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NYCC 2012 Titans Sketch Haul

UGH, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted anything on here. Sorry you guys. It’s a month behind but here are all the Titans-related sketches I received at New York Comic Con, including a very special one from Bill Walko.

Arsenal & Stormer by Bill Walko: The Titans resident bad boy archer with Stormer, the Misfit With A Heart Of Gold from “Jem”, singing a duet. Since it was Bill’s first time behind a table at NYCC I wanted to give him something special to do to commemorate the occasion.

Baby Wildebeest by Yale Stewart: Yale is the writer/author behind the JL8 (formerly Little League) online comics. I missed a chance to get on his commission list but he offered to do a quick sketch for me. I decided to go with Baby Wildebeest since he’s one of the few Titans kids that actually was a Titan in his own right.

Blackbat by Damion Scott: Even if Cassandra Cain doesn’t count as a Titan, she’s a former enemy and an ally. Since Damion worked on her solo series, I asked him to draw Cass in her Batman Incorporated outfit.

Cerdian by Ramona Fradon: It was a pleasure to meet Miss Fradon that weekend, but I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye to her on her last day. Continuing my trend of Titans Kids commissions by artists who’ve worked on their parents, I asked Miss Fradon to do Cerdian, Tempest’s son by Dolphin. The outfit was designed by Viola Tanganelli.

Dead Pretty Boy by Cheeks: I’m doing a theme with Sean Galloway, alternating between Adam Warrens Titans and the Livewires. It was back to the Titans this time around, and I asked him to do the Starfire stand-in Dead Pretty Boy.

Dust & Arsenal of Earth-618 by Comfort Love: I managed to snag a couple piece of Roy Harper and Sooraya Qadir from Viola Tanganelli’s fan continuity from Comfort Love. It was my first time buying something from her and very reasonably priced I might add.

Fringe & Prysm by Katie Cook: My second duo piece of Prysm and Fringe, this time from the talented Kate Cook, whom I previously met at Boston Comic Con in April.

Green Lantern by Aaron Kuder: My second sketch of Kyle Rayner from the Key story arc in Grant Morrison’s JLA run, this time from Aaron Kuder, who’ll be working on Green Lantern: New Guardians during Kyle’s descent into the emotional spectrum. Aaron’s also contributed to the Culling with some designs of the Ravagers.

Hero X and Lapidus of the Team Titans by Ian and Guy Dorian: Two of the lesser known Team Titans by the Dorian Brothers. I originally wanted Ian to draw Lapidus and Guy to draw Hero X, but they asked if they could switch. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it. :)

Joker’s Daughter by Todd Nauck: Duela in her Titans of Tomorrow guise by Todd Nauck is one of my growing Duela collection. Todd’s never really worked on Duela before, but I didn’t want her regular costume at the moment. I’ve been trying to be more diverse in regards to her.

Red Robin III by Marcus To: A Tim Drake sketch from Marcus To. Now, after seeing those commissions Marcus did of Tim and Dick in a pillow fight, Tim and Kon in bed, and Dick as Nightwing with dollar bills sticking out of his pants, I somehow managed to work up the nerve to ask Marcus for a sketch of Tim slightly chubby, based off a piece from a DA artist named prisonsuit-rabbitman and a comment made on the piece by Liara-Shadowsong.

Spectrum of the Team Titans by Franco: My latest Team Titans sketch, I chose the faceless subset known as Spectrum from Tiny Titans writer/artist Franco Aureliani.

Troia by Tim Smith 3: One of the last commissions of the weekend was Troia in one of her alternate costumes from Titans #25 during her fight with Dark Angel. It actually really blew me away with how beautiful Tim finished it.

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