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Producers Talk Teen Titans Go!

The entire Teen Titans cast — Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy — returns next year in an 11-minute format as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block. Called Teen Titans Go!, the new series is executive produced by Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath, who met with reporters at Comic-Con International to discuss what they kept from the old series, what they’re changing, and the introduction of cannibalism into the new show.

“This series takes those five characters — we’re going to have the same voice actors and same sort of characterization as the original Teen Titans — and we’re putting them in entirely new situations,” Jelenic explained. “Primarily, comedic situations.”

These comedic situations find the Titans treating the tower as their home, though, with Horvath describing the setting as “a super high-tech expensive apartment that they just litter with all their stuff.” Unlike the previous series’ mixture of laughs and serious conflicts with characters like Slade, Trigon and the Brotherhood of Evil, the only fights the producers have planned are between the Titans and who gets first dibs on the kitchen.

“Also, Robin is made the fool in this series,” Jelenic said. “In the last series, Robin was perfect and infallible. Now, we’ve taken him in the other direction. He never thinks he’s wrong, but he’s often wrong.” Part of the comedy will come from Robin’s growing insecurity over being the only Titan without some sort of superpower.

As part of the move away from the original series, the show will make few, if any, references to the previous incarnation. “We’re terrified of what the hardcore fanbase is going to think,” Horvath admitted with a laugh. “There’s no continuity. Those were the marching orders. This is not that series. We’re not linking up.”

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