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By far the most mysterious member of the group, Raven has a dry wit and world-weary demeanor. She always has a droll remark at the ready and is a perfect antidote to Beast Boy’s silly antics. When the Teen Titans are on the attack, Raven summons her powerful mental abilities to control inanimate objects – tying up villains with steel beams or hurling cars with ease. While she comes across as a cooler-than-thou outsider, she works well with the rest of the group and would be lost without her fellow Titans.

Raven was very private when she first joined the team – not even allowing her close friends to enter her room.   She has learned to open up a bit – whether it’s shopping with Starfire of secretly enjoying Beast Boy’s humor – such as it is.

Part of the reason Raven was so withdrawn was a prophesy related to her birth. Raven was destined to become a human portal that would bring her demonic father to earth. Upon Raven’s birthday, Trigon began to set plans into motion to bring about the end of earth as we know it. Indeed, Raven did bring Trigon to earth – and he transformed the planet into a frightening wasteland. The prophesy was fulfilled. And Raven was changed into a helpless child. But Raven learned – with the help of the Titans – that there is always hope. Raven tapped into her own eldritch energies to age herself and use Trigon’s own ‘power’ against him. In a flash of white, Raven was able to cleanse the earth of Trigon’s evil. This marked the end of an old prophesy – and a new beginning for Raven.

  • In the comic books, Raven was attracted to fellow Titan, Kid Flash. She also felt close to fellow Titan, Jericho – who was also Slade’s son!
  • Raven has healing abilities; She can absorb and expel pain with a touch. She hasn’t used the ability much in the animated series, but it’s something she does in FINAL EXAM and FRACTURED.

Producer Sam Register on Raven: “We think of her as a goth girl. She’s a dark character – but a character everyone can relate to. She’s a recluse and sort of to herself. We thought that would be a good dynamic with the rest of the team. She does have a dark background in the comic.”

The daughter of an Earth woman and an other-dimensional demon, Raven possesses vast empathic and healing powers, can travel in-between dimensions and has the ability to unleash her “soul-self” which can force an enemy to be overwhelmed by his or her worst fears. Often an outsider and thought of as a witch, Raven had to control her emotions, lest the evil side of her nature would burst free. Raven first appeared and joined the New Teen Titans in NEW TEEN TITANS #1 [1980].

Raven did not have telekentic powers in the comics, but she shares other abilities with her animated counterpart – such as her soul-self and healing abilities. Raven often was reclusive and private, much like the animated version.

Fear Itself
Bunny Raven
The Prophecy
The End [parts 1-3]
Hide and Seek

Tara Strong (the voice of Raven) 
For the Teen Titans, Tara Strong is Raven, the mystical, gothic and slightly creepy hero. Strong is definitely an artist when it comes to developing interesting voices. She has a number of notable voice credits under her belt such as Bubbles from Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls, Baby Dil on The Rugrats and Timmy on the The Fairly Odd Parents. She also has had roles on Batman: The Animated Series, Filmore and Proud Family and has performed in many animated feature films including The Little Mermaid II, Ice Age and Spirited Away. (Source: Cartoon Network official press kit)

The animated Raven and her comic book counterpart

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