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Alias: Dr. Simon Jones

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Psimon Says… Die!

Dr. Simon Jones was working on interdimensional experiments when he met Trigon the Terrible, Raven’s demonic father. The demon changed Jones into the villain known as Psimon and gave the transformed scientist a mission: destroy the world. When Psimon read the classified ad in the Underworld Star, he saw the perfect chance to form a team and fulfill this mission.

Biding his time, Psimon tolerated the buffoonish Dr. Light’s leadership, then finally seized power, taking over the reins as head of the Fearsome Five. Psimon was arrogant, power-hungry and smug in his powers. He was an excellent tactician who spoke with grandiose verbiage. He did not always kill his victims, preferring to instill his opponents with fear of himself and his mental powers.

ABOVE: Dr. Light gathers the Fearsome Five in NEW TEEN TITANS #3 [1981].
BELOW: Psimon displays his power in NEW TEEN TITANS #3 [1981].

Psimon later abandoned Trigon’s mission, leading the Fearsome Five in freeing the nuclear-powered Neutron and the sorceress Jinx from imprisonment at S.T.A.R. Labs. The Fearsome Five (actually, six members at this point) held New York hostage, until the intervention of the Titans, who engaged them in battle and defeated them.

It was during this battle that Psimon became part of the Monitor’s advance team during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. But Psimon was later betrayed by his villainous cohorts and left for dead.

Psimon attacks Arsenal’s Titans team in NEW TITANS #117 [1994].

Psimon Says… Revenge!

Psimon was able to survive the experience, and resurfaced in deep space. He cut a swath of destruction through a star system, devastating the planets of Kallas and Talyn. Eventually, Psimon returned to Earth to seek revenge against those who wronged him, including his former teammates.

To that end, Psimon located Mammoth and Shimmer at a Tibetan monestary, where  he unleashed a vicious two-pronged attack. First, he used his extraordinary psionic powers to drive a spear through Mammoth’s head. Then, he transformed Shimmer into glass and shattered her into thousands of tiny shards. Next, Psimon tracked down Gizmo at S.T.A.R. Labs. There, the psionic sociopath used his powers to continually shrink Gizmo to subatomic size.

Psimon then attacked the New Titans, and psychologically tortured each of them. This act unwittingly unlocked new abilities in the Titan, Mirage. Jarras Minion then arrived on Earth to carry out his mission of vengeance, intending to kill Psimon for destroying his home planet of Talyn. Minion’s powerful Omegadrome helped contain Psimon, while Mirage’s newfound psionics dampered the dangerous villain’s mental powers. Psimon was then handed over to the peace-keeping Darkstars, who promised Minion that the super-villain would answer for his crimes.

Dr. Sivana gathers the revamped Fearsome Five in OUTSIDERS #14 [2004]

Psimon Says… Five Is Alive!

Sometime later, Psimon was remanded to the Slab, a super-high-tech prison which hosted a variety of super-powered inmates. When Brother Blood attempted to activate a global satellite-activation system, Psimon used the opportunity to initiate a major prison breakout at the Slab. Psimon, along with hundreds of other inmates, escaped while Nightwing and the Outsiders were preoccupied with Brother Blood’s plan.

Sometime later, Dr. Sivana organized a revamped Fearsome Five team comprised of Psimon, Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, and a newly-restored Shimmer. The group was hired to initiate a corporate espionage plot against Lexcorp, but their efforts were undone by Nightwing’s Outsiders team.

Since then, Psimon has remained with the Fearsome Five although its membership is constantly changing. Plagued by personal agendas and constant in-fighting, the evil organization’s biggest obstacles can often be found within its own ranks!

 Powers & Abilities

Psimon possessed telepathic and telekinetic powers of an extraordinary nature, and was able to control virtually any mind, regardless of its strength, and to telepathically command a person to die. He could also lift mid move objects solely through the use of wall power. The true limits of Psimon’s abilities were never charted, but considering has powers were a gift from the omnipotent Trigon, it as assumed that they were virtually limitless.


ABOVE: The original Fearsome Five
BELOW: A more recent incarnation of the team.


Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #3 [1981]: Dr. Light forms the Fearsome Five in order to attack the Titans again; Fearsome Five member Psimon, under Trigon’s subtle influence, takes over leadership from Dr. Light, and the villains defeat the Titans; Psimon plants a compulsion in the heroes’ minds to destroy the JLA. First appearance of Fearsome Five; First appearance of Gizmo, Mammoth, Shimmer and Psimon.
New Teen Titans #5 [1981]: The Titans attempt to help Raven battle Trigon; Trigon punishes Psimon by spreading his atoms throughout the light stream; The heroes are defeated, and Raven agrees to return with Trigon if he stops his assault on the Earth Dimension.
New Teen Titans #7 [1981]: Titans’ Tower is unveiled. The Fearsome Five renew their assault on the Titans, using Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, and the dimensional transmitter in Titans’ Tower to bring Psimon back; Once the Fearsome Five is defeated, Silas reveals that he is dying of cancer; After two months of reconciliation between himself and his son, Silas dies.
New Teen Titans #37 and Batman and the Outsiders #5 [1983]: Fearsome Five member Gizmo breaks his villain group out of prison; Under Psimon’s leadership, the Fearsome Five kidnap Dr. Helga Jace and force her to make them a group of Mud Men to help in their battles; Dick Grayson tells Bruce Wayne that he wants to terminate their heroic partnership; The Titans and the Outsiders team up to defeat the Fearsome Five after the villains expel Dr. Light from the group and attempt to kill him; Robin chafes under Batman’s leading the two groups in battle and takes over, proving that Robin does not always have to be in Batman’s shadow.
New Titans #116-117, Green Lantern #57 [1994]: Psimon cuts a swath of destruction through a star system, devastating the planets of Kallas and Talyn (home of Jarras Minion). Eventually, Psimon returns to earth, where he seeks revenge against all those who wronged him, including his former teammates. To that end, Psimon viciously attacks Mammoth and Shimmer – driving a spear through Baran’s head. He then transforms Selinda into glass and shatters her, killing her instantly. Next is Gizmo: Psimon uses his powers to continually shrink Gizmo – until he reaches the subatomic level. Psimon then attacks the Titans, and psychologically tortures each of them, while also unwittingly unlocking new abilities in the Titan, Mirage. Jarras Minion arrives on earth on a mission of vengeance. Minion intends to kill Psimon. With Mirage’s new abilities and the arrival of Minion, the Titans are able to contain Psimon. Mammoth, Shimmer and Gizmo seemingly die. Mammoth later resurfaces alive. Green Lantern joins the Titans.
Outsiders #6 [2003]: As the team attempts to shut down Blood’s global satellite-activation system before he’s able to activate his sleeper agents, an act of kindness could end the life of Arsenal. Meanwhile, Psimon helps engineer a major breakout at the Slab.
Outsiders #13-15 [2004]: -The Fearsome Five are back – and worse than ever – in the 3-part “Five by Five!” Organized by Dr. Sivana, Mammoth, Gizmo, Psimon, Jinx, and a newly-restored Shimmer wreak havoc. Shimmer restored to life in issue #13.
Outsiders #29-30 [2005] : Sabbac joins the Fearsome Five and ensnares the seven deadly sins.

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