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DC Rebirth News – No More Nu52 & MAJOR Spoilers

Posted by on May 29, 2016 in Featured Articles, Monitor Room | 7 comments

This past week we got some VERY big reveals from DC Comics, with the return of a long lost Titan and something which should make many Titans fans happy.


DC Rebirth #1 featured the return of the original, redheaded Wally West, and when I say original I mean ORIGINAL. This isn’t a new version of Wally, but the Wally West who was Kid Flash, then became the Flash, married Linda Park, and had twin children Jai and Iris West. Not only that, but we are now being told that the DCnU was never a separate universe from the pre-Flashpoint DCU. DC Rebirth is saying that the DCnU is that same universe where Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown were Batgirl, Supergirl was once an angel, and most of the founding Titans had children.

For those who say that DC already reintroduced Wally as a young, biracial delinquent with family issues, Geoff Johns works around that by saying the newer version of Wally is really a distant cousin of the original deal. Apparently, both Wallys were named after the same grandfather. This is seen as DC’s attempt to alleviate those readers who were unhappy with all of Wally’s past characterization and history thrown out the window, and those who wanted to give the new Wally a chance.

Wally’s return coincides with the reveal that Barry Allen and the woman called Pandora were not the ones who changed the DC Universe. It’s true that Barry Allen caused Flashpoint when trying to save his mother from Professor Zoom, but when Barry attempted to rectify his error, a being from outside the DCU reached in and messed with time. This being transformed the DCU by stealing ten years from everyone’s lives, destroying multiple relationships and erasing individuals like Lian Harper, Jai and Iris West, Bart Allen, and numerous others. This being is the reason everyone in the DCnU has been so edgy and suspicious, and why the universe as a whole became such a dark and depressing world.

In “Titans Hunt,” we were told that there were original ten founding members in the original Teen Titans in the DCnU. When they fought Mr. Twister, they forced themselves to forget they were Titans to severe the hold Twister had on them. The end of “Titans Hunt” mentions that they’ve yet to remember who the 10th Titan was, and DC Rebirth revealed it was indeed Wally West. Something happened to Wally during their last battle that cast him out of time and space, and at the same time it erased his presence from the world.

The course of DC Rebirth features Wally trapped in the Speed Force, trying to reenter the DC Universe as he desperately tries to find someone who still remembers him. He tries Batman, a decrepit Johnny Thunder (and mentions the Justice Society of America is still out there), and a younger Linda Park, but is unable to make them remember who he is. Feeling defeated, Wally reaches out to his former mentor for the sake of saying “Thank you” for all their years together. Thankfully, Barry is able to remember Wally at the last second, taking hold of his arm and dragging him back into the world. Wally explains to Barry how messed up everyone’s lives became thanks to the being who meddled with the universe, ominously stating they are being watched.

The issue ends with Batman discovering a bloodstained smiley face pin buried in one of the Batcave’s walls, and on Mars, an invisible presence reconstructs a pocket watch. Yes, Geoff Johns is saying the person responsible for changing the DCU for the worse is none other than Doctor Manhattan from “Watchmen.”

So where does that leave us? Over the past few months DC has been steadily revealing their plans for the DCU following DC Rebirth. Below is a list of the titles involving the Titans.

  1. Aquaman: Jackson Hyde is believed to be returning as Aqualad.
  2. Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes returns as the Blue Beetle, and gets a mentor in the form of Ted Kord. We’re also told Jaime’s scarab was never alien, but instead is magic in nature.
  3. Deathstroke
  4. Detective Comics: Tim Drake as Red Robin is getting a new costume closer to his original design, and will be featured alongside Batman, Batwoman, Spoiler, and Cass Cain as “Orphan” as they run a “Gotham Boot Camp.”
  5. Flash: The new Wally West is one of many individuals in Central City who gains superspeed abilities and must be trained by Barry Allen.
  6. Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps: Will feature Kyle Rayner as a GL alongside Hal, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart.
  7. Justice League: Cyborg is still with the League.
  8. Nightwing: As we saw in “Titans Hunt,” Dick Grayson goes back to being Nightwing and will be readopting his black-and-blue uniform.
  9. Red Hood and the Outlaws: Jason Todd is forming a new team with Bizarro and Artemis as they go undercover in Gotham’s villain community.
  10. Supergirl: Kara Zor-El is getting a new series, based more on the current Supergirl TV show.
  11. Super-Sons: Damian Wayne as Robin is teaming up with Jon Kent, the son of the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane.
  12. Teen Titans: Damian Wayne takes leadership of a Titans team including Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and the new Kid Flash… despite their objections.
  13. Titans: The Fab Five reunite alongside Lilith Clay, Herald, Gnarrk, Hawk and Dove, and featuring Karen Breecher as Bumblebee as they try to sort out their forgotten memories and face the being who threw Wally West outside of time.

Other Titans-related info in the “DC Rebirth” issue included the return of Ray Palmer as the Atom along with a living Ryan Choi needing to rescue him from the Microverse, and the reintroduction of the second Aqualad, Jackson Hyde, and the reveal that he’s gay.

Titans Hunt 2015 and the Return of Pre-Flashpoint Titans History

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Following the end of Convergence, DC announced three spin-off titles focusing on the ramifications of Convergence on the DCnU. There’s Telos, about one of the main villains of Convergence seeking redemption and answers to his past, Superman: Lois and Clark, which reveals that the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane have been trapped in the DCnU along with their son ever since the Justice League first fought Darkseid, and then there’s Titans Hunt.

Titans Hunt is a 12 issue maxiseries being written by Dan Abnett, and its main purpose is to be finally sort out the tangled mess made of the Titans’ history in the DCnU due to the editorial mishaps created by Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans by Scott Lobdell. Taking its name from the infamous Titans Hunt arc of 1991, this series focuses on revealing there were indeed past versions of the Teen Titans long before Tim Drake’s current team formed, and yes, that team included Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad among others. However, no one remembers that there was ever a team of Titans with those members… until now.

Titans Hunt is mainly taking its cues from the early days of the Titans, the Nick Cardy 1970s era instead of the Wolfman/Perez era, but it seems the likes of Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy will enter into the fray at some point. So far, we know there was a Teen Titans team that included Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Garth, and Roy Harper. And there was also the first Hawk and Dove duo, Mal Duncan as Herald, Lilith Clay, and teenage caveman Gnarrk with an actual hero name. There’s also mention of a mysterious “Forgotten Fallen Titans,” and for some reason, the comic tends to use the word “Flash” a lot. Hmm…

Lilith Clay is, so far, the central character of focus alongside Dick Grayson. When last we saw Lilith, she’d just been depowered and freed of the evil influences of Harvest. Titans Hunt #1 reveals that Lilith is working as a substance abuse counselor, and one of her long time patients is recovering alcoholic Roy Harper. Lilith has got a modicum of her psychic abilities back, but whether or not her past with Harvest is still in play has yet to be clarified. As of now Lilith is one of two people who fully remembers the past Titans and she has files on all of them. Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Hawk, Dove, Herald, Caveboy (Gnarrk), and one other file whose name has yet to be revealed. Lilith is trying to protect these people from a malignant enemy, someone who is responsible for the alterations to everyone’s memories. That someone may, or may not, be Mister Twister, for there are hints that a third party is behind the scenes. Mister Twister wants the Titans to build something, and makes vague hints about something called “The Transaction.”

Now the Titans are slowly beginning to recover their old memories and friendships, but the road is incredibly rocky. Donna Troy and Garth of Atlantis are both villains at this point, Donna being responsible for the slaughter of dozens of men and Garth being part of a man hunt on former Atlantian king Aquaman. Dick Grayson is officially dead to the world. Roy Harper has fallen off the wagon and Red Hood is nowhere in sight. Gnarkk has been working in a convenience store, being forced to live in a closet by an abusive boss. Mal Duncan is an award winning music producer married to the lovely and pregnant Karen Breecher. Don Hall is dead and has been replaced by Dawn Granger. And Mister Twister has made it clear he can get to any of them whenever he wants.

In terms of reconstruction, here’s a run down of the things that Titans Hunt has already established by its third issue:

  1. Donna, Roy, and Garth started out as Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Aqualad in the DCnU.
  2. Mal Duncan is once again married to Karen Breecher, they’re both happy and healthy, and Karen’s pregnant. But Karen has not, so far, been a costumed hero, and “Bumblebee” is a nickname.
  3. Lilith Clay has an established history with Roy Harper.
  4. Hank Hall and Dawn Granger are still alive and operating as Hawk and Dove, as their last appearance was during “Forever Evil” when they were being attacked by the Crime Syndicate.
  5. There are hints that have led readers to believe the writers are insinuating that Wally West WAS a Teen Titan in the DCnU, despite that he’s currently a 12 year old in this universe.
  6. Mister Twister is responsible for erasing the existence of the original Titans from the DCnU, and he’s not become the Gargoyle.
  7. The Titans had a clubhouse, and quite possibly they also had a T-shaped tower at some point.

What this stands for the rest of the Titans in the DCnU has yet to be revealed, but at the very least it’s possible the Fab Five are finally coming back in some capacity.

Breaking News: A Titan Makes His Formal Nu52 Debut In June 2015

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As part of the second month of Convergence, there are previews for DC’s June issues. Last week we were given a preview of Aquaman #41, including the appearance of a Titan who hasn’t been in a comic for nearly six years.

Sources say yes, that’s exactly who it looks to be.

Convergence: Titans #2 Preview

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Via Mancave:

Next week the second Titans issue comes out on May 06th, 2015. The battle with the Titans and the Extremists continue.





Fabian Nicieza Interview on “Convergence: Titans” and Roy Harper’s Redemption

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in commentary, Featured Articles, Monitor Room, news and interviews | Comments Off on Fabian Nicieza Interview on “Convergence: Titans” and Roy Harper’s Redemption

In wanting to do more for Titans Tower following the release of “Convergence” and the return of the pre-Flashpoint and pre-Crisis Titans, I took the initiative to contact a few of the creators working on the Titans-related books and asked if they’d be up for answering some questions. This is the first of three interviews I’ve conducted with Bill Walko providing editing and proofreading on the questions I wanted to send.

I contacted Fabian Nicieza (Nightwing, Red Robin, Legion Lost), the author on “Convergence: Titans,” via twitter about answering a few questions for those of us curious about what is happening in the Titans volume. The premise of the miniseries sees Donna Troy, Starfire, and Arsenal teaming up to battle Lord Havok and the Extremists for the sake of pre-Flashpoint Gotham, but that becomes “extremely” difficult when Dreamslayer reveals his wild card: Lian Harper. If Arsenal takes down his friends, he gets his daughter back. Yikes.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Fabian. Were you approached by DC Comics to write this miniseries, or did you ask them specifically about working on this title?

I had originally been in discussions to work on a different series, but Dan Didio wanted to talk to me about TITANS. Our conversation led to his offering me SUPERBOY and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA during the same conversation, so, that was a good phone call as far as I was concerned.

What is the main conflict of this story centered around?

The Convergence concept pits characters from two different cities against each other in a battle for ultimate survival, but that’s just the physical conflict. For the TITANS, the moral conflict was how far ROY HARPER would be willing to go to save LIAN.

The antagonists of this tale are Lord Havok and the Extremists. They’re ersatz versions of a few Marvel villains from an old Justice League story. They’ve shown up sporadically over the last twenty years, and their most prominent appearance to date was in a Countdown miniseries that introduced revamped versions of the villains in question. Was there any particular reason they were chosen to fight the Titans for this story?

We had a lot of available characters to choose from. I think I was assigned the EXTREMISTS, and that was fine with me because I wanted the TITANS to oppose characters they had no real chance to defeat. The EXTREMISTS are SO powerful that it helped make ROY’s conflict even more potent.

The Convergence event seems like a nice opportunity for creators to resolve certain storylines that never received proper endings. What are you hoping to resolve with the Titans via this entry in the Convergence line-up?

I think the goal all along for this series, the reason I took the job and one Dan agreed with wholeheartedly, was to help redeem ROY HARPER for a lot of negative crap that had been done to him during the CRY FOR JUSTICE time frame.

You’ve said in other interviews that you’ve been hoping to fix the “unfair and nasty things” done to Roy Harper and his daughter Lian. What would you say to Titans fans who share this sentiment?

Enjoy the series. :)

Some time has passed since Arsenal’s time with Deathstroke’s Titans team. He seems more comfortable with himself, even establishing a group home called Lian’s Place? As a writer, how did you fill in some of those blanks?

Well, don’t forget, the characters were all plucked by Tellos from different points of time, so “this” version of ROY might not have gone as far down into the sewer of DEATHSTROKE’s TITANS as he did in the mainstream DCU.

Readers have gleaned from solicits that an aspect of this story revolves around Roy’s relationship with his daughter Lian. What are your thoughts about that relationship?

I think it’s been a bit of a burdensome complication to the character in many ways, while in other ways it has served to humanize him more than many of his contemporary characters. The fun here was to think how far would a father go to bring his daughter back?

This next question is about Lian Harper. Even though the character hasn’t appeared in the Nu52, she did appear in Young Justice and fans have been clamoring for her return. What do you think about Lian as a character, and what can you tell us about her role in all of this?

Well, I don’t think that much about the character, I mean she’s a little kid who has mostly been used as a prop or a pawn in most stories! She’s used that way here, too, I’m sorry to say, but in the dialogue they had together, I tried to inject a comfort level that shows how much they mean to each other.

The other two Titans fighting alongside Roy are Donna Troy and Starfire. Donna was last seen as a member of the JLA and seemed to be going through some issues of her own, while Starfire was in outer space with the R.E.B.E.L.S.. Somehow they ended up in Gotham alongside Roy and a few other heroes and villains when the dome appeared. What have Donna and Kory been up to since the JLA and R.E.B.E.L.S.?

Again, we didn’t worry so much about a specific month or issue # the characters were “plucked from” as much as a general timeframe. As we saw in the first issue, since the dome went up and they lost their powers, they’ve been living a pretty low-key and relaxed life.

Is there any awkwardness between Roy and Donna considering in their last meeting back in Titans Annual #1 the two were on opposing teams? Not to mention that Roy was… less than cordial to Donna back in “Rise of Arsenal.” How have things been between them?

No, as you saw in the first issue, those matters are not pertinent to the general story being told, so we decided not to worry about too much continuity-specific baggage.

Any plans for Jericho to make an appearance? The last Titans volume ended with the possibility of Arsenal and Jericho forming a new Titans team, so some fans are wondering if Jericho ended up in Gotham when the dome came down.

No, sorry. It’s only two issues long and I didn’t want to glut the story. You will see a welcome addition of a couple more TITANS in #2 but I’ll save the surprise for when the issue comes out.

Are any other Titans going to be appearing in the second issue? Nightwing, Wally West, and a couple of other Titans have appeared in the pre-Flashpoint Convergence books, so is there a possibility they’ll be appearing alongside Roy, Donna, and Kory?

Asked and sort of answered! Hope you check out TITANS #2 and find out!

Ron Wagner on “Convergence: Titans”

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Ron Wagner (The 99, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Supergirl) is one of three creators I contacted about answering some questions about the Titans-related “Convergence” titles. Ron is the penciller for “Convergence: Titans” and also “Convergence: Green Lantern Parallax,” although the questions in this article are related mainly to the Titans book.

As a quick recap, Convergence: Titans focuses on a reunion between Arsenal, Troia, and Starfire after being trapped in the domed pre-Flashpoint Gotham City for a year. Then the dome comes down. Then Lord Havok and the Extremists show up. Then we get a VERY unexpected arrival on the scene.

Did you approach DC about working on the Convergence titles, or did they ask you about working on them?

Marie Javins, the Editor of the Convergence titles, approached me. I worked with her years ago on Daredevil at Marvel and I worked with her doing the 99.

What are your thoughts about the Convergence event as a whole?

Seems like a fun way to use a bunch of characters that no one is doing anything with.

How does it feel to be working with not one, but two currently defunct eras of DC’s continuity?

I didn’t realize I was working on two defunct eras of DC’s continuity.

The premise of “Convergence: Titans” is that it will be a Titans Reunion while at the same time focusing on Roy Harper’s redemption and the possible return of his daughter Lian. Care to share some thoughts about the story as well the artistic work you’ve done for the title?

Ol’Roy deserves a break don’t you think? The poor guy has been through some tough times. I really don’t want to give anything away. As far as the art side goes, I have had a lot of fun drawing this story.

Any particular scenes you’re especially fond of?

I seem to be getting characters with the Convergence books that have some issues. I enjoyed the scenes were Roy has to decide between things and I like the challenge of conveying that to the reader.

Considering Fabian Nicieza has referred to the “unfair and nasty things” done to Arsenal’s character before Flashpoint, have you had the chance to stop and read about some of those aforementioned unfair things to prepare yourself for working on the book?

I’ve read things but it was all very “cliff notes” versions of things.  I do have to do some research on the characters to know what’s going on with them.

As a comic creator and as a fan, can you tell us a little bit about any past experience you may have had with the Titans Mythos and what those experiences were like? Any Titan you may be fond of?

I have not had a chance to draw the Titans before. I don’t really have a fav Titan…okay, Donna Troy.

The solicits have already listed Donna Troy, Starfire, Arsenal, and Lian Harper as making appearances in the miniseries, but the readers are also wondering if any other pre-Flashpoint Titans will be featured in the book.

Cyborg and Beast Boy. Are they pre-Flashpoint?

The main villains of the Titans book are the original versions of Lord Havok and the Extremists, who some fans will remember as being DC’s pastiches of Doctor Doom and a few other Marvel villains. Why were they, in particular, chosen as the villains to oppose the Titans?

I have no idea. I was not part of that decision process.

Convergence: New Teen Titans #1 Preview

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Via Comic Book Resources:

Oh dear, this is a little behind schedule, isn’t it?

Well, regardless, here’s a sneak peek at Marv Wolfman’s return to the Pre-Crisis Titans, accompanied by pencils created by Nicola Scott whom some shall remember as the last artist to work on the Teen Titans before the DCnU and the co-creator of Solstice.

Wonder Girl, Nightwing, Starfire, Changeling, Cyborg, Jericho, and Kole have been trying to keep the peace in Gotham despite several internal issues they’ve been dealing with, such as Donna Troy being separated from her new husband Terry Long. And then the Tangent Comics Doom Patrol shows up.

Convergence: Titans #1 Preview

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Courtesy of Newsarama:

This issue, entitled “Try For Justice,” begins with picking up where Roy left off after the end of Villains for Hire. Not with a new Titans team, but stuck in Gotham City thanks to Brainiac’s dome.

Roy seems to legitimately be doing better than when we last saw him. He doesn’t blame himself for Lian’s death anymore, which he shouldn’t have done anyway, and he actually has a new prosthetic arm instead of the terrible one Cyborg made him. Thanks to a grant from the Wayne Foundation, Roy opened a center for the displaced families of Gotham. The people who were trapped inside Gotham even though they didn’t live there, and it seems to be doing a lot of good.

The center is called Lian’s Place.

We haven’t seen Lian yet and it appears she hasn’t been revived just yet. We do get another quick recap of Roy’s life, and it looks as though Roy is still having nightmares about her death.

I really hope we’re able to get a happy ending from this story. I really do.

Titans in “Convergence”

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In about a week DC is about to start it’s next event book, Convergence, a two-month long saga focusing on the return of several defunct eras in DC’s history.

The basic premise of the series is that Brainiac, the infamous information-hungry alien mastermind known for destroying worlds after stealing and shrinking whole cities for his insane collection, has gained access into the timeline of DC’s Multiverse. And as such, he’s collected somewhere between 40 to 50 different cities from past versions of the DCU. The Pre-Flashpoint DCU, Pre-Zero Hour, Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-2, Earth-4, Earth-S, Earth-X, the 31st Century, the Red Son Universe, Kingdom Come, the Red Rain Universe, Earth-C, Qward, DC One Million, and many more. The cities are housed in domed structures, and as an experiment, Brainiac is planning on letting the heroes and villains loose on one another to see what happens.

This event ties in to the New 52: Future’s End and Earth-2: World’s End books, and DC is promising a new status quo will begin in June alongside their formally dropping the “New 52” banner after what feels like an eternity. There will be a main Convergence title starting at #0 on April 1st, 2015, and a number of two issue books spanning April and May 2015.

The initial premise of DC doing this series is mainly because they’re moving their offices to the West Coast, and while Convergence is happening, all the main DC books will be on hiatus. So this series is mostly going to be a breather. But this also gives some writers a chance to establish what they consider to be “closure” on certain storylines that never received proper endings. I put quotation marks around “closure” because, when it comes to comic books, closure is something that doesn’t really exist. Characters die and they do stories as “proper goodbyes” only to be brought back years later. But some of the creative teams on the books featured under Convergence are either trying to rectify some glaring issues or follow up on storylines that were originally dropped.

Fabian Nicieza and Ron Wagner are working on “Convergence: Titans,” which focuses on the reunion of pre-Flashpoint Donna Troy and Starfire with Roy Harper and… Lian Harper? Fabian has discussed in online interviews that he specifically wishes to undo the “nasty and unfair things” done to Roy by Cry for Justice and the books which followed after it. Roy will be seeking redemption, and it seems Lian has been brought back to life, but the Titans Family Reunion is interrupted by Lord Havok and the Extremists.

Marv Wolfman is working with Nicola Scott to revisit the Pre-Crisis Titans in “Convergence: New Teen Titans,” with Wolfman promising to revisit the dropped storyline of Kole and Jericho’s budding romance while the Titans battle the Tangent Comics version of the Doom Patrol. And all the while we get Discowing drawn by Nicola Scott.

Gail Simone gets reunited with Oracle, and with Jan Duursema, they plan to give Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson of the pre-Flashpoint Gotham will have another chance at a relationship and a happy ending in “Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle.”

Wally West is Flash again in “Convergence: Speed Force,” and he’s alongside his twin children Iris and Jai West while they look for the missing Linda Park. Brought to you by Tony Bedard and Tom Grummett.

An all female Justice League containing Supergirl and Jesse Quick in “Convergence: Justice League” will battle the Flashpoint version of Aquaman when he crashes Jesse’ baby shower hoping to abduct Mera. This one’s written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Vicente Cifuentes.

Tom Peyer and Steve Yeowell are reuniting Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi in “Convergence: The Atom,” and also features the two giving Deathstroke his just desserts for what happened in ‘Villains for Hire.’

Batman and Damian Wayne have a rather… tense reunion with Red Hood via Ron Marz and Denys Cowan’s “Convergence: Batman and Robin.”

Stephanie Brown returns as Batgirl alongside Cassandra Cain as Blackbat and Tim Drake as Red Robin in “Convergence: Batgirl,” by Alisa Kwitney and Rick Leonardi, and the trio must also deal with the Catman and Gorilla Grodd of the Flashpoint Universe.

In a Pre-Zero Hour dome, a powerless Kyle Rayner meets an imprisoned Hal Jordan, formerly called Parallax, in “Convergence: Green Lantern” by Tony Bedard and Ron Wagner.

In “Convergence: Superboy,” a pre-Zero Hour, but not pre-leather jacket, Superboy, deals with a crisis of confidence that is not improved by the appearance of the Kingdom Come Superman. Another title by Fabian Nicieza but with Karl Moline on art.

She was one of the strangest Maids of Might, and now Matrix is back in “Convergence: Supergirl,” alongside her ex-boyfriend Lex Luthor, Lady Quark, and… Ambush Bug? Featuring Keith Giffen on writing and Tim Green II on art.

Tom Mandrake returns to the Suicide Squad with Frank Tieri providing the writing, and it looks as if the Kingdom Come Titans and Teen Titans will face the Squad in “Convergence: Suicide Squad.” (Note: This cover is for the second issue)

Also appearing are the Earth-S and Earth-2 versions of Captain Marvel Jr. and Speedy. CM Jr will be with the Marvel Family in “Convergence: Shazam,” where they encounter the Gotham By Gaslight heroes, while Speedy and Green Arrow are with the original Seven Soldiers of Victory fighting against Qward in “Convergence: World’s Finest,” by Paul Levitz, Joe Rubinstein, and Jim Fern.

So let’s see…

Wally is Flash again, Kole and Jericho get another shot at love, someone remembered Matrix, Jesse is having her baby, and someone is FINALLY doing something about the mess they made of the Harpers and Ryan Choi.

If only Tempest were involved.

But hey, you can’t have everything.

Titans May Be Coming To TV

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Monitor Room, news and interviews, Theater | 5 comments reports the news. This could be really, really good….. or really, really bad. Casting will be EVERYTHING!

“DC Comics is looking to team with TNT for a young super friends live-action series. The cable network is nearing a deal for a Titans pilot, which will star Batman’s sidekick Dick Grayson leading a fledgling band of DC heroes.

In the pilot, Grayson “emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new Super Heroes including Starfire, Raven and many others. Titans is a dramatic adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic book titles ever.”

Fans remember the Cartoon Network and The WB aired a Teen Titans animated series from 2003-06 with the same characters. Now the premise is being resurrected, ditching the “teen” label and taking a more grown-up approach.

Akiva Goldsman (FringeI Am Legend) is the writer/executive producer, with Warner Horizon Television producing. If greenlit to series, Titans will add to the DC Comics primetime TV surge, along with The CW’s Arrow and upcoming Flash spin-off, plus the fall dramas Gotham on Fox and Constantine on NBC (so yes, first DC will give us Gotham City without Batman on Fox, and then we might get Robin without Batman on TNT).”

Donna Troy Returns

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Kind of.

New solicits are out— and looks who’s on Earth-16!

Art and cover by BEN OLIVER
1:10 B&W Variant cover by BEN OLIVER
1:25 Variant cover by EDUARDO RISSO
1:50 Variant cover by DALE EAGLESHAM
1:100 Variant cover by GRANT MORRISON
On sale OCTOBER 15 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will ship with five covers. Please see the order form for details.
The next chapter of the greatest adventure in DC’s history is here!
When they last collaborated, Grant Morrison joined artist Ben Oliver (LOBO, BATMAN/SUPERMAN) for the acclaimed ACTION COMICS #0. For their next team-up, the two superstars take a spin around the self-obsessed Earth-16 – a.k.a. Earth-Me!
With all of the world’s threats having been handled long ago by their parents, the next generation of supers – including Chris Kent, Damien Wayne, Alexis Luthor, Offspring, Megamorpho, Donna Troy and more – find themselves labeled as superstars more often than super heroes. But with that fame comes complacency, and when a massive threat unlike anything they’ve ever seen surfaces, this pampered crew finds themselves in way over their head. What secret is Damien keeping from Chris that could tear the world’s finest friends apart? Who is the mysterious killer lurking behind the scenes among these spoiled super-children? And what chance do they stand against the monstrous villain that’s murdering its way cross the Multiverse? All that and more in this exciting stand-alone issue which also acts as chapter three of the MULTIVERSITY saga. Join us, if your dare, for THE MULTIVERSITY!

Deathstroke is also getting his own series. again.

Written by TONY S. DANIEL
1:25 Variant cover by ANDREA SORRENTINO
On sale OCTOBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
The DCU’s deadliest assassin stars in his own ongoing series by writer/artist Tony S. Daniel! See him as never before in this explosive new series, with one surprise after another as we see Slade Wilson in the fight of his life!

Teen Titans #1 Preview

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Fresh from the end of the last New 52 Teen Titans run in Teen Titans Annual #3, the new team of Teen Titans with the new team on the title debut this week. Will Pfeifer from Aquaman and H-E-R-O joins the New 52 with a familiar New 52 artist Kenneth Rocafort.  The team consists of Tim Drake who has recently been getting more comic time thanks the Batman Eternal and The New 52 Future’s End weekly title, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Raven, and Bunker to start with more to come.

The sneak peek gave a profile like art for each member:


The preview from AV Club gives the title a good start with some energy hints how this title will restart:

Art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT
BATMAN 75 variant cover
1:25 Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale JULY 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy step out of the shadows of the adult heroes of the DC Universe to offer bold, exciting and sometime dangerous ideas on how to protect a world full of superpowered teenagers – any one of whom could be the next heroic figure or major villain!
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Be sure to check this title out on Wednesday.

Future Of The New Wally West

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Bleeding Cool has tracked down all the details and spoilers!

Check them out here!


New Series Stars Super Spy GRAYSON

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USA Today has the scoop on Dick Grayson espionage-tinged future:

“Dick Grayson is trading his superhero suit for secret-agent cool.

Batman’s former sidekick embarks on a new life as an undercover superspy in the comic bookGrayson, an action-adventure series premiering July 2 from DC Comics. It’s written by Tim Seeley(Revival) and Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer.

After a career of being overshadowed by his cape-and-cowled father figure, this is a chance for Grayson “to take off the mask and step out on his own in a world where he’s not simply being another hero like the hero he grew up with,” King says.”

Read the full article here.

Teen Titans #1 Cover Controversy

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CBR writer Janelle Asselin breaks down the Anatomy of a Bad Cover:

“Artist Kenneth Rocafort is not completely to blame for the fact that the new “Teen Titans” #1 cover is terrible, although he is obviously partially responsible. A really talented artist, I think Rocafort has the potential to draw comics I want to read. The color on this cover is gorgeous. His faces are wonderful. But beyond those positive aspects, there’s just too much wrong.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: Wonder Girl’s rack. Perhaps I’m alone in having an issue with an underaged teen girl being drawn with breasts the size of her head (seriously, line that stuff up, each breast is the same size as her face) popping out of her top. Anatomy-wise, there are other issues — her thigh is bigger around than her waist, for one — but let’s be real. The worst part of this image, by far, are her breasts. The problem is not that she’s a teen girl with large breasts, because those certainly exist. The main problem is that this is not the natural chest of a large-breasted woman. Those are implants. On a teenaged superheroine. Natural breasts don’t have that round shape (sorry, boys).”

read the whole article here!