusion where his energy discharges could not harm anyone.

While battling a mysterious creature in the wilds of Siberia, Starfire was lost in a blinding snowstorm. The reclusive Red Star came to her aid and the two became fast friends. When Robin and the rest of the Titans arrived, they discovered Red Star’s tragic past.

The Titans and Red Star subdued the creature – who was created from discharged energy from Red Star himself. Now absorbing the creature’s essense, the young soldier became a living Red Star – as Starfire watched the Russian hero sacrifice all for his people.

Starfire hoped one day Red Star would return. Her hopes were realized when Red Star returned to aid the Teen Titans in their final battle with the sinister Brotherhood of Evil.

  • In the comic books, Red Star was originally known as Starfire in 1968 – twelve years before a certain orange-skinned alien was introduced in 1980. He later changed his name to Red Star to avoid confusion.
  • Since he was raised in a very conservative family, Kid Flash found it very hard to trust Red Star. The two heroes never seemed to get along!
  • Red Star’s animated origins are very similar to Marvel’s Captain America. Frail enlisted man Steve Rogers was given the super-soldier formula and became the legendary hero, Captain America, who fought on behalf of his country.
  • One of the scientists that created Red Star was Professor Chang – the evil inventor who appeared in X and TITANS EAST [part two].

Writer Rob Hoegee on Red Star: “I did read up a little about Red Star, but ultimately, we wanted to create our own take on that character. Other than his name and his costume and a bit of his backstory, he is very much a new take on that character. But he is still from Russia, like in the comics.”

“I was really interested in creating a sad, Russian fairy tale, in a sense, so I was intrigued by Red Star, who has a tragic story. I’m always fascinated by comic book origins. Many of them are experimented on, or are bombarded with gamma rays, or go through some cosmic storm, and one of two things happens: they either become a great hero, or a terrible villain, and that has to do with who they were as a person before being transformed. So here’s a young soldier, who may not have been exceptional in any way, but he was a good person, so when something tragic happens to him, he remained a good person. He chose a life of exile rather than hurt anyone. He really is a tragic, interesting character, and that made him interesting to explore. With our series, we never wanted to go and show specific origins for Robin and the rest, so with Red Star, we got to see the creation and evolution of a super-hero. As far as the comic book origins go, I think I tried to honor what they did when they created Red Star, but I did have my own take on it, as well.”

Leonid Kovar first appeared in TEEN TITANS #18 [1968]. Leonid’s exposure to a meteorite gave him powers – enabling him to become Russia’s first young hero as Starfire. Starfire team up with the Titans several times and changed his name to Red Star [no doubt to avoid confusion with a certain alien female hero]. Leonid later joined the team as Red Star NEW TITANS #77 [1991] and developed fiery new abilities in NEW TITANS #94-96 [1993].

General Raskov is based on Red Star’s surrogate father in the comic book series. Red Star’s father, Konstantin, seemingly perished under the service of the Soviet Union. Through much of his adult life, Russian scientist Pyotr Raskov looked after Leonid and became his surrogate father.

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Jason Marsden as Red Star

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