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Philip Geyer

Titans Adversary

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Philip Geyer met Libby Lawrence, formerly the super-heroine known as Liberty Belle,  in a grad school lit class at Hudson University. Libby was captivated by the gregarious young man, despite their vast age difference. After a quick courtship, the couple was engaged to be married. Libby later introduced  Philip to her daughter, Jesse Quick, who  was shocked by their May-December romance.

 Philip’s duplicity is revealed in TITANS #36 [2001].

Unknown to Jesse and Libby, Geyer was nothing more than an opportunistic gigolo. He planned to stay married to Libby for a year or so, and then divorce the famed ex-super-heroine with a nice settlement. Complicating matters, Philip initiated a passionate affair with Jesse.

Philip was later unexpectedly found dead in bed and the Titans became embroiled in the investigation. As the mystery unraveled, Philip’s murderer stood revealed. Libby’s old ally in the All Star Squadron, Captain Triumph, learned of Philip’s affair with Jesse and confronted him. But the argument turned deadly when Captain Triumph’s ghost-brother, Michael, emerged and killed Philip.

With the murder mystery solved, Jesse’s affair with Philip was also exposed. The fallout from these revelations left Jesse’s relationship with her mother severely strained.

Jesse reveals her affair with Philip in TITANS #36 [2001].


 Essential Reading

Titans #26 [2001]: Jesse Quick and Dick Grayson meet Libby Lawrence’s new fiancee, Philip Geyer, who is much younger than Jesse expected. First appearance of Philip Geyer.
Titans #35-36 [2001]: Liberty Belle’s new fiancee, Philip Geyer, is unexpectedly found dead in bed, and the Titans become embroiled in the investigation. As the mystery unravels, it is discovered Philip was cheating on Libby – and his secret lover is revealed to be — her daughter, Jesse Quick?!


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