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The Teen Titans found themselves on a race around the world against the Brotherhood of Evil, who were trying to eliminate teen superheroes for their own sinister purposes. Along the way, the Titans rallied a collection of new allies to their cause!

In the wrestling rings of Mexico, Cyborg located Pantha – the feral feline with a hair-trigger temper. The proud Pantha is known to leave her claw-like impression on the faces of her foes… “The Mark of Pantha”!

When Robin was abducted by the Brotherhood, it was up to Beast Boy to save his captured teammates. Gathering new allies Jericho, Herald, Pantha and Mas, Beast Boy successfully led an assault team to liberate the Titans and defeat the Brotherhood once and for all.

  • Freddy Rodriguez – the voice of Mas Y Menos – was originally slated to provide the voice of Pantha.
  • In the comic book series, Pantha was searching for who she was before she turned into Pantha. But she never found those answers. She still doesn’t know who she is!
  • In the comics, Pantha was attracted to fellow Titan, Red Star.
  • Cyborg mentions that Pantha and Wildebeest are friends. Upon learning of Wildebeest’s capture, Pantha becomes enraged. In the comic book series, Pantha becomes surrogate mother to Baby Wildebeest.

Story Editor Rob Hoegee on Pantha: “I really liked Pantha a lot. I had a lot of fun with her in my episode. It was funny, because Freddie (Rodriguez) did the voice of Pantha in the recording session – and he was awesome – but then later they looped someone else in. I’m not quite sure why they replaced him, because he had this great Ricardo Montalban meets Antonio Banderas thing going on, which is what I pictured her sounding like.

Producer Glen Murakami on Pantha: “I liked Pantha. Rather than all the girls being small, you had this big wrestler chick. Yeah, I thought that was cool.”

Pantha first hit the scene in NEW TITANS#74 [1991]. The team was thrown into turmoil when the Titans were viciously hunted by the Wildebeest Society. Titans were lost as new allies were found – such as Pantha, Phantasm and Baby Wildebeest. A result of the Wildebeest Society’s macabre experiments, Pantha long sought the truths behind her origins. Pantha’s razor sharp personality was softened when Baby Wildebeest bonded with ferocious feline as his ‘mama’ – much to her chagrin.

Calling All Titans
Titans Together

Diane Delano as Pantha

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