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He’s a madcap magician causing no end of mayhem! The Amazing Mumbo uses his magic wand to commit elaborate crimes. In reality a feeble old man, Mumbo uses his magic words – “Mumbo Jumbo!” – to become a blue-skinned magical mastermind. So far, his tricks have been treated with jail time due to intervention of the Teen Titans.

The Great Bluedini posed his greatest challenge when he sucked the Titans into his hat…. where our heroes discovered a strange magical world of weirdness. In the end, some clever misdirection by Raven turned the tables on the magical madman.

  • Tom Kenny – the voice of Mumbo – is also the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants.
  • The Mumbo battle seen in flashback in AFTERSHOCK [part 2] has not appeared on the show. However, TEEN TITANS GO! comic book #12 [released October 2004] revealed details with that Mumbo encounter: “The Titans go face-to-face with their strangest foe: Mumbo! Can they survive more of his “tricks”?”; The issue features Terra and takes place between TITAN RISING and BETRAYAL.

Story Editor/Writer Amy Wolfram on Mumbo and “Bunny Raven”: “Well, we knew we wanted to bring back Mumbo. He was a character that we felt we could do more with. But we also wanted to have the Titans turn into animals. And we thought, “How can we do that?” And that seemed to fit with Mumbo’s world – that would be something he would have power over. That he could create his own world inside his hat. ”

”Oh, [and the musical number] was fun. So much fun. I love musicals. And it seemed for Mumbo – the greatest showman in the world – that he would have a show-stopper. So the song came out of that. It was just to create something a little different for that episode. ”

Mumbo did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

Sum of His Parts
Bunny Raven

Tom Kenny (the voice of Mumbo) 
Tom Kenny plays the madcap Mumbo. Tom is best known for his recent role as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants. The legendary comedian has also lent his voice to numerous animated television characters from Cupid in “The Fairly Odd Parents,” to the narrator and mayor of “The Powerpuff Girls,” to various voices on “Gotham Girls,” “3-South,” “Dilbert,” “Cat/Dog” and more. Kenny supplies the voice for Heffner the cow on Nickelodeon’s “Rocko’s Modern Life” and Hanna Barbera’s “Top Cat,” as well as regular performances on The Cartoon Network’s “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Justice Friends.”

Kenny was a regular on FOX Television’s “The Edge,” and spent a year as the host of NBC’s “Friday Night Videos.” He also stars as comics fan Derek Sprang in “Comic Book: The Movie.”

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