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Ravager III

Alias: Wade DeFarge

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Ravager II (Bill Walsh) Ravager IV (Rose Wilson)


Brothers In Arms

When Slade Wilson’s mother died, his father married a woman named Frannie. Shortly afterward, Frannie gave birth to a son named Wade. Shortly after that, Frannie divorced Slade’s father. As the two half-brothers grew, Wade always felt inferior to Slade, even though Slade looked out for him.

Wade DeFarge later met Captain Adeline Kane and was immediately taken with her. Adeline was initially charmed by Wade, and the two shared a brief but passionate affair.Although the two parted ways, Wade remained bitter over the break-up for years. Unknown to Adeline, Wade was actually the half-brother to Slade Wilson, the man she would marry four years later.

Slade’s marriage to Addie only intensified Wade’s bitter feelings towards him. So much so, that Wade went over the edge and kidnapped Slade’s sons, Joseph and Grant, when they were children. Wade was obviously demented, and tried to tell the boys that their father was an evil man. Slade, Addie, Wintergreen and Frannie came to the rescue at the Wilson’s mountain cabin. As Wade tried to kill Slade, Frannie was forced to shoot her own son, forcing Wade to plummet off a cliff. At that time, he was presumed dead. In truth, Wade survived, with the mountain’s cold air cauterizing his wound.

Once he recovered, Wade went underground and joined a mercenary army. He later hired the Jackal to kidnap Joseph Wilson so Slade would be forced to reveal to Addie that he was secretly Deathstroke. The plan was successful, although he did not plan for Joseph’s throat to be cut.

Wade stayed underground and planned to exact revenge on Slade and eventually reclaim Addie for himself.

Ravager III’s identity is revealed in DEATHSTROKE (first series) #50 [1992].


Years later, Wade DeFarge assumed the identity of the Ravager and began to hunt down Slade Wilson’s friends and family. He murdered Slade’s informant Maurice, and his tech supplier, Squirrel. Ravager even killed Frannie, his own mother.

Ravager then abducted Rose Worth when he discovered she was Deathstroke’s long-lost daughter. As DeFarge tortured Rose, he also revealed to her that Slade Wilson was her father.

Wintergreen and Rose’s mother, Lili, launched a rescue attempt to extract Rose from DeFarge’s captivity. Eventually, Lili and Wintergreen reached their quarry in the snow-covered wilderness. To save her daughter, Lili attempted to run over Ravager – causing her jeep to careen off a cliff and explode. Lili was presumed dead, but her body was never recovered.

Eventually, Wade revealed his identity to Slade and vowed to destroy him by targeting anyone he ever cared about. Meanwhile, Adeline Kane, now insane, donned a Vigilante costume and came into conflict with Slade and the Ravager. During the confrontation, Addie was shot between the eyes and presumed dead. The Ravager was captured and taken away by authorities. Defeated by Slade once again, Wade’s hatred for his half-brother was greater than ever.

The Third Ravager’s last mission – in TEEN TITANS #1/2 [2004].

Rose Wilson’s Revenge

Wade was later offered $100,000 to kill Slade’s estranged daughter, Rose Wilson, by an anonymous source; Wade would do it for free, he declared, just to get revenge on his half-brother. Wade found Rose in Chicago living in a foster home with Margaret and Mark Madison. He brutally killed the Madisons and set his sights on Rose. Rose eluded Wade, just as the Teen Titans arrived, also claiming an anonymous source tipped them off to the fact Rose was in trouble. Just as the Titans got the drop on Ravager, an arrow containing halothane gas exploded and knocked the team out. When they awoke, Rose and the Ravager were missing.

Awakening later in his lair, Slade offered Rose a chance to erase their bad memories and replace them with better ones. To become his new apprentice as well as re-forge their father-daughter bond. Rose’s first act as his new student is to slay the former Ravager, so she could become the new one.

Rose was unaware that Slade hired Wade DeFarge in the first place, in an attempt to push Rose towards him. Slade also pumped Rose full of the same serum that made him Deathstroke – inducing her into a state of psychosis. Formerly estranged from her father, Rose became his eager new student – and adopted the identity of The Ravager.

Rose grasped Slade’s sword and exacted a final and fitting revenge on the man who killed her mother.

 Powers & Abilities

Ravager III had no known super powers, but was an above-average fighter and skilled in the use of various weapons.


Essential Reading

Deathstroke: The Hunted #0, 41-45[1994-1995]: THE HUNTED STORYLINE. Deathstroke is implicated in a presidential assassination attempt, making him a wanted man. Crimelord plots against Slade. Addie Kane begins a vengeance campaign against Pat Trayce. Bronze Tiger and Deadshot hunt Deathstroke, seemingly killing him. Slade awakens in the morgue [the first hints of his immortality] and battles Guy Gardner, Warrior. Meanwhile, a mystery assailant murders Slade’s friends Maurice, Frannie and Squirrel and attacks Wintergreen. Slade encounters Sweet Lili and during the confusion, discovers her daughter, Rose, has been kidnapped by the mystery assailant [now calling himself the Ravager]. The Ravager holds Rose hostage & reveals Slade is her father. Sweet Lili and Wintergreen mount a rescue attempt. As Slade once again awakens from death, he is attacked by Crimelord’s agents as well as Hawkman. The Titans hunt and capture Deathstroke; Wintergreen rescues Rose Wilson but Sweet Lili [Rose’s mother] dies. Hunted storyline concludes with issue #45. First appearance of Ravager III in issue #41.
Deathstroke #47 [1995]: Deathstroke is forced to work for Sarge Steel. Addie Kane and Crimelord plot against Slade. Sarge Steel meets up with Rose Wilson & Wintergreen. The Ravager continues to stalk Slade and his friends.
Deathstroke #48 [1995]: The Crimelord/Syndicate War, part 1; New Titans appear; Rose Wilson confronts Slade and blames him for her mother’s death; Wintergreen petitions to adopt her, but Slade has already made arrangements with Sarge Steel to place her into his [the Titans’] custody. Continued in New Titans #122 [Rose joins the Titans] and Darkstars #32.
Deathstroke #49 [1995]: The Crimelord/Syndicate War, part 4; New Titans appear; Crimelord revealed to be Steve Dayton.
Deathstroke 50 [1995]: New Titans appear to stop the Crimelord. Working with Sarge Steel and Checkmate, Slade is able to prove that the assassination attempt was actually a plan of the Crimelord, Steve Dayton. Dayton wants to replace all the world leaders with clones, under his control. Also, the now-insane Dayton wants to merge his essence to cyberspace. Deathstroke thwarts his plan and clears his name. Dayton is left floating somewhere in the void of cyberspace. Wade DeFarge is revealed as the Ravager.
Deathstroke Annual #4 [1995]: a YEAR ONE of Deathstroke; the third Ravager revealed as Slade’s half-brother, Wade DeFarge; Wade relates how his hatred for his half-brother grew over the years [a flashback featuring Joe and Grant Wilson and Addie Kane is related]; Addie, now insane, dons the Vigilante costume and joins the fray, only to be shot between the eyes. Addie seemingly dies then rises in a morgue; Deathstroke defeats Ravager, who is brought into custody. Deathstroke believes Addie has died. A back-up story features Rose Wilson: Sarge Steel wonders about the hellion he has assumed custody of; Rose sneaks out against orders and runs into some street thugs.
Teen Titans #1/2 [2004]:
 Deathstroke orchestrates events to bring Rose back into his life. Hiring Ravager III [Wade DeFarge] to hunt Rose so he can save her, he pushes her down a destructive path as his new apprentice. Rose’s first act as his new student is to slay the former Ravager, so she can become the new one. Origin of Rose Wilson as Ravager. Death of Wade DeFarge [Ravager III].

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