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November Covers

Teen Titans #3, via CBR:

Can’t these new Titans members just get along? :)


Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, also via CBR:

Hmmm… is the team fighting weird mirror-universe versions of themselves?

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  1. avatar

    I think they’re facing their past selves. The description said they’d be in the “Chamber of All”, whatever that is.

  2. avatar

    i agree with Jude. i think the Outlaws are fighting younger versions of their selves. they definitely look younger. Starfire has chains attached to her. Jason is in a Robin costume. i presume that’s now what his costume looked like during his “internship”. *rolls eyes*

    Tim Drake needs more straps on his costume. ;-)

  3. tamaranorbust

    No Hawk and Dove?

    • avatar

      There was a solicit for it. They go up against a villain duo called Condor and Swan.

  4. avatar

    I get the impression that the Teen Titans books are going to be primarily a series of “they fight, they become friends” stories, huh?

  5. avatar

    Hmm, so it looks like Roy’s still a former addict in this world. A rejected sidekick/former addict turned soldier-of-fortune turned anti-hero.

    …I feel sad.

    • avatar

      I LIKE that Roy is still a former junkie. It’s an important part of his history. As for his “soldier-of-fortune” status or whatever, I’ll reserve judgment until I see it… it could be a fine approach to him.

      I’m just glad he’s ARSENAL, not Red Arrow (can’t see Roy as a GA clone at this stage of his life…)

      • avatar

        Oh I don’t mind that he’s still a junkie. I was mad when it looked like that wasn’t going to be included in his story.