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Reporting For Monitor Duty: Risk

[show_avatar align=right]I’d also like to introduce another new face on “Monitor Duty” here at Marcus, who you’ll see posting under the guise of Risk.

Marcus is a life-long Titans fan, and he sometimes dabbles in writing and drawing, though his works tend to be more science-fiction and historical fiction, with a bit of a supernatural twist to them. Marcus actually discovered the Teen Titans through Captain Carrot, where Changeling appeared in issue #20. He told the Zoo Crew that he was the leader of the Titans, and Marcus thought he was real cool, so he got the issue out on the shelves… the first part of the Batman and the Outsiders crossover. Boy, was he surprised to learn Gar wasn’t the leader! Over the years Marcus has picked up all the other issues.

Marcus’ deep appreciation of art and character gives him a unique and special perspective on all things Titans. His love for the Titans and his deep insights should lead to some insightful posts here at the tower. Plus, the man has taste – he shares my own obsession for the artwork of the great George Pérez!

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