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Mother Mae-Eye

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When Cyborg bought a mystical pie from a mysterious storekeep, little did he know he brought home a whole mess of trouble! After the Titans ate the pie, they fell under the sway of Mother Mae-Eye! Now unleased upon the Tower, Mother appeared to be a sweet – albeit overbearing – caregiver to the Titans team. But Starfire eventually saw her for what she truly was: a wicked crone dishing out a sweet helping of mayhem.

Mother sought to “extract all of the Titans’ nourishing affection” by baking them in a giant pie! But Starfire made the other Titans see Mother as she truly was – and trapped the witch back into the dreaded dessert!

The pie found its way to a more deserving set of young dearies – the teen terrors of the Hive Academy!

  • Billie Hayes – the voice of Mother Mae-Eye – is perhaps best known for her role as Witchiepoo on the beloved TV series “H.R. Pufnstuf,” but in addition to her numerous television and film appearances, she has also done extensive voice work in films, such as Disney’s “The Black Cauldron,” and numerous TV series.
  • Starfire calls Mother Mae-Eye a chlorbag – the same Tamaranean insult she used for Beast Boy in the episode, FORCES OF NATURE.

Producer/Story Editor  David Slack on “Mother Mae-Eye”: “So all of the sudden we needed a show ten, and we needed it pretty desperately [laughs]. So we pulled the team together; Rob and I went to lunch and talked about how we didn’t have many good female villains – and we talked about an evil mother character. Then we remembered the character Witchiepoo from [the 1970s TV show] “H. R. Puffinstuff.” So we came up with an idea about a mother who hypnotized them. So I called up Amy to tell her about it…”

“[…] I talked it over with Amy on the phone and she helped me out with it. Then, that night I talked with Glen [Murakami] and [Director] Ben [Jones] on the phone and we broke out the basic beats of the story. I think Ben came up with the whole pie thing – that sounds like a Ben thing. So between 10am that morning and 10pm that night, we had the makings of an episode. So that one came about pretty fast; I hope that doesn’t show.”

“[…] And then we got Billie Hayes to do the voice. And she was just tremendous. And I have to tell you… that laugh she does? Recording technology does not do it justice. It runs a shiver down your spine when you hear it in person.”

Mother Mae-Eye did not appear in the comic books; She was created for the animated series

Mother Mae Eye

Billie Hayes as Mother Mae Eye

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