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Open For “Hero Business”

[show_avatar align=right]Regular visitors of may be familiar with some of my work outside this website. One thing I’ve been working on for a while now is my very own shiny webcomic called “The Hero Business.”

“The Hero Business”
Because with great powers, comes great marketability.

“Want to bolster your Q-rating with the damsel in distress demographic? Yearning to be on this year’s Power 100 list? Looking to kick-up your sidekick?

Then it’s time to join The Hero Business – a full-service agency catering strictly to the super-hero set. Located in the heart of Metro City, this magnificent mix of marketing marvels can fly you from zero to hero.”

At least, that’s the pitch they give their clients. But sometimes running a super-hero agency can be a little less than super when your employees include a prickly public relations expert, an overly-aggressive marketing director, a recovering super-villain, a washed-up super-hero, and a cynical receptionist.

But mayhem is all in a day’s work…
when you’re in The Hero Business.

Here’s a little sample…

The first storyline is complete and posted!
I’d appreciate it if you guys take a look when you get a moment – your feedback  is appreciated!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Titans Blog…

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    More. For God’s sake, more.

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    I really like what you’re doing with this. The story itself is delightfully witty, particularly for those of us who are aware of the many issues involving super-hero characters (i.e. constant resurrections, memories of the glory days of heroes and villains enjoying their work without the emo-ness, etc…). I also particularly like the character’s personalities and behavior quirks (Parker and Malefactor in particular).

    In regard to the art, I really like what your doing. The characters all seem distinct and fun in their own ways. I would recommend using a thinner pen when you do full body or mid-level shots for the girls though. There’s a few times for Parker and Morgan, where the inking seems a bit too heavy, and it kinda obscures their facial expressions. Just a thought.

    All in all, it’s a great start, and I’m really looking forward for the next chapter.

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    I’ve already commented on this at dA but I don’t mind saying again that this is awesome. :D

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    Really enjoyable read! I agree with Red Robin that the story is witty, with lots of inside jokes (even some of the names, like Parker Jameson) and references to goofy aspects of comicdom. I also like the characters, their personalities, the art, the throwback 3-part structure (reminds me of the old TT issues), etc. You’re putting together a fun cast and a few interesting story lines (Parker’s parentage, the old Malefactor/Bravado rivalry, etc.).

    There were a couple places where longer dialogue seemed to slow things down a little bit. I think the quicker exchanges/pace worked better (perhaps breaking some of the longer panels into a series of shorter panels might work, though, for a quicker feel?).

    Anyway, I hope you continue to post links to the Hero Business here on TitansTower – I would definitely look forward to reading more!

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    What they all said *points up* I’ve added it to my book mark bar of webcomics regularly followed and my reader for pending updates, and am awaiting the second episode.

    There were one or two places where the shapes of the character’s faces seemed a bit distorted and like RR said, where their line-work became a bit heavy on distance shots. And I would have liked to see a few more dynamically posed shots, especially during Little Hottie’s tirade, most of the characters seemed to be stalk-still rather than reacting in a lot of it. The Bar sequence at the end really helped; it broke the feeling I was getting of “talking heads” and made things feel more like the characters were in an environment instead of just telling a story to the reader.

    But the writing is spot on, capturing more snark and personality than the similarly themed “Evil Inc” has had recently, or for a while; and bringing up those common sense questions about where batman gets his wonderful toys in a world where Suers aren’t heroes so much as a demographic. I also like the two-row layout, which is a nice break from the one or three row layouts most web strips favour.

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    Thanks for all the thoughtful comments guys… and most of all, for taking the time to read and respond! Your support means a lot.

    A lot of the criticisms are things I’m aware of as I move forward. I think the art and layout gets a little more dynamic toward the end, and this more dynamic/lively art style of mine has progressed since I started. I made an effort to keep the style the same through the first storyline, but you’ll see some art changes in part 2.

    Also, I agree about the dialogue being a bit dense in spots. An extra page or two in this storyline might have helped.

    Everyone seems to like the concept, the writing and the characters, so that’s a big relief! Sometimes, you don;t know what people might respond to when you’re doing these things solo.

    Thanks again! I’ll keep you guys updated for future Hero Business….

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      I definitely like the concept, characters, and the writing. And I do look forward to reading more! :)