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Alias: Rachel Roth

Joined: DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]
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Raven Quick Bio: Daughter of an earth woman and the demonic Trigon, Raven constantly fights to keep her evil side in check. The empathic mystic sometimes fell to the dark side, but valiantly found her own inner light – oftimes at the expense of her own happiness. Raven later received a second chance at life when she was reborn in a new teenaged body.

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Hero History

A Demon’s Daughter

Raven is the daughter of a union between Trigon the Terrible, a powerful extra-dimensional being, and Arella, a woman who was seduced by a satanic cult to try to bring Satan to earth. Instead, Trigon came and took Arella as his bride.

Almost at the point of suicide, Arella was rescued by an extra-dimensional pacifist cult and taken to the other-worldly dimensional world known as Azarath. There, she gave birth to Raven. The moment Raven was born, Trigon’s evil influence was felt in Azarath. The grand-daughter of the original Azar herself raised Raven and trained her to keep her emotions in check, lest Trigon’s evil side within her would be set free.

ABOVE: Arella relates Raven’s origin in NEW TEEN TITANS #6 [1980].
BELOW:  Trigon makes his presence known to Raven in
TALES OF TEEN TITANS (mini series) #2 [1982].

At the age of ten, Arella once again cared for her daughter, as Azar passed away. Before Azar died, however, she gave Raven a pair of rings that she herself had always worn. The rings held Azar’s essence.

Three years later, Trigon appeared in Azarath in an attempt to reclaim Raven as his own. As a defense mechanism, Raven unleashed her soul self for the first time. The manifestation of the soul self confirmed that Raven was indeed the daughter of Trigon. Trigon instilled more of his essence into Raven’s soul self and left without her, promising that she would eventually belong to him.

New Teen Titans

When Raven turned eighteen, she sensed Trigon’s evil growing, so she left Azar and traveled to earth to gather together a band of heroes that would be able to stop him. She first appeared to the Justice League, but was rebuffed when Zatanna sensed an evil within Raven. Undaunted, she gathered together the New Teen Titans, a new incarnation of the old team with Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Cyborg, Starfire and Changeling.

ABOVE: Raven gathers the team in NEW TEEN TITANS #1 [1980].
BELOW:  Mother and daughter defeat Trigon in NEW TEEN TITANS #6 [1980].

When the Titans learned that Raven was the daughter of Trigon and had also manipulated Kid Flash into thinking he loved Raven, they abandoned her cause out of mistrust. But the teen heroes eventually learned the horrible truth from Arella, and gathered to help Raven defeat her fiendish father. The Titans prevented Trigon’s invasion plans, as the demon was thrown into an inter-dimensional prison with Arella acting as a gatekeeper.

After Trigon’s defeat, The Teen Titans decided to remain a team. But despite her father’s banishment, Raven still fought to contain the darkness within her. On Azarath, she was taught to contain any emotions to prevent her evil side from taking control. And the presence of Kid Flash presented a real danger – as both Raven and Kid Flash shared strong feeling for one another.  Unfortunately, it became increasingly difficult for Raven to contain her sadistic nature – and Kid Flash was there to witness her demonic outbursts. This, along with other factors, led him to eventually leave the group.

ABOVE: Kid Flash is terrified by Raven’s dark side in NEW TEEN TITANS #29  [1983].
BELOW: Jericho tries to reach out to Raven in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #1 [1984].


The Terror of Trigon

Gentle new member Jericho tried to reach out to Raven, but with limited success. Eventually, Trigon came beckoning to Raven and she could no longer resist. During Trigon’s resurgence, Azarath was destroyed and Raven fell under her father’s control, taking on her father’s appearance as well. When the Titans battled Trigon and Raven, they were transformed into evil personas, which turned around and killed Raven. Actually, it was necessary for her to die so that all the souls of Azarath could destroy Trigon by using Raven’s body as a channel for their power. Lilith and Arella assisted in the defeat of Trigon, and with the Titans help, he was at last defeated.

ABOVE: Trigon transforms Raven in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #3 [1985].
BELOW: Raven, cleansed of evil, disappears in  NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #5 [1985].

When Trigon was seemingly eradicated, an angelic Raven disappeared in a burst of white light. Her body, now purged of Trigon’s evil, actually rose from the ashes of battle. As Raven vanished into the air, her mother Arella vowed to find her.

The dazed Raven fell back to earth and was captured by Brother Blood’s minions. Blood used her emotion-warping powers  to control Nightwing during his staged resurrection. The Titans eventually rescued Nightwing and Raven and put an end to Brother Blood for good. After these events, Raven wore a white cloak – reflecting her new cleansed persona.

Lady In White

Raven was at last able to express her emotions without unleashing her demonic side. She moved out of Titans Tower to take a small apartment above Broadway, seeking to better connect with humanity. And for the first time in her life, she was free to explore romantic pursuits.

At first, Raven believed she was in love with Dick Grayson, but came to discover there are different kinds of love. She briefly had a relationship with Eric Forrester, but it turned out he was manipulating her. Forrester was actually a soul vampire and sought Raven’s soul self to sustain himself.

ABOVE: Raven contemplates her new life in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #32 [1986].
BELOW: Raven is manipulated by Eric Forrester in NEW TITANS #67 [1990].

Evil Avatar of Trigon

As the Titans celebrated the anniversary of their team’s formation, individual members were hunted and captured by the mysterious Wildebeest Society. Deathstroke, Nightwing, Troia, Pantha, Phantasm, Arella and Red Star joined forces to track them down. Upon locating the captured Titans, the heroes were shocked to learn the identity of the Wildebeest leader was their own teammate, Jericho, who was now corrupted by Trigon’s demonic energies. During the final showdown with the Wildebeest Society, Jericho and Raven were seemingly slain, while Arella and Danny Chase died and merged with the purged souls of Azarath to become the new Phantasm.

Although the Titans mourned her death, Raven’s spirit actually survived. Unfortunately, it took form as an evil avatar of Trigon, vowing to implant the seeds of Trigon’s unborn children into new vessels. This Evil Raven took mortal form and became a leather-clad emotional vampire – seeking powerful new bodies to act as hosts for Trigon’s seeds.

The Evil Raven disrupts Kory and Dick’s
wedding plans in NEW TITANS #100 [1993].

At the wedding ceremony of Nightwing and Starfire, Evil Raven launched her first first brutal attack – implanting  a demon seed in the bride through a passionate kiss. This triggered startling changing in Starfire – causing her to leave Earth and go on a spiritual journey. Unknown to Starfire, she was actually implanted with the seed of Raven’s pure essence.

Evil Raven continued her reign of terror, infusing Trigon seeds in Supergirl, Changeling, Magenta, Deathwing, and Thunder and Lightning. Eventually, Raven and her demon allies came into conflict with the Titans. But with the mystic might of Phantasm, the Titans finally destroyed this evil incarnation of Raven – or so they thought.

Evil Raven returned to destroy Starfire, since the last vestige of Raven’s pure soul lay dormant within her. To ferret out the alien princess, Raven incited a conflict in the Vegan Star System. As a result, Tamaran was destroyed along with the alien Technis. When Evil Raven’s true motives were revealed, Raven’s white soul self emerged from Starfire, helping the Titans to destroy Evil Raven utterly. Now free, Raven’s pure soul was reborn in a golden spirit form.

Raven is reborn as a golden spirit in NEW TITANS #130 [1995].

Good As Gold

Raven helped Starfire rebuild her culture on a planet dubbed New Tamaran. But in the far reaches of space, an alien threat loomed – one that would soon reunite the Titans of past and present. Having collected a planet-size assortment of technological debris, Victor Stone journeyed to Earth to turn its moon into a new Technis world and populate it with his Titans allies. The JLA and the Titans first clashed, then united, eventually freeing Victor from alien influence.

Following that, Raven’s spirit form went on a journey to reassess her place in the world.

Raven Reborn

Without a body to inhabit, Raven’s golden soul-self wandered the world aimlessly until a new form of evil came to claim her… an evil known as Brother Blood. Blood’s acolytes summoned a new vessel to serve as the Bride of Blood – a teenage body occupied by the soul of Raven. Blood then kidnapped Raven with the intention to wed the empath. When the Teen Titans attempted a rescue, they also found a scripture that revealed The Church of Blood was founded on the worship of Raven’s father, Trigon. They also learned of an ancient prophesy that told of the marriage between Brother Blood and Raven – a marriage that would bring armageddon and ‘cleanse the earth.’

Brother Blood woos Raven in
TEEN TITANS (third series) #11 [2004].

Blood’s attempt to wed Raven was interrupted by the Teen Titans – along with Deathstroke and Ravager – who sought to slay Raven. Raven unleashed a flock of demons on the cult, forcing them to flee and ending Blood’s plan – for the time being. Raven decided to remain with the latest group of Titans following these events. She then decided to enroll at a local high school – in the alias of Rachel Roth – to experience life as a normal teenage girl.

Upon rescuing a reborn Raven from the clutches of the new Brother Blood, Beast Boy discovered a burgeoning attraction to his former teammate. But before Raven and Gar could fully explore their relationship, Beast Boy was called upon to help the Doom Patrol in Prague. With the Titans in disarray after the events of the Infinite Crisis, Beast Boy elected to remain with the Doom Patrol while Raven embarked on a mysterious mission of her own to bring back Jericho’s lost spirit in a new human body. After successfully restoring Jericho by using a ritual originated by Brother Blood, both Raven and Jericho rejoined the Teen Titans.

After a battle with Deathstroke’s nefarious Titans East team in New York, Raven took a leave of absence from the Teen Titans.

Raven fears her dark side in TITANS #5 [2008].

Titans Together!

After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. But the team was brutally massacred by an unseen evil force. Soon, Titans members past and present were attacked by demonic entities across the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon’s presence once again, called upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father.

But after investigating, the Titans learned that Trigon himself was not behind the attacks. The bestial assaults were actually orchestrated by Raven’s three demon half brothers. Working together as a team, the Titans thwarted the Sons of Trigon and prevented Trigon’s invasion plan. Following this adventure, Raven decided to join her former teammates – and the Titans were together as a team once again!

The Titans’ reunion was short-lived, as personal problems pulled each team member away. This led Raven and Beast Boy to rejoin the Teen Titans in San Francisco. There, they finally sorted through their tentative and troublesome relationship and asserted themselves as a couple.

Rag and Raven mend their relationship in
TEEN TITANS (third series) #100 [20111], and seal it with a kiss.


Powers & Abilities

Blue Raven’s abilities include broadcast empathy, pain dispersion through contact and long-range teleportation. Raven can also project a spirit entity known as a ‘soul self’. Raven has exhibited other abilities as well, including emotion manipulation and low-level precognitive abilities.

White Raven had the same abilities as Blue Raven, but had greater control over emotion manipulation.

Evil Trigon Avatar Raven had the same abilities as both Ravens, but often used her abilities to twist and implant emotions. She also had the ability in implant the seeds of Trigon’s unborn children into live host bodies – through physical contact.

The current Raven has broadcast empathy, pain dispersion through contact and long-range teleportation. Raven still retains her soul-self as well. With her rebirth, she has gained a few new abilities: she can fly; she is able to remove the emotions of people around her – leaving them feeling nothing at all; she herself serves as a doorway to other dimensions. Raven is still learning to explore and control these new abilities.

A convention sketch by Phil Jimenez.


Essential Reading

DC Comics Presents #26 [1980]: featuring a 16-page preview to New Teen Titans! The mysterious empath Raven invades Dick Grayson’s dreams and shows him a glimpse of his near-future as part of the Teen Titans. First appearances of Raven, Cyborg & Starfire. Beast Boy now known as Changeling.
New Teen Titans #1-6 [1980]: After invading his dreams, the mysterious empath Raven incites Dick Grayson to form the New Teen Titans for the eventual purpose of defeating her demonic father, Trigon. Despite their displeasure with her methods, the Titans rally to help Raven defeat Trigon. By combining their magical and scientific powers, the Titans are able to banish Trigon through a dimensional doorway. Arella sacrifices herself as eternal guardian of the gateway against Trigon’s escape.
Tales of the New Teen Titans #2 [1982]: 4-issue mini series. As the Titans take a break on a camping trip, the new members reveal their origins. When Raven is wakened screaming by a nightmare during their camping trip, the other Teen Titans persuade her to share with them the story of her childhood and origin. The origin of Raven.
New Teen Titans #29-31 [1983]: The New Brotherhood of Evil kidnaps Raven and her dark side is revealed to Kid Flash; Terra suddenly decides that she wants to be a Titan.
New Teen Titans (second series) #1-5 [1984-1985]: With Trigon’s evil growing inside her, Raven decides to leave the Titans; Jericho tries to help by entering Raven’s soul-self, where he meets Trigon; Jericho returns, and Raven disappears; The Titans, Kid Flash and Lilith are transported to Azarath, where they are helpless to thwart its destruction; A transformed Raven arrives in New York, announcing the coming of Trigon the Terrible, who appears atop Titans’ Tower; When Raven makes the Titans confront their worst nightmares, the heroes rally to defeat and kill the now-evil empath; Trigon dies when Raven’s soul-self (now white) engulfs him; Titans’ Tower is destroyed in the battle, and Raven’s soul-self disappears. Death of Trigon. Raven cleansed of Trigon’s evil and disappears. Arella reappears and aids the Titans to defeat Trigon.
New Teen Titans (second series) #22 [1986]: Dick Grayson speaks with Raven and Arella; Raven, now dressed in white, has been brainwashed by the Church of Blood.
New Teen Titans (second series) #28-31 [1987]: Azrael is the opening act for Brother Blood’s resurrection; Frances Kane arrives at Titans’ Tower just before the Titans head for the Church of Blood in Washington D.C., where Nightwing and Raven are being held; Brother Blood, his acolytes and a brainwashed Raven battle, defeat and capture the Titans; Meanwhile, Frances Kane recruits several heroes to aid her in a rescue attempt. Brother Blood is channeling the emotions of his followers through Raven; A jealous Mother Mayhem wants Brother Blood dead; Raven returns to normal and attacks Brother Blood with all her might; Azrael saves Brother Blood from certain death and flies him to a monastery in Virginia; Brother Blood defeated in issue #31. Azrael finds a new calling as his ‘caretaker’ in issue #31.
New Teen Titans (second series) #39 [1988]: Starfire convinces Raven that the empath does not love Dick Grayson in the manner that she thinks she does.
New Titans #66-67 [1990]: Eric Forrester romantically pursues Raven, ending in disaster. Raven makes amends with her mother, Arella, who started a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
New Titans #84 [1992]: “The Jericho Gambit” part three. Danny Chase is revealed as Phantasm, having used a sheet, hockey mask and voice box to masquerade as the mysterious Phantasm. Danny and Arella try and contain a demonic, red-skinned Raven. Arella, channeling the spirit Azar, joins with Danny and vanquishes Raven. Their own energies combined with the force from Azarath drive away the evil of Trigon’s lingering influence. This new force inhabits the garb once worn by Danny Chase and takes on the identity of the new Phantasm. The remaining Titans defeat the remains of the Wildebeest Society and escape the collapsing Dimension Azarath. Final part of the Titans Hunt storyline. Death of Jericho. Danny Chase and Arella die, merge with souls of Azarath and become Phantasm. Raven seemingly dies.
New Titans #93 [1993]: The Titans respond to their newfound fame, as Titans-mania sweeps the country. Approached from behind by an unseen person cloaked in gray [actually Evil Raven], the startled Phantasm is informed that Trigon’s evil can never die, and is struck down with an energy bolt.
New Titans #100 [1993]: Nightwing and Starfire’s wedding is interrupted by the return of Raven, now a villainous avatar of Trigon. Starfire is viciously attacked and implanted with a demon “seed” by Raven, as Dick Grayson watches helplessly. Evil Raven is assisted by the corrupted Deathwing and Judge & Jury. Sarge Steel begins his plans to assume control of Titans.
New Titans #118-121 [1995]: Raven , now reborn as an avatar of Trigon, is intent on planting the seeds of Trigon’s unborn children into new vessels. She plants ‘Trigon seeds’ in Supergirl, Changeling, Magenta, Deathwing, and Thunder and Lightning. Eventually, Raven and her demon allies come into conflict with the Titans. With the help of Phantasm (who reforms himself, sensing he is needed), the Titans finally destroyed this evil incarnation of Raven (or so they think).
New Titans #127-130 [1995]: The Titans aid Starfire, who is danger from evil Raven (now resurrected once more). Evil Raven is trying to destroy her good self (which lay dormant in the body of Starfire). To ferret out Starfire, evil Raven incites a conflict in the Vegan star system. Tamaran is destroyed, killing many inhabitants including Starfire’s parents. The Titans are able to destroy evil Raven utterly, and restore good Raven into a new spiritual golden body. Starfire decides to rebuild her culture on a new planet; many Tamaraneans were off-world during the explosion – enough to settle on a new planet dubbed New Tamaran. Changeling, a reformed Raven, and Minion stay with Cyberion, while Darkstar, Green Lantern, and the others return to Earth. Mirage has her baby. Raven is cleansed of evil and given a new golden body in issue #130. Chronologically, the Titans appear next in Titans Secret Files #1, where the dissolution of Arsenal’s team is told.
JLA/Titans: the Technis Imperative #1-3 [December 1998 to February 1999]: The original Titans were reunited in a mini series that also featured the Justice League of America. With a story by Devin Grayson and Phil Jimenez, and art by Phil Jimenez, everyone who had ever been a Titans was reunited.
Titans #9 [1999]: Raven returns [interrupting a private moment between Roy and Donna] as the Day of Judgment wreaks havoc on the DCU; The team’s former resident empath seeks Troia’s help to reach the gates of Heaven. Plus, Deathstroke faces off against Tartarus. Meanwhile, Goth takes advantage of the mystical chaos Day of Judgment has brought.
Teen Titans [third series] #8-12 [2004]: the 5-part “Raven Rising!” The Teen Titans seek out the Cult of Brother Blood in an attempt to learn where Raven is being held against her will. But there’s someone else on the trail: Deathstroke and the Ravager! The Titans learn that The Church of Blood originally worshiped Trigon and a prophesy foretells the marriage between Raven and the Eighth Brother Blood. The team repels Blood and Raven joins the Titans once more. Raven’s origin retold in issue #8. Raven joins the team in issue #12.
Teen Titans [third series] #20 [2005]: The Titans return from the future as Dr. Light plans his attack. Raven enrolls in high school under the alias Rachel Roth.
Teen Titans [third series] #30 [2006]: During a rematch with Brother Blood, Raven and Beast Boy share a kiss.
Titans #1-4 [2008]: After Cyborg’s Titans East team is brutally massacred by an unseen evil force, Titans members are attacked by demonic entities around the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon’s presence once again, calls upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father. But the Titans discover that the bestial assaults were actually orchestrated by Raven’s three demon half brothers – Jacob, Jared and Jesse. Using Raven as a doorway, the Sons of Trigon open a portal to the desolate realm where a weakened Trigon awaited. The brothers then betray their own father by siphoning whatever small power was left within him. In the wake of this battle, the Titans – Nightwing, Troia, Flash, Red Arrow, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy – decide to become a team again.
Titans #5-6 [2008]: Raven and Beast Boy attempt to go out on a date, but it’s interrupted when Raven’s brothers return to reclaim their sibling. The Titans are able to free Raven with the help of a mystical stone.
Titans #18 [2008]: Spotlight on Raven, as she confront her evil brother and her own uncertain future.
Teen Titans [third series] #75-76 [2009]: When Raven is kidnapped by a magical entity known as The Wylde, it’s up to Beast Boy and Teen Titans to save her. Raven and Beast Boy rejoin the Teen Titans.
Teen Titans [third series] #100 [2011]: The Titans battle Superboy Prime and his army of brainwashed Super Clones. Raven and Beast Boy finally  sort through their tentative and troublesome relationship and asserted themselves as a couple.


A 2009 Raven and Beast Boy commission by Rodney Buchemi.


Marv Wolfman on Raven

Creating the Dynamics of the New Teen Titans

“Raven was shy and introverted and found it difficult to confide in others. Starfire was outgoing and pure, lusty emotion. Wonder Girl, once again, was directly in the middle. The same kind of triangle was created for the guys. Robin, later Nightwing, was the level-headed and capable leader who, because he was kept on a tight leash by Batman, often felt inadequate for the task at hand. He also had a need to prove himself to Batman. Because everyone in his life had died on him, Changeling believed he had very little to offer anyone and covered it up with an outward bravado. Cyborg was a logical scientist type who rejected that approach to become an angry young man. Nightwing’s logical approach to life and anger toward his “parent” was shared by Cyborg while his feelings of inadequacy were shared by Changeling. Cyborg and Changeling had also been physically altered by their parents, and that helped bring them together.”

“The characters were created so they would play off each other, but they were still only words on paper. They needed to have real life breathed into them. That happened when George Pérez came onto the scene.

Creating Raven

ORION: Regarding the New Teen Titans, could you give us a little background detail on the characters themselves? How were they created and so on.

WOLFMAN: Basically Len Wein and I sat down and created them. Len wanted a mystic character, I didn’t, but Len said he really wanted one, so I came up with Raven.

ORION: Why didn’t you want a mystic character?

WOLFMAN: Because I didn’t want to do the Phantom Stranger, and I didn’t want to do Doctor Strange, yet the descriptions he kept giving me were that. He said the challenge is to find another way of doing it. Raven came out of being challenged by Len. which is the way I work best. Cyborg was mine, as was Starfire.

Raven’s Powers

MacDONALD: Raven’s powers are very vague.

WOLFMAN: Not to me. She’s the empath who can cure some illnesses, some problems. She can’t cure death, or any major disease. She failed when trying to cure the Russian Starfire’s girl friend. If it’s small pains or hurts at least she can cure them, but it affects her. She can move through dimensions, which is the effect of teleportation

MacDONALD: How far can she go with that?

WOLFMAN: I would say about 100 miles. That’s about it. We really haven’t played with it or have her go more than 10 miles at any given point. But I’d say 100 is about the most. But it’s not really teleportation, I was trying to get away from that. If Raven comes from an inter-dimensional place, I wanted to play on her origin. What else can she do? Her soul-self, that’s the part of her that’s Trigon, her father, the evil part of her, and that’s also the part that’s the aggressor, the one that actually stops all the villains. She’s not able herself to fight. But the soul self does most of that for her, because it has all her aggressive tendencies.

MacDONALD And just what happens to those people when they get inside there?

WOLFMAN: Usually they are either sent away, teleported away, or they fall down and faint, or she learns something from them.

MacDONALD: lt’s nor very nice in there is it?

WOLFMAN: No. It’s awful (laughter]. In fact, in issue #29,1 believe, because of what happens to the Brotherhood of Evil, the character Phobia who sets up her greatest fear – she sees Kid Flash as her father and the soul self goes after Kid Flash and virtually kills him. Raven’s not very happy about that.


A 2009 commission by George Pérez.


 George Pérez on Raven

The Art of Raven

“Raven is very angular, very high cheekbones, very straight-nosed, with an upper lip slightly larger than her lower lip, and, of course, an incredibly large forehead. ”

“Raven has developed, recently, a dancer’s body in which her breasts have gotten smaller. I gave Raven a body based on a young lady, Fran McGregor, who’s built with a very attractive dancer’s body. She goes to the same school as my wife, Carol.”

Changing the Face of Raven

“When we received a letter from someone saying “Hey, you know, I’ve noticed that the face has been changing, you’re making her look almost demonic, was that deliberate?” It wasn’t, then, but it became that way from that point on! (Laughter.) That’s when we decided to use that scene inside TITANS #1, based on that one letter. lt started as something I was doing because I was adapting my style. Then I suddenly decided to use a story element. The face was changed, but it wasn’t because George Pérez style was changing, it was because it was a deliberate change. So it was an accidental deliberate change.”

“Raven? Interesting to draw. Without Trigon it’s going to be interesting to see how to handle her. Now that she’s open to emotion, it opens up the character. We can do a lot more of her opening up to a society that she had closed off for so many years. I think she’s going to have a lot of potential.”

George Pérez on Developing Raven
[From Amazing Heroes #156, January 1, 1989]

“I’d like so deal with she religious aspects of her. She was a high priestess, so she has a certain feeling toward religion. She probably even disagrees with a lot of it. I guess after doing Wonder Woman for so long, religion is something I’ve come to understand more. I was dealing with somebody who I had to infuse with a religious belief based on some things I did not know about. I’ve never been a Pagan.”

“I’d like so deal more with Raven’s mother. What was her mother’s real name? I figure it’s not Arella, as that was the name she took. Does Raven have any other relatives? Where is her mother now? One thing we’d like so deal with in the Titans-and Raven is a part of it as is Joey, although most of the others have shown is already-is sex. To her, sex is rape. She grew up with that, constantly reminded her entire life that she was a child of a rape. A thing like that can scar someone. I’d like so work a little more on investigating her rationale. It’s not unusual. There have been lots of children who have had to go through that, but in this case we have Raven, who was not only the child of a rape, but was the daughter of a demon who tried to destroy everybody and corrupted her!”

“Now that she doesn’t have that influence, maybe she’d like to have a relationship, but it will always stop when sex becomes involved. It’s something she cannot handle. Realize that a woman like that, to give up her virginity, is would have to be someone she could trust so implicitly that that memory of a rape could be eradicated, or at least ignored. Bus having seen so many other people, including Titans, go through relationships that were more frivolous or hurt when the break-up occurred, it’s not going so be easy for Raven to open up so someone that way.”

“Things like that, and other investigations into Raven’s personality, will be fascinating. Having done so many female characters from Wonder Woman and the Titans, that type of delving into the female psyche I find fascinating, particularly when there are certain things that no man can really identify with. Even if a man was the child of a rape, he would not have so worry about himself being caught pregnant, even if he were raped. Raven’s is a totally different point of view, and I look forward to delving into that.”

“If more men would try to understand that, that would be the only way to truly understand why a woman would take such pride in the things that make her unique. It would explain what happens when we as a male species corrupt that, violate that. It’s like someone coming in and cutting off our penises. We don’t know what we’ve lost until we’ve lost it. Virginity is something that a woman either treasures or abandons as quickly as she wants to, but it should always be her choice to do so. When a man takes away that choice I can imagine that it is an incredible violation of one of the things that makes women feel unique. ”


A stunning Raven commission by Stuart Sayger.


 Titans In Love: Raven and Kid Flash

Although Wally West and Raven never quite got together, their doomed romance is the stuff of comic book legend. Raven sought to recruit Kid Flash in New Teen Titans #1 [1980], but Wally West initially refused. Raven mystically manipulated Wally’s feelings and made him fall in love with her, prompting him to join the newfound team after all. Raven’s duplicity was revealed in New Teen Titans #4, leaving Kid Flash devastated. The worst thing of all was Wally’s new realization in New Teen Titans #5, “I care. I still care. I can’t get her out of my mind.” What was once a spell was now quite real. This led the lovesick speedster to aid Raven despite her subterfuge.

Raven fears her feeling for Kid Flash in

His feelings were reciprocated, as Raven wrestled with her burgeoning attraction to Kid Flash as well. But as the daughter of a demon, Raven had to control her emotions, lest her evil side burst free. Legends of the DC Universe 80 Page Giant #1 [1998] revealed new details surrounding the origin of the New Teen Titans, including Raven’s initial lament concerning Kids Flash, “Thi-this one is different. I– I have read his heart. I know his passions. He gives me feelings I have never had before. No! I cannot allow this.” Likewise, Legends of the DC Universe #18 [1999] featured an untold tale of Raven and Wally West before New Teen Titans #1, in which a young Raven watched Wally from afar, “No! This is not good,” the empath remarked, “I have feelings I should not have.”

Wally repeatedly reached out to Raven, but the teen mystic remained detached. Her demonic side was revealed to Wally in the pages of New Teen Titans #29, causing the speedster to recoil in horror. This, among other factors, led Wally to leave the team in New Teen Titans #39. There, he tells Raven, “I alternately love you and hate you. Sometimes, I can’t bear to be apart from you — other times, I don’t want to know you exist.” Ouch.

Kid Flash leaves in NEW TEEN TITANS #39 [1984].

Raven’s evil eventually consumed her, and the Titans called upon Wally West to aid them in a final battle against Trigon (New Teen Titans (second series) #2 [1984]). As the team was tortured with visions of their worst nightmares, Wally witnessed the horrific ramifications of a romantic coupling with Raven. The team was successful in defeating Trigon, as a cleansed Raven disappeared in a flash of white light.

Raven later resurfaced amid Brother Blood’s cult, and the Titans galvanized their forces to rescue Raven and put an end to Blood. In the wake of this encounter, Wally gazes at Raven, as the caption reads, “There eyes meet briefly, then hastily move apart. What love there was, if there was, is gone. The feeling that remain have no name… And no words follow.” (New Teen Titans (second series) #31 [1987]).

A sad and melancholy end to a love affair that never was.

Romantic Reads:
New Teen Titans [1980] #1-6, 29-30, 39
New Teen Titans [1984] #1-5, 31
Legends of the DC Universe [1998] #1
Legends of the DC Universe [1999] #18


A 2005 convention sketch by Mike McKone.

Sources for this entry: DC Who’s Who Series, DC Who’s Who Binder Series, The Official Teen Titans Index [published by ICG in 1985], The New Titans Sourcebook [Mayfair Games, 1990], DC Universe Role-Playing Games: Sourcebooks and Manuals [ West End Games], DC Secret Files, supplemented by

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