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Melvin, Teether & Timmy Tantrum

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Teether is toothsome tyke who eats anything in sight. Timmy Tantrum’s wails pack a wallop. And Melvin is armed with a mysterious ‘imaginary’ friend named Bobby. Together, they are three future superheroes.

But their future was jeopardized when the Brotherhood of Evil started targeting young heroes around the globe. It was up to Raven to transport the three rambunctious adventurers to safety. But this simple task turned into an adventure in babysitting as Raven and her young charges were chased through the Alps by the Brotherhood of Evil’s Msr. Mallah.

While Raven learned to bond with the young Tyke Titans, the foursome was ultimately saved by Melvin’s ‘imaginary’ friend, a giant bear named Bobby. Raven never learned whether Bobby was a manifestation of Melvin’s powers – or something else entirely – but it hardly mattered. With the children now safe, Raven entrusted them with a Titans Communicator in case of any future disturbances.

The future looks bright for these young heroes-in-waiting; The trio of Titanic tykes were able to aid Raven in defeating the Brotherhood of Evil.

  • Russi Taylor – voice of Timmy Tantrum/Melvin – provides voices for “The Simpsons”, including the character, Martin Prince. Taylor is also the modern voice actor for Mickey Mouse.
  • The Titans comic book series had its share of bratty hangers-on. There was smart mouthed Danny Chase, who joined in New Teen Titans Annual #3 [1988]; The infant terrible Baby Wildebeest, who the Titans adopted in New Titans #85 [1992]; And the incorrigible D.E.O. Orphans, who darkened the Titans’ doorstep in Titans #27-29 [2001].

Story Editor Amy Wolfram on the Tyke Titans: “I have many nieces and nephews, ranging in age 1 to 17, so a lot of it is based on them. Melvin was originally a boy, but then we changed Melvin to a girl. I still liked the name Melvin so much that we just kept it. A lot of it just came from kids and their behavior.”

“They were regular kids, but they were also super-hero kids, and if the Brotherhood of Evil was taking out the young people, we thought it would also make sense that they would target not only the teenagers, but the next generation, as well. And it gave us an opportunity to explore what it’s like to be a kid super-hero, and then pair them with Raven, who’s not good with kids.”

Timmy Tantrum, Teether and Melvin did not appear in the comic books; They were created for the animated series.

Hide And Seek
Titans Together

Tara Strong as Teether
Russi Taylor as Timmy Tantrum, Melvin

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