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Mr. Jupiter: Countdown Mastermind!

In Countdown to Infinite Crisis, the hero who narrates the story is Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. The story itself involves his company (Kord Omniversal) – and his investigation into a wider conspiracy. Blue Beetle eventually discovers a renewed Checkmate organization led by Maxwell Lord, former bankroller of the JLA. Kord covertly entered Checkmate headquarters, where he found a database containing information on every metahuman on Earth. However, he was captured before he could return to the JLA with the information, and while in Lord’s custody was executed with a single gunshot to the head.

Dan Didio revealed at WizardWorld Philly in 2005 how they arrived at Maxwell Lord as the Big Bad. They were thinking of people in the DCU it could have been… King Faraday… Nemesis… and Mr. Jupiter… But then they said, “We cant call him Mr. Jupiter. That sounds lame.” Mr. J? ” maybe?

But then they thought of Maxwell Lord, who fit the story better and was more well-known. “Mr. Jupiter was like in 4 Titans stories in 1971” Didio quipped. So Mr. Jupiter almost killed Beetle! In a weird way, he could have worked; It’s rumored he may have psychic powers. And he’s one of the world’s richest men. But– y’know — thank god they didn’t….


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