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Professor Chang

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Professor Chang made a criminal career supplying weapons and materials to the bad boys of Jump City. Robin used Chang to secure a supply of Xenothium – a rare dangerous chemical – to power his Red X suit.

Later, Red X mysteriously resurfaced. Someone had stolen the super-suit from Robin’s safekeeping and now needed a new supply of Xenothium. But Professor Chang sought to use Xenothium to make a bigger name for himself by creating a massive weapon. After Robin and Red X were both double-crossed by the evil Professor Chang, they teamed up to bring him down and rescue the Titans.

Brother Blood later strong-armed Professor Chang into helping him. Using Cyborg’s blueprints, Chang gave Blood a cybernetic extreme makeover.

Chang was also one of the scientists who helped create Red Star.

  • Professor Chang was named after TEEN TITANS series director, Michael Chang

Professor Chang did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

Titans East [part 2]
Titans Together

James Hong as Professor Chang

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