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Pytor Raskov

Red Star’s Foster Father

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Russian scientist Pytor Raskov dutifully served his country for most of his adult life. While serving his government, he became close friends with archaeologist, Konstantin Kovar. Konstantin’s son, Leonid Kovar, was taken by the Soviet State and subjected to training which turned him into the first of a new generation of Russian meta-humans. Originally called Starfire, Leonid faithfully served the interests of his country. Konstantin Kovar seemingly perished under mysterious circumstances while serving the Soviet Union. This left young Leonid an orphan of the state; Feeling compassion for the boy, Pyotr Raskov looked after Leonid and became his surrogate father.

Dr. Pytor Raskov started a state-of-the-art research initiative in Siberia. The vast compound was named “Science City” and funded by the Russian government. The entire operation initially consisted of seven complexes – each designed to explore and research experiments considered too dangerous to perform anywhere else. Investigating everything from the paranormal to the ecologicial, Science City became a hub of technological advancement.

ABOVE: Pytor Raskov recalls his past in NEW TITANS #77 [1991].
BELOW:  Raskov is killed by his former friend in NEW TITANS #96 [1993].

When Cyborg was almost completely destroyed by the Wildebeest Society, Raskov and a handful of Russian scientists were able to rebuild him at Science City, although his mind was lost in the process. When the Titans arrived to retieve their lost teammate, Raskov tried to claim him in the name of Russia. With Red Star’s urging, the kind-hearted scientist relented, allowing his surrogate son to return to the United States with the New Titans.

Science City has had its share of nefarious experiments, including the KGB’s attempt to breed a group of cybernetically engineered Meta-Men. To enact their plan, the KGB framed Raskov for treason and took over Science City, forcing the scientist to call Red Star back to him homeland. This was an attempt to secure Cyborg, to use his technology to enhance the Meta-Men and assassinate the President. The Meta-Men project was spearheaded by Red Star’s power-mad father, Konstantin Kovar, who had spent years in hiding. Pytor Raskov and Konstantin had once been like brothers, but Konstantin would stop at nothing in his quest for power. When Raskov refused to comply, Konstantin murdered his former friend.

The plot was eventually exposed by Red Star and Sarah Charles, leaving Red Star to mourn Pytor Raskov.

Essential Reading

New Titans #77-78 [1991]: Science City rebuilds Cyborg.
New Titans #87 [1992]: Raskov is arrested by a rogue government faction in Russia; They force him to call Red Star back to Science City.
New Titans #93 [1992]: Red Star is called back to Russia.
New Titans #94-96 [1993]: Red Star travels to his homeland of Russia with Sarah Charles in an attempt to restore Cyborg. He learns his father Konstantin is alive and building an army of Meta-Men as part of a plot to assassinate President Yeltsin and blame it on the American government. And agent named Anna and Leonid disrupt Konstantin’s plans, but Pyotr Raskov is killed in the battle for refusing to comply with Konstantin. Also, Anna is forced to kill Leonid’s father, Konstantin. Order is restored and Red Star returns to the United States.

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