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Alias: Otto Von Furth

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Otto Von Furth was a mine worker in East Berlin, Germany, where an unexpected cave-in trapped him and four fellow miners for seven days. During that time, Von Furth’s coworkers died, leaving him as the lone survivor.

They had been mining highly radioactive radium, and Von Furth nearly succumbed to its deadly rays. Miraculously, however, he survived. Once rescued, Von Furth was brought to a local hospital, but he was soon kidnapped by an ex-Nazi known as General ZahI. In his own laboratory, Zahl used Von Furth’s radioactive body for further experimentation, subjecting him to chemical testing that resulted in a massive mutation. Due to his anger at existing in a blob-like state, Plasmus is cruel and ruthless.

Von Furth’s body changed into unstable protoplasm, and he was brought into the newly reformed Brotherhood of Evil, where he took the name Plasmus. Plasmus enjoys fighting and regrets. not being the one who destroyed General Zahl.

Since then, Plasmus and the Brotherhood have opposed the New Teen Titans on numerous occasions. Plasmus later resurfaced back with the Brotherhood.

The new Brotherhood of Evil makes their deadly debut in NEW TEEN TITANS #14-15 [1981],
with new members Warp, Phobia, Houngan and Plasmus. 

Powers & Abilities

Plasmus’ radiation and chemically converted body gives him the ability to bring fiery death to whoever he touches, and to reduce any living matter to its protoplasmic state. There is no cure for his touch, and to date nothing has been discovered that can withstand his burning powers. To defend himself, Plasmus can make his cells lose cohesion so that bullets pass through him and punches are ineffectual.



Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #13-15 [1981-1982]: Robin, Cyborg and Kid Flash meet up with Robotman, and the group rescues a drugged Steve Dayton from Madame Rouge’s underground city in Africa. The Titans reunite and are attacked by Steve Dayton in his Mento identity, who is under Madame Rouge’s control; Raven brings Dayton back to normal, and the heroes follow Madame Rouge and General Zahl to Zandia; Zahi’s forces defeat and capture the Titans while Changeling is taken prisoner by the New Brotherhood of Evil. Changeling agrees to work with the New Brotherhood of Evil, and the group rescues the Titans; General Zahl is killed by a bullet which ricochets off Robotman’s body, Madame Rouge is killed by Changeling, and the Brotherhood is allowed to go free. First appearance of New Brotherhood of Evil in issue #14; First appearance of Warp, Houngan, Phobia and Plasmus.
New Teen Titans #29 [1983]: The Brain, believing that Raven has information that will help him defeat Brother Blood, sends his New Brotherhood of Evil to capture the empath; Frances Kane returns because her powers are resurfacing, and witnesses a battle between the New Brotherhood of Evil and the Titans, in which Raven thinks that Kid Flash is Trigon (due to Phobia’s manipulation) and nearly kills him; Raven leaves the Titans because she cannot handle Kid Flash’s hatred.
New Teen Titans #30 [1983]: The New Brotherhood of Evil follows Raven; Raven seeks solitude in St. Peter’s Cathedral, where the New Brotherhood of Evil finds her; During the Titans’ and the New Brotherhood of Evil’s battle in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Raven’s soul-self is shattered yet again when she tries to envelop Brotherhood member Plasmus; The New Brotherhood of Evil takes Raven to Zandia.
New Teen Titans #31 [1983]: Kid Flash is confused about his feelings for Raven, who is being tortured by the New Brotherhood of Evil; Raven takes the New Brotherhood of Evil to Brother Blood’s pool, and the Titans clash with them; In the ensuing battle, the Titans and the New Brotherhood of Evil are defeated when Raven becomes so enraged that Trigon is temporarily unleashed.
New Titans Annual #6 [1990]: The Titans fight the Society of Sin [formerly the Brotherhood of Evil], with their new member, Trinity. Following that, they are summoned to Tamaran.
Teen Titans #34-37 [2006]: One Year Later, it’s “The New Teen Titans!” A new year of exciting adventures begins with the “new” Teen Titans, the bizarre Doom Patrol and the mysterious and secretive Titans East! The latest version of The Brotherhood of Evil debuts.

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