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Inside the local prison, a mundane-looking criminal is held in a state of suspended animation. When he was awoken by one of Slade’s minions, he turned into Plasmus, a gelatinous blob with limbs, fangs and pincers. But this is a blob with a brain, capable of outsmarting the Teen Titans and swallowing them whole. The shapeshifting Plasmus was eventually taken down by the Titans and sent back to prison.

Plasmus later attacked the team at a sports stadium, where he came into contact with an acidic compound. This gave him acid-spewing abilities which he retains to this day.

When Terra and Slade took control of the city, they created a formidable super-creature by combining Plasmus, Overload and Cinderblock into one massive Earthen-Frankenstein. The effects of this transformation were temporary.

  • Plasmus’ human form is based on series Story Editor, David Slack

Producer/Story Editor David Slack on Plasmus: “Yeah — there are names all over the place. There were the hungry Murakamis [a reference to producer Glen Murakami] in DIVIDE AND CONQUER, which Glen didn’t like. So he made me the guy in the Plasmus tank. The guy who turns into Plasmus is supposed to be me. I don’t know how much it looks like me and I’m certainly not letting these guys see me in my underwear.”

In the comic books, Otto Von Furth’s body changed into unstable protoplasm, and he was brought into the newly reformed Brotherhood of Evil, where he took the name Plasmus. Plasmus was not a shape shifter, but had the ability to bring fiery death to whoever he touches, and to reduce any living matter to its protoplasmic state. Plasmus first appeared in New Teen Titans [first series] #13-15 [1981-1982].

Divide & Conquer
Aftershock [parts 1 & 2]

Dee Bradley Baker provides various voices for the series, including: Plasmus, Cinderblock, Soto, Soto’s dog, Larry the Titan and Glgrdsklechhh.

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